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The first regular classes start at the University Farm during January. The first student organization at the University Farm School, an athletic association, was founded during the Fall semester. The first President was Shirley Coil.

  • Woodland, Davis, Washington and Clarksburg are wet towns, but Knights Landing, Blacks, Dunnigan, Madison, Elkhorn, Capay, Jabob's Corner, Yolo are dry towns after last election.
  • J. J. Gallagher Blacksmith Shop bought by Eugene J. Stevenot
  • W. Alter, Harness Maker was probably founded
  • May 22: First Picnic Day, attended by more than 2,200 people
  • August 12th. M. V. Sparks dies at the age of 76. He sold the land to the state that became the "State University Farm".
  • August 20th. Major fire began at 3:15 in the morning in the Hunt Stables — owned at the time by the Del Grievs. Davis Branch Bank had most of its things in a fireproof vault. A. J. Tufts warehouse was the northernmost of the buildings to be burned. The Hoffman building is where the flames were checked. The Davis Lumber Company was threatened