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Community Alert

Still extremely and very visibly polluted air on Saturday, November, 17, 2018.


Although it means you have to go out and travel, Sacramento Fire Departments are giving out N95 particulate masks that help breathing.  For a local option, you can buy a mask at ACE Hardware

from The Davis Enterprise  11/17/18  “The use of the N-95 respirator mask is only recommended for those near the fire who do not have the option to be indoors or have access to filtered/recirculated air. N95 respirator use by those with heart and respiratory diseases can be dangerous, and should only be done under a doctor’s supervision,” according to Sacramento County’s health department."


Davis under bad air spell due to wildfires, November 15, 2018, indexed as AIQ 329 - J Street


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2018-11-16 18:42:52   Quality respirator masks are selling out fast. ACE still has disposable N95 Masks but without an exhaust valve; they work but they get warm and can fog up glasses if you wear them. ACE said they get new shipments of higher quality masks on an almost daily basis but they sell out within hours of arriving. ACE was also sold out of filters for circulating air at home. Amazon is back ordered 10 days at this point. If you can find these items somewhere, it is not a bad idea to stock up. —ToddGlenn

2018-11-16 19:28:55   I just bought 3 of the "common" ones N95, they have tons of those at the ACE. They come prepared! Good tip. —ConstantiaOomen

2018-11-17 17:30:38   I was shortly outside, driving to Mace Boulevard today and the air was absolutely horrible. I saw no improvement whatsoever. One big yellowish dusty landscape. Like a dirty sandstorm has come over the entire city of Davis and of course, beyond. And people driving ín their cars wíth masks on. Surreal. —ConstantiaOomen

2018-11-17 19:19:17   Regarding N95 respirators, the California Department of Public Health does recommend them to protect against wildfire smoke for those who must be outside, which includes many people in Davis. Davis is close enough to the fire that it is reaching levels of "Very Unhealthy" and "Hazardous". Currently it is rated "Unhealthy". The issues with carbon dioxide buildup is not as bad if you can get one with an exhaust valve. It is true they make it more difficult to breath so anyone with a chronic disease should check with a medical professional first. —ToddGlenn



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"Where The Sun Shines" Photo Picnic Day 2016 - Courtesy: CO

Picnic Day 2018 Edition 104! "Where The Sun Shines" 🌞

The Picnic Day Board:

We feel that our theme showcases not only the sunny and bright environment of UC Davis but also the cheerful people and their warm expressions on Picnic Day. The Board of Directors is dedicated to planning this event to give our students and community a day to look forward to.

A day full of laughter, awe, and inspiration. A day where you can milk a cow, watch dogs race, and see the latest student-created fashion strut the runway. A day where we can celebrate the accomplishments of our UC Davis students, departments, and organizations. To demonstrate our discoveries with the community and entertain our inner child-like hearts.

A day where the sun shines. 🌞



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The Aggie ran a news story about the Davis Wiki on February 25th.  However, since students are free to publish anything on these pages, it is essential to remember that student newspapers are not consistently reliable, up-to-date sources of hard facts and cannot be taken entirely at face value.


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