These are reviews of 2K Thai Food from 2005. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

This is the best Thai food in davis. Hands down. Or up. Whatever you do with your hands, it's still the best Thai. The owner is a very nice lady, and after having some conversations with her I could definitely tell that they cook with love here. Thai cooking with love. You can't beat that man. Ya' can't, ya' can't, ya' can't. - MikeKayton

Bah! Thai Bistro is MUCH better. I'll agree though that 2k has the best "generic" Thai food in town.- JackHaskel

This is the worst Thai food in Davis. Their food resembles what Sodexho serves at the Dining Commons in the dorms and likes to call Pad Thai! The service is horrible and the waiters are consistently forgetful. If you want to eat decent Thai food try Thai Bistro or try Thai Recipes if you are a vegetarian. - AbbyLawson

As I noted on the Thai Bistro page, I think this gets down to a taste preference issue. Some Thai restaurants sweeten their food, some don't. This one doesn't. I think the food is great. —TomHinds

I may not be the most cultured in Thai food but I dig theirs. — HollywoOd

The food here is quite good. I think it is the only place that you can get a thai curry without any coconut milk. however, as is common with most of the thai and chinese places here, they charge extra for rice. In LA all the thai places' entrees come with rice. This is important if you order curry. sophia's thai kitchen gives rice with the dish, but they just recently raised their prices, so 2K thai is now basically the same price if you add the extra for rice. plus i think the food is much better here compared to sophias. Thai Nakorn is better for lunch where they have 5 dollar lunch specials that come with rice, soup, eggroll, and fruit. but i think i like this place a little better for dinner. perhaps the best thai food in davis, but i dont know about that comment about not sweetening their food. I think it tastes just as sweet as most places. their egplant dish is slightly different than most places ive been to, it has a nice subtle charred flavor in the backround. when comparing the different types of food offered in davis, in relation to major cities, i think the thai restaurants are the most consistant. all of them are pretty good. — MattHh

2005-05-17 21:04:56   4 years ago I came to Davis with a passion for thai food but was dissapointed in all the options. Thai Recipes was overpriced and of botchy quality. Sophias always tastes like it is MISSING something, and I think the wait-staff sucks. Thai bistro served me half raw chicken, Thai Nakorn pad thai that tasted like smelly feet/nasty fish. This is hands down the best thai food in Davis and i've been converting people to the 2K faith for the past two years. Kate, the owners, is an adorable woman who has never failed to be extremely friendly. I suggest going with a group of people- my favorite number is 3- so that you can order the fail-safe combination of noodles, curry, and vegetarian spring rolls. This food is very fresh and tasty. Hit it up! SoniaPflaster

I finally tried 2K Thai about 2 weeks ago and have been back twice since. I think their food is excellent. I am a long-time Sophia's patron but think there quality has decreased in the last year, e.g., the new curry paste they use is vile in comparison to the one they used to use. 2K Thai's food is more authentic than Sophia's. This may turn some people off but I see it as a very positive difference. I have eaten at Thai Recipes a number of times and the best meals there have only been marginally edible. I have twice been served half-cooked chicken. Thai Nakorn is also very good and they have a number of very interesting, very authentic Bangkok dishes. Ryn

2005-07-22 13:07:00   The Pad Kemow is good, customer service could be way better though, and they over charge —JonathanNasca

2005-10-03 12:41:09   I personally think that this is the best Thai restaurant in Davis. Perhaps because it most closely resembles the ones back home. The Pad Thai is of the more saucy variety so if you like it, this is a great place to get it. I love red duck curry and this is one of the few places that has it. The staff is almost always obliging and very very friendly if you get take out items. The grandmotherly owner (??) speaks to customers often and it's great to see that kind of attention. As of late, it's been pretty crowded since tables are scattered around the restaurant to accomodate all their patrons but once you start eating, you quickly forget about the crowd :) —LiRic

2005-11-12 00:26:49   My mother was kind enough to practically raise me on Thai food, and so naturally I've tried every place in town. Thai Bistro wasn't impressive in the slightest, not to mention over priced simply beause it totes the name "bistro" in the title. Thai Nakorn was ok, but seemed to be missing that extra zing you get from good thai food. Sophias didn't make me want to come back either. 2K Thai Food, however, is hands down the best thai food I've had since I left the home. A wonderful combination of sweet, salty, or spicy in all of the right spots for just the right amounts. The owner is a wonderful lady, and Nat the waiter was our personal favorite. Best Thai food in California! —TarynHornen

2005-11-24 13:52:28   Ive always had a really good experiance here. I believe that their lunch prices are lower then dinner, or they just raised their prices. I went a month ago for lunch. There were two of us, two entrees and drinks and rice ect. i think we had an appetizer too. It came out to 13 bucks which is pretty reasonable in my book for two people. —AlexEley

2005-11-26 21:56:14   thai 2 k is a catchy nickname —MichelleAccurso

  • If by catchy you mean gimmicky, I agree. —JeffSpeckles
    • Ha ha, not really gimmicky. When given directions to 2k thai, I was told "we're going to y2k" and as a non davis resident i stared blankly and drove around g and f st. it more a joke, making fun of SWRR than a gimmick. —MichelleAccurso

2005-11-28 12:44:24   The food is decent, prices are reasonable, but the service is horrible. They served their appetizers with dinner, brought drinks about 15 minutes after we were seated, and we had to go up to the bar and ask for our bill/return it. I've been there twice before and experienced the same. If you want good thai food, order takeout from here! —TemDee