River City Labs

RiverCityLabs is Central IL’s home for makers, tinkers, hackers and general warranty voiders alike. They are an eclectic group of teachers, doctors, engineers, designers and awesome people that love to make things and share ideas with the world. The group is constantly growing and currently looking for a permanent home. Joe Spanier started this maker space in his garage with four members, and it has since grown to 24 official members and 60-70 blog readers. River City Lab's makers work on robots, C+C, photo and light painting, 3-D printing, and much more. River City Lab allows a space for collaboration, access to tools, continued education, and a culture of sharing.  

River City Labs displayed their work at the 2014 Heartland Maker Fest.

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Joe and Clint at the Heartland Maker Fest 10/18/14


River City Labs is located at 825 SW Adams St. Peoria, IL 61602 

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