Urbana, Illinois
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Dustin Kelly

Autumn Berry Inspired is a local Urbana, Illinois business created by husband-and-wife entrepreneurs. The owners started the business in 2012 after discovering the high quality taste and nutritional density of the Autumn Berry growing on their own land. They began canning Autumn Berry Jam and selling it at the Urbana Farmer’s Market. The business has since expanded greatly and many local restaurants and distributors have included Autumn Berry Inspired products on their menus and in their products including local brewers, health food stores, cooperative businesses, and eateries.

Autumn Berry Inspired specializes in Jams and Fruit leathers but frequently adds new items or improved items to their product lineup.

This business is founded on a core mission and philosophy that focuses on standards of sustainability, natural foods, ecological responsibility, and the “invasivore” movement.

The season's so sweet with Autumn Berry Jam

Local, wild, nutritious and now in three varieties:

  • original recipe
  • reduced sugar
  • autumn blazing jam (spicy)

The mission of Autumn Berry Inspired:

We supply high-quality Autumn Berry products in positive, fair-trade, and local ways. To do that we take four actions:

  • inspire local food producers to utilize this untapped resource.
  • inform people about the delicious potential of these wild berries.
  • implement responsible land management practices.
  • and innovate in the field of restorative agriculture, bringing life, productivity, and jobs to neglected ecosystems.

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