Haring 1227 is a large lecture hall on the rear side of the hall by the same name. 1227 is located on/near the loading docks in the building. This hall is particularly strange because it accommodates large doors and a rounded track system for hauling slaughtered animals around the room.

Very poor acoustics in the room. Possibly one of the poorer, cramped seating arrangements as well. You can hear the lecturer perfectly without an amp, but they can't hear you at all. A reflection of teaching strategies from a bygone era where students were never expected to interact in class but just sit, listen and scribble down notes...nothing more.

Some extra notes:

  • You can also get into class through the anatomy department door in back and taking a left through a locker room/hallway. Be warned, you will enter in the front of class right next to the lecturer. Avoid if you're late.
  • Haring has a Wi-Fi connection to Moobilenet

There is no AC and very poor heating in the building.



Lecture Hall 1227 Tall, strange doors