This page is for discussing the contents of 194 Chemistry.

I think we should probably move all the content for this page to the Peter A. Rock Hall page and make this a historical page. I just wanted to see if there were any objections before I did so because it would be a larger change. My main reasoning for doing so is that this is the official name and it will likely become common name used by all the students before too long. -ChrisDietrich 1/8/2013

negative, Chem 194 existed for quite some time and still has a legendary connotation IE chemistry Magic show, Movie Theater. Did we delete the rec hall page as well?

lets preserve instead of just turn a page into a redirect and a footnote Daubert

  • It seems likes I could have been a little more clear with what I was proposing. I never said delete this page, I said make it a historical page and make a new page for Peter A. Rock Hall. I believe we are on the exact same page here. -ChrisDietrich

We should keep the 194 Chem page for historical purposes and create a new page for Rock Hall. MaxLucas

I am with Max and suggest keeping 194 Chem page and making a new page for Rock Hall. SimonFung