Two candidates are running for Judge of the Superior Court, Dept No. 15 in the June 2012 election: the incumbent, Yolo County Superior Court Judge Dan Maguire, and Deputy District Attorney Clint Parish.

Normally a quiet race, in May 2012 controversy broke out when Parish sent out two attack mailers against Maguire, referring to him as "Arnold's Bagman" (a reference to former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who appointed Maguire). Among other charges, the mailer accuses Maguire of "defending the Protocol Foundation — used to hide $1.7 million in Arnold's travel expenses." (see Vanguard article for details on the mailer).

Parish subsequently acknowledged that he had failed to properly vet the charges that were made in his mailer (see Vanguard article), but he did not recant the accusations.

The mailer has proven costly for Parish. Sheriff Ed Prieto, touted on the mailer as a supporter, immediately pulled his endorsement of Parish. District Attorney Jeff Reisig at first stood by Parish, but then later pulled his endorsement of his own employee. The Yolo County Republican Party and the Woodland Professional Police Employees' Association have also withdrawn their support.

The Sacramento Bee stated that by sending the mailer and then failing to recant even when the allegations were shown to be false, "Parish shows he's unfit to be a judge."