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Community Alert

We are experiencing a global pandemic with COVID-19, commonly known as the Coronavirus. California has issued a statewide order to stay at home except for essential activities. Yolo County has started to report confirmed cases.

Email of City of Davis, April 1, 2020: "Yolo County has extended the countywide health order for residents to shelter in place through May 1. This extension is in line with the timeframes of recent federal directives and local school closure extensions and is intended to continue to slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The original health order that was issued on March 18 only extended to April 7."

Kind but serious warning: please do not attend any face to face religious meetings, unless you want to be the center of spreading virus, not joy. READ

Specific Davis numbers are now disclosed on the CV Dashboard


CV Map on Wunderground

Google created maps to show how serious the “social distancing” is being taking everywhere around the globe. Yolo County is displayed too. Draw your own conclusions. Moreover, email of City of Davis April 3, 2020, : “Due to COVID-19, all play structures, exercise equipment, water fountains and sports courts are now closed and not available for use. These areas cannot be adequately sanitized for your family’s protection. Thank you for your cooperation.” So, that could lower the +2% in parks fairly soon.

April 3, 2020. Google “Social Distancing” effect applied to Yolo, link

Something to keep in mind:

Source ABC

More detailed information can be found by visiting the Community Alert page or from any of the following government resources:



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Featured Page

Davis Farmers Market

The Davis Farmers Market is a must-see for any visitor and a weekly tradition for many residents.


The market is at Central Park, at Fourth and C Streets downtown, rain or shine, and is a Certified Farmer's Market... everything sold in the market is either grown or made by the seller, including certified organic produce, fresh baked goods, flowers, and many other quality products. Sample delicious fruit while mingling with vendors and neighbors. The Yolo County Health Department's "no dogs" policy is strictly enforced in the pavilion area.




Davis Wiki

The Aggie ran a news story about the Davis Wiki on February 25th.  However, since students are free to publish anything on these pages, it is essential to remember that student newspapers are not consistently reliable, up-to-date sources of hard facts and cannot be taken entirely at face value.


Davis Issues

Some pages dedicated to issues of interest:

​And some issues that are no longer "hot":

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New Mystery Pic, July 19, '19 (by CO)

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