MU 246 (2nd floor)
Regular Hours

The MU Station Computer Lab (MU 246) is a computer lab located on the second floor towards the west side of the Memorial Union across the street from Young Hall. It is the same building that the ATM machines are built into.

Due to its central location, this lab receives a large amount of traffic throughout the school year.



The MU Station has: * 2 black and white printers * 1 color printer * 12 PC stations and 4 Mac stations* 3 PC and Mac stand up stations * 2 on a height adjustable ADA compliant desk * 

Class Software (see http://clm.ucdavis.edu/rooms/class-sw.html for current list): * This lab is also set up for Wireless Printing so clients can print from their laptops.

This lab is generally packed during the year with students who are trying to print papers or notes quickly and rush to class. As such, the wait line can be pretty long at times but in general it moves quickly due to the quick access stations.