The News-Gazette is a daily print newspaper serving central Illinois, based in Urbana-Champaign. 

Current Location

2101 Fox Dr, Champaign IL 61820


(217) 351-5252



[email protected]

Current Owner(s)

The Marajen Stevick Foundation 

Previous Owner(s)

Marajen Stevick Chinigo, 1935-2002

Helen M. Stevick, 1936-1967

David W. Stevick, 1919-1936



The modern News-Gazette was established in 1919 by David William Stevick (1887-1935) when he bought and merged the Champaign Daily Gazette with his own news outlet, the Champaign Daily News. Before 1919, the paper can be traced as far back as 1852 when it had its first publication as the Urbana Union. It was Stevick's wish that the newspaper would remain locally owned and operated. After his death in 1936, Stevick's widow Helen M. Stevick assumed the role of president and publisher of the paper. 

The News-Gazette Chronology: 
Sourced from the The Shaw Family. “Family Values: Celebrating an Illinois Newspaper Tradition.” Illinois Press. P. 37. 

-       Urbana Union is established in 1852.

-       Central Illinois Gazette is established in 1858.

-       Union and Gazette merged in February 1862 as the Central Illinois Gazette, renamed Union and Gazette in 1866. 

-       Paper is renamed the Champaign County Gazette in 1870. 

-       Champaign News established 1891. 

-       David W. Stevick buys the News in 1915.

-       Stevick buys the Gazette and merges it with the News in 1919.

On June 15, 2020, the Champaign County Historical Archives of The Urbana Free Library became the new home for the News-Gazette's archival holdings. The collection contains subject and name files, newspaper clippings, photographs, administrative papers, and promotional materials.

The Library is also home to the records and manuscripts of former News-Gazette owner Marajen Stevick Chinigo. 

Subject Clippings Index

Archives staff is working on an index to the clippings files. Access the most up-to-date copy of the index

*Note: subject headings are listed as they appear in the original News-Gazette clippings files, which were archived starting in 1945. These headings may contain outdated terminology. These headings have not been altered in the spirit of the archival principle of provenance. 





For more on the history of the News-Gazette see the About Us page available at The News-Gazette website. Additional resources can be found at the Champaign County Historical Archives at the Urbana Free Library. Please consult this link to explore more resources on the history of the The News-Gazette:


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