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  • A 779-acre site is selected to be the home of the University Farm near Davisville, which forms the core section of the campus today. The site cost $104,000 ($134 per acre). Property values have been on the rise ever since.
  • April, 1906 was one of the most newsworthy months in the history of Davis/Davisville. On April 6, the state awarded Davisville the University Farm, which eventually became UC Davis. On April 14, the Davisville Enterprise renamed itself the Davis Enterprise, and began to refer to the town as Davis. The editor cited three reasons: To end mail address confusion with Danville, because the railroad already called it Davis, and because Davisville sounded provincial. He also cited the award of the University Farm as a good time for the change. On April 18, the great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake struck. It caused no damage in Davis, but it woke everyone up, and it had a great economic and social impact on the region.