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Davidsonville Historic State Park

Formerly Old Davidsonville State Park
Arkansas state park

Davidsonville Historic State Park 004.jpg

"Ghost structure" at the Davidsonville town site to illustrate a former structure


Davidsonville Historic State Park operates this online archive of early Arkansas and Lawrence County history. Its purpose is to catalog and make available more the 40+ years of research into the historic town of Davidsonville, Arkansas. It is by no means a complete or finished project and updates are ongoing. This wiki is monitored by park staff and volunteers.

About Davidsonville Historic State Park

Davidsonville Historic State Park (formerly Old Davidsonville State Park) is an Arkansas state park in Randolph County, Arkansas in the United States. Situated on a border between The Ozarks and the Arkansas Delta, the park preserves the remains of the abandoned frontier town of Davidsonville.[1] The town was one of Arkansaw Territory's first settlements when founded in 1815, serving as an important river port town on the Black River. The former town site was made into a state park in 1957 and a monument was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.[2][3]

About Historic Davidsonville

Almost no trace of the town of Davidsonville remains on the surface of the ground today. Davidsonville, Arkansas was once a flourishing community founded on the banks of the Black River in 1815. The town lasted for about 15 years until 1830 when the county seat was moved to Jackson. Today, archaeologists have uncovered remarkable evidence of streets, foundations, and thousands of objects that tell a fascinating story of Davidsonville, its residents, and life on the early Arkansas frontier. This online resource contains information about the people, land usage, and court records of Davidsonville as well as other information of importance about the natural and cultural history of the area. 

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