This will be a page for information about and discussion regarding the CUWiki social media strategy. Platforms considered: Facebook and Twitter


  • spread word about wiki through users' existing social networks - networks work, y'all
  • promote public discussion of wiki in slightly more friendly format than discussion page on wiki?
  • draw attention to wiki content/updates/needs - you make or want a page? post/tweet about it!
  • outreach to more community groups through their own FB/Twitter presences

To-Do List:

  • establish Facebook presence as either group or page - feedback needed for this decision!
  • establish Twitter presence and develop list of hashtags
  • contact other wikis for advice on social media usage UPDATE: Nobody respoooooooonds
  • add social media references to other publicity materials, once established


Our Facebook page is located here.

Potential Uses for Facebook

  • posts promoting CUWiki in general - information about project
  • posts promoting specific content (new, interesting, current, seasonal)
  • posts suggesting content or edits (missing/incomplete/incorrect pages, stubs, pages that need photos, etc.)
  • easy way to spread word rapidly (liking, sharing)
  • sharing posts from local entities with added links to wiki pages/suggestions for wiki updates

Potential Pitfalls/Issues with Facebook

  • 'group' or 'page?' Group allows adding of members and mass messaging, more direct ways to share - but pages allow to post as CUWiki, not just as a user; also, access to analytics. Page describing differences between groups and pages: Groups vs. Pages
  • access and administrators - Do we have a small number of administrators with access to account info, or do we share it? Few admins means social media presence might tank as people move on - open access might invite abuse. Could create email address and password to create account and share it on this page, if we decide to keep it open. 


It seems there is actually already a Twitter account for the CUWiki, but it isn't mentioned anywhere actually on the wiki, and I have no idea who runs it. They should get in touch via this page, so we can collaborate and plan. 

Potential Uses for Twitter

  • much the same as Facebook, also retweeting of relevant tweets, replies to mentions and DMs
  • establishment of hashtag for easy reference - #cuwiki isn't in use by anyone else, let's snap it up!
  • real-time updates in event of technical issues (heaven forbid)

Potential Pitfalls/Issues with Twitter

  • issue of access again - who will be able to do @replies, tweet from account, etc.

Other localwiki social media links, for ideas and comparision:

Santa Cruz Wiki on Facebook and Twitter

TriangleWiki on Facebook and Twitter and their own Social Media strategy page

Denton Wiki on Facebook and Twitter

Here's a list of the global localwiki Twitter accounts as of October 2012:


  1. Sydney Wiki,  @SydneyWiki



  1. KitchenerWiki,  @KitchenerWiki
  2. TorontoWiki,  @TorontoWiki


  1. Bermuda Wiki,  @BermudaWiki


  1. King's Lynn Wiki,  @KingsLynnWiki



  1. Santa Cruz, @SantaCruzWiki
  2. Oakland Wiki, @oaklandwiki
  3. Tallahassee Wiki, @TallahasseeWiki
  4. Oly Wiki, @OlyWiki
  5. SFwiki, @SFwiki
  6. DentonWiki, @DentonWiki
  7. Triangle Wiki, @TriangleWiki
  8. Detroit Wiki, @detroitwiki
  9. Davis Wiki, @DavisWiki
  10. San Diego Wiki, @SanDiegoWiki 
  11. Gainesville Wiki, @GainesvilleWiki
  12. arborwiki, @arborwiki
  13. CUWiki, @cuwiki
  14. New Ulm Wiki, @newulmwiki
  15. Port Townsend Wiki, @ptwiki
  16. Boise Wiki, @BoiseWiki
  17. DC Wiki, @DCWiki
  18. GastonWiki, @GastonWiki
  19. GastonWiki Support, @GastonWikiHelp
  20. OpenPlaya, @OpenPlayaWiki