Vision 3D Printing(3D 打印)

Matt Underwood likes 3D printing so much, he even makes his own 3D printers! Matt brought several 3D printers to the 2014 Heartland Makers Fest including many things he's printed (including part of this 18 hole miniature mini golf course!). Matt use to build kits for people to make their own 3D printers, but found he spent even more time helping the people put the printer together. He designed the Vision 3D printer as a printer that is easy to use and can print with both PLA and ABS. The problem with printing with PLA is that often these parts will warp under relatively low temperatures. With ABS plastic, Matt explained that you as the maker has many more options of things to print.

Matt Underwood 非常喜欢3D打印,他甚至自己做3D打印机!Matt为2014年“心之旅-手工艺术嘉年华”带来了几款自制3D打印机以及很多他自己打印的物品,包括部分18洞小型高尔夫场地。Matt可以帮助人们完成自己的3D打印机,他也愿意花费更多时间帮助人们组装3D打印机。他设计的Vision 3D打印机非常易于使用并能打印PLA和ABS。 

For more information, visit Matt's blog here or visit his funded Kickstart project here, which includes more detailed information on his printer and vision. 


Matt displays some of his work and 3D printers at the Heartland Maker Fest 10/18/14