Since they are all administered by the same landlord, the six cooperative houses of West Urbana are considered a network. More information can be found at, A Facebook page for this community can be found here. This network is affiliated with but separate from the Community of Urbana Cooperative Housing (COUCH) network (Harvest and Brooks Houses). 

So what is a co-op anyway? These cooperative houses are an example of an intentional community. Simply put, all members have agreed to take part in the upkeep and well-being of their respective houses through cooking, cleaning, and regular in-house communication. All of the particulars are decided on a house-by-house basis. Inter-house collaboration and fellowship are encouraged as well through potlucks, parties, and other events. 

Members come from all walks of life, including several other countries outside of the United States. Co-ops are particularly popular among students and young professionals who prefer to live frugally, sustainably, and in a friendly and collaborative environment. That said, the age range represented in the West Urbana Co-op community is wide: twentysomethings are just as welcome as members in their 60s or beyond. 

The West Urbana Co-Op houses are as follows: 

Greenhouse (411 W. Green St.)

Treetop (509 S. Race St.)

Cedar Alley (303 W. Illinois St.)

Redbrick (501 S. Race St.)

Library (206 S. Cedar St.)

Squirrel City (505 S. Race St.)