This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Thai 2k is now KetMoRee. The owner has retained the space and set up a noodle bar as an extension of KetMoRee.

223 G Street , near Woodstock's Pizza
Monday-Thursday 11:30am-10:00pm
Friday 11:30am-11:00pm
Saturday 12:00pm-11:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-10:00pm
Web site
Price range
$9-$13 for most entrees during dinner, $7.50-$11 during lunch
"The Best Choice for Thai Food In Davis"

One of Davis' newer (and arguably better) Thai food restaurants. When it first came to Davis, it was reasonably trashy with linoleum floors and fluorescent lighting, but has since made drastic renovations making it one of the nicer restaurants in Davis. Along with their renovations came a name rearrangement from "Thai 2k" to "2k Thai". At the wall near every table is a tiny food effigy; look for it.

They would substitute tofu for meat in almost all their dishes (Bar-B-Q excepted) upon request.

The portion sizes were "just right".

They had Thai iced tea with black pearls! Yummy! The Thai iced tea was just as it should be: sweet, tangy flavorful tea with whole milk layered on top in a 50:50 ratio. (Variations by other restaurants are 80% tea with 20% cream on top.) Vegans: they will substitute with coconut milk if you ask. The Thai iced tea and Thai iced coffee also comes with free refills.

Their menu is nicely organized; it has item numbers, Thai dish names, English translations, full descriptions, and prices. One gets the impression that these people are well organized, and aim to please.

2k Thai Food's name (as explained on the back of their menus) is from the two original owners whose names both started with K, thus 2k (as opposed to 2000).

2k Thai has moved down the street to a space roughly three times as large: the old Strelitzia Flower location across the street. The restaurant has been renamed KetMoRee, has a full bar and operates after hours.

They Deliver

Free delivery for orders $40 and over. On orders from $20 to $40 there's a $5 delivery charge (No delivery for orders less than $20).

Delivery has recently been extended for lunch hours. Delivery now runs: M-Th: Lunch 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM, Dinner 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM Fri: Lunch 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM, Dinner 5:00 PM - 9:30 PM Sat: ALL DAY: Noon 12:00 PM - 9:30 PM Sun: ALL DAY: Noon 12:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Delivery radius is 5 miles from downtown. Though it doesn't specify if this is "as the crow flies" or driving distance, this easily covers all of Davis.

They have Take Out, do catering, and offer delivery. They accept Visa Card, Master Card, Discover and American Express, but no checks. Note: In the fine print is says they add a 18% gratuity for parties of 6 or more. They are open on Thanksgiving night, and maybe other big holidays too.

Squish, a term coined by MichelleAccurso, are the little squash figurines found in little bowls on the ledge that surrounds the inside of the restaurant.


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2008-01-26 15:23:17   The Pad See Ew is ok, but not wonderful. The Lad Na (Rad Na on the menu) is pretty good (my favorite at the restaurant so far). The mango with sticky rice is quite expensive, and not particularly good. Overall, it's a moderately good Thai place. Far from the best Thai food I've had. Probably about middle of the pack. —IDoNotExist

2008-01-26 15:31:54   I should add to previous comment - the staff very nicely holds the door open for you as you leave the restaurant - usually for 10 or 15 seconds before you get to it. This is great for the person leaving the restaurant. Unfortunately, if you happen to be sitting near the door on a cold day, the extra time that the door is open can really make it cold at your table. It's nice of them to do it, but having sat near the doors, I really wish they wouldn't. —IDoNotExist

2008-01-28 02:53:23   My server was very polite & helpful. The Thai Tea was too sweet. I had to water it down to drink it. I had the Mun Tod appetizer (coconut battered sweet potatoes). I could barely taste any coconut, but they were still pretty good. The waiter checked to make sure that they could leave the fish sauce & eggs out of the Pad Thai for me. When it arrived, the noodles had a reddish sauce on them which left an oily residue on the plate. It gave the Pad Thai an almost smoky flavor, which wasn't bad— just different than I am used to. If I ask them to use less of the oily sauce next time, I think the Pad Thai would taste better (or at least be a little bit healthier). —AprilAries

2008-02-09 18:11:39   The food here is good but overpriced. The servers here are always so sweet and helpful. We would go more often but getting the bill is painful. —StellaChiara

2008-02-12 20:51:22   The food was rather plain. The green curry was spicy, but did not have a lot of flavor. The peanut sauce was a bit watery. Service was excellent, though. The prices are on the high side. The portions are smaller than some other places, but not too small. —PatesBaroni

2008-02-17 22:05:36   This Thai restaurant wasn't that great. I went here and there were only three other tables besides mine, but services was still slow. They had four waitors during lunch yet none of them paid much attention. The dishes were over-priced for their poor quality. My mother makes better larb than this place. —BigRedGum

2008-03-26 17:51:25   I have loved this restaurant for a long time, but the other night I found a big dead bug (species unknown) in my kao pad. It was really upsetting, this makes me not want to eat at a restaurant at all for awhile. i now have major quality control issues =[...devastated... —MargieVanHealy

2008-04-02 15:34:28   This place tries pretty hard to be a "Fancy" thai resturant but one look around, the only thing fancy about this resturant is how they make their waiters dress. This place is over priced with small portions. You'll also notice the "Help Wanted" sign out there alot. This is because the management there is awful and they would fire their workers for stupid reasons. My friend used to work there and was glad he was outta there. Other then that, subpar thai food, not very authentic. You have other and better options elsewhere in Davis. —JoeBudden

2008-04-11 23:17:58   I am all about different opinions about any restaurant, but there comes a time when you just have to be adult about your own choices instead of blaming the restaurant YOU decided to dine at. The staff there is kind and courteous and is always willing to answer any of my inquries. I think that for what you are getting you are paying the price you should, whether or not the spice level is what you are used too. I am sure they have had many complaints about things being too spicy in the past and were tired of having things sent back ( sent back means having to throw away profits) and re-made— spice your own food and you will have no one to blame but yourslef if you decide it is too spicy. If you believe that the portions are too small then common sense suggests that you order another plate. The way they serve food, explained to me by the server, was family style— which dictates that many dishes and sides be ordered and shared with your party. As for having to pay for rice, well let me ask this, "Would you rather the price of rice be included in the dish's price when you plan not to eat it or would you rather pay for what you eat?" Aside: I am sure you all have noticed that everything from milk and eggs have inflated in price and therefore nothing, wherever you eat will be the same price as it was a yer ago— regardless of how "fancy" the staff now is attired the price of goods and shipping have risen. I agree that sometimes that the wait for some of your food may take longer than you expect. Then again when a restaurant is busy, as they seem to get at times, your food is not the only thing on the burner— especially when you saw all the people in there before you sitting and waiting for their food as well. The place has its pros and cons, but don't be upset if you cannot front the bill when you decided to eat there— don't try to live caviar dreams on a cheese whiz budget. —hapa21

2008-04-21 02:25:34   With reading the latest review, it doesnt seem like the same restaurant I went to . . . anyway

My friend and I decided to come here for the weekend because I had never tried pad thai. I loved the pad thai chicken. it was simple and delicious. And we thought the proportions were huge, maybe because we drank a lot of thai tea. The overall dish was good but each bite was inconsistent with the next. There were good bites, then all of a sudden in some part of the noodle, ill taste something wonderful but not have the same taste the next few bites of my plates.

I also recommend telling them to serve the thai ice tea when they serve the food. my friend(we have no self-control) got the unlimited refills and we drank ourselves sick. But just a recommendation. —chand3123k

2008-06-11 12:05:35   Delicious food, but slightly over priced. Their pad thai far surpasses Sophias, and their thai tea is much sweeter, and served in a fancier cup. When it comes to the curries i would say it about equals with Sophias. I see this place as more of a date place, and the overall look of the place is a bit fancier. I think the wait time is shorter too on most days, unlike Sophias where you can wait up to an hour to be seated. —ASQWIK

2008-06-22 17:12:08   Delicious food; one of the best tasting places in Davis. Still pretty expensive for what you get, and the employees can shed hair and be surly, but it seems like they've overcome the extreme shadiness of the past several months. After they raised prices they started also shrinking portions (and screwing up takeout orders a few times in a row), but last time I went I got almost as much curry as they used to serve back when I got to Davis. They still make you pay for rice, which is pretty lame - and if you are hungry don't order the sticky rice. Based on this last trip, 2k is back to being good enough to keep me coming back despite management. —Bartgot

2008-07-20 19:35:59   I didn't used to be the biggest fan of Thai but I really loved 2K, I had the Kao Pad and it was delicious and service was good, I would recommend it. —kmpulido

2008-08-23 11:30:00   Still the best place around for Thai food. Excellent service! —13urningMonk

2008-09-18 10:41:12   Tastes like really cheap ingredients masked with random sauces and herbs. If you're looking for really good thai food hit up Thai nakorn. if you want a nice atmosphere go to sophias. this place doesn't cut it in either. —DrakeNick

2008-09-18 12:37:09   And all this time, I thought this place was called Thai 2k. HAH! —CurlyGirl26

  • See the blurb at the top of the page — it used to be called Thai 2k. —CovertProfessor
  • I completely missed that! Thanks, CP! I thought my dyslexia somehow got worse.

2008-09-18 17:10:22   Just to confuse you, when the restaurant moves to its new location, they are changing the name to something other than Thai 2K or 2K Thai. The new name is some Thai word, if I remember correctly. Why they would get rid of a well established brand with a good reputation, I don't know. —IDoNotExist

2008-09-23 08:08:05   The owner is an absolutely amazing lady and the food there is great. However, there a manager there whom I understand to be the owner's son who is an insult to the restaurant. He has been repeatedly overheard throwing the 'N' word around, not to mention publicly trying to harass and embarrass other employees working there, thus putting diners in an awkward position. So while the food is great, the owner is amazing, and the service is decent, it's a shame that someone so uncivil can really ruin the experience. —SSDD

2008-10-03 19:51:06   my favorite thai place in davis. if you are a regular here, i would recommend trying the Tom Yum Gai, #37 on the soup i think. it is the best tasting soup you will ever have in your life, it is spicy/sour if that's your thing, you will LOVE it! great place, kinda pricey though, but it's so delicious. —CloudFire

2008-10-14 11:06:05   This is one of my favorite Thai places in town. The food is so good. And I love that the portions are ridiculously large. I suggest the seafood in a pot special. It is tasty—if you like seafood, of course. And it's open later than Sophia's, etc. Highly recommended. —CurlyGirl26

2008-10-15 02:00:02   I ordered a green curry with tofu (to go), & it came in a container smaller than a cup o' noodles with hardly any veggies. For $9.75 I'd expect a bit more. When I got home, I had to cook something else to go with it to make a full meal. —AprilAries

2008-10-28 15:30:53   I first tried Thai 2k last year and it was, in my opinion, the best Thai restaurant in Davis. However recent visits and take outs were dismal. The prices, which were a bit high already, have gone up and the quality sank. The green curry that we always order was bland and only had a hint of flavor. The fried rice just tasted like rice with shrimp. Other food were also bad and looked/tasted as if it was hastily prepared. The portions have also gotten smaller. This has happened several times in a row. I noticed the drop in quality around spring this year and ordered what will be my last meal from Thai 2k a few months ago. If you want Thai food in Davis I recommend Thai Nakorn as they are far superior both in quality and price. —AnonymousStudent

2008-10-28 16:28:38   The best Thai food I've had was in Taiwan, therefore I can only compare this restaurant to other Thai restaurants in Davis. This restaurant is better than the other Thai restaurants in town. The ambiance is nice and clean. Food portions were more than adequate. Service was prompt. Only gripes are the prices and that my the Thai tea and coffee both had too much creamer. —BenLee

2008-11-10 22:45:23   I simultaneously love and hate 2k. I LOVE the thai iced tea, it is the best thing ever (def. get it with pearls...I esp. like to order one to go and get a village bakery pizza slice). I HATE the prices (amongst my four friends we spent over $100 on 4 entrees, 4 teas and 1 sm. appetizer...waaaaaay out of our price ranges...). Also, I haven't had an entree I have liked yet. So far, I prefer Sophia's over 2k (but no one beats 2k's AMAZING SINKS IN THE BATHROOM!!!!!). Aree rating: 7/10. —ArianeMetz

2008-11-20 19:52:39   I love the food here, and the restaurant itself is pretty nice in comparison to the other Thai places in Davis. However, the service isn't too great. Waiters were not very friendly. —MAlexa

2008-11-24 22:32:21   the atmosphere is definitely a touch of classy and date-worthy. the food was alright, i had the massaman curry, a bit bland but still eatable, i'm not sure whether it's worth the $$$, i think the expense is for the ambiance than anything. i will probably end up coming back here if nothing else but to try the coconut milk thai iced tea which i've had elsewhere and love. —MiranPark

2008-12-29 19:36:32   There are many, many reviews of this place, but I feel like I'll put my two cents in. I eat here frequently and love it, but I guess I'm biased because I'm dating one of the servers! About a year ago we were jonesing for thai food and wandered into this place. I had the kra tiem tofu, and still remember how much I enjoyed the spicy, garlicy tofu-y goodness. We enjoyed it so much, my date applied to work there! They are perpetually hiring and (in my opinion) have wonderful employees who will probably tell you jokes while recommending you new dishes.

It's a cozy place for a date and you can't beat the pad see-ew tofu for delicious comfort food. The mango salad is to die for, if you like mango! —kriley

2009-01-07 23:34:23   This place has terrible, terrible, terrible management and the food just isn't good enough to make up for it. Read my Yelp review posted on 1/7/09 for the juicy details:

2009-01-08 11:36:08   After seeing the hair incident from 2006 and the waitress/management handling of this issue, I decided I should post my Yelp review here: po I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. So when a ridiculously small error and simple complaint that should have been readily resolved results instead with the manager raising her voice and giving attitude to the customer, a restaurant gets a scathing review.

This was my second attempt and first success at eating at 2KThai (the first time we waited so long for a server we decided to go somewhere else). Our food amongst four people was decent to good (vegetarian spring rolls really the only stand-out). The problem this time arose when we realized we had been charged for three rather than two servings of rice, which could have been overlooked except that of the two non-rice eaters, one of us had noodles (no rice comes with it) and one of us (me) had an explicit conversation about *not* having rice (waitress: "are you sure you don't want rice, it's a saucy dish?" me: "I do not want rice"). When we told the waitress the bill was wrong, she said she "just ordered rice for the whole table" rather than two servings. We assured her that the question of $2 was not an issue but we didn't order the rice- to which she replied, "Was there any rice left?"

It should be noted at this point that the rice was served in a communal pot, so we have no idea how many servings were actually brought out. We aren't even sure if there was any rice left, because the busser took it away when we were done with our food. We thought the question was a little weird, but were ready to let it slide (this is a Wednesday night after all), even after the waitress had left our table without suggesting that she'd take it off our bill. But then we saw the manager being brought into the discussion (this concern comprised less than 2.5% of our total bill but evidently 100% of management attention) and overheard the manager asking the waitress again "was there any rice left?"

Why this question again? Unfortunately for 2KThai, management does not adhere to the 'customer is always right' policy and instead goes for the 'customer is lying and trying to get free rice.' The fact that we all know there are customers like this is beside the point.

They took it off our bill, and I almost left without saying anything about the whole leftover rice business, but as we lingered with our waters the question really gnawed at us. Perhaps females will understand this better, but the assumption by the restaurant that one or more of us has eaten more of her fair share of the rice invokes feelings of guilt, remorse, and plain old fatness. And yes, we were reading into it, but should the deduction of $2 from our bill really depend on whether any rice was leftover??? As I was forming Yelping thoughts in my head, I decided I should let them try to explain why all this questioning about the rice. The waitress didn't have a good explanation, so I asked for the manager. She was immediately defensive with the stellar opening "I'm sorry you overheard" the second round of rice questioning and explained that their policy was that if any rice was leftover, and we had been served 3 rather than 2 servings, they would have to TAKE THE EXTRA RICE BACK if we say we only ordered 2 servings. Come on. How do we even know what we were served? If we were taking home leftovers with rice (fortunately for us, we were not), would we have to give them back?

This whole story is really ridiculous. But it just got so bad when the manager blamed the waitress for asking us about how much rice was left ("I don't know why she asked you that") while she was out of earshot, but when the waitress came to defend herself, the manager said "I told her to ask you that to see if we needed to take the rice back." When I called the manager on her inappropriate handling of the entire situation, she began raising her voice to me and defending herself with jibber-jabber, calling attention to the entire scene in this little restaurant.

Ugh. It was bad. The poor, poor management suggests to me this restaurant will not survive very long. Davis needs some new places, anyway.


2009-01-11 21:17:11   Good food - I really like the citrus chicken - but crappy service. I always feel as though the waiters and waitresses are bothered you are there, especially if you have a larger than 2-4 party. I have witnessed several looks of disdain that were made when it was thought no one was looking. I would like to frequent this place more often, but it never comes up because of the wait staff attitude and my friends and I don't go. Plus, they charge for rice. That just seems odd to me.

They do ask if eggs are ok when asking for tofu in a dish, which I think is pretty cool. I guess they want to make sure to not feed a vegetarian anything they don't want (though, I'm not vegetarian). I do like that.

I hope the wait staff problem is fixed when they open the new place, otherwise I'll have no reason to go to it either, even though the idea of a new bar excites me. —ChristyMarsden

2009-01-12 03:35:52   This review is more like a reply to Joy's comment

I'm a regular customer of 2K Thai Food and though I've never posted a comment before, I couldn't resist adding my take on the above situation. You see, I was in the restaurant when the above customer had a tiff about the rice serving.

I remember that a very unpleasant lady made a major scene in a public place over a minor misunderstanding about how many servings of rice were ordered. Get real....all that over a little rice?

My friends and I have always felt we've been treated fairly by the 2K waitstaff and whatever disagreement the customer had it was certainly an overreaction. 2K has been in Davis for at least 5 years, so I think you can say their food and their service must be on par with any other restaurant in Davis.

By the way, I love the Pad Gra Pao with Duck!

A happy customer. —johnsondonna39

2009-01-12 09:58:33   I've always had very good service here. —IDoNotExist

2009-01-23 21:58:02   good service —eyr

2009-01-31 22:12:09   i still remember the first time i ate at this place, way before all the fancy earpiece and uniforms, when the food was awesome and service was bad. now service is always great but the food just isn't as good as it used to be. however it probably is the best thai place here in davis. i'm glad the thai tea has free refills now —skinnyfatgirl

2009-02-07 14:05:56   I went here with my boyfriend and i must say that the food and service was absolutely horrible. I ordered some soup and it was way too sour. To top it off, while i forced myself to finish the meal, I found a little hair in it. It obviously wasn't mine because I have blonde hair and the one i found in my soup was black. I'm not one to complain so I shared my boyfriend's plate. However, he had to consistently ask for refills because no one was checking up on us. My experience here was very negative and I would much rather eat at Sophias. —BettyBean

Interesting that you make this comment here about 2K Thai and say you are not one top mention it but you do and then you make the crack about the individual who complains that they find plastic in their pho at hoa viet.

2009-02-09 03:16:21   I love the food here, but they dishes are a bit pricey for the size. I often get good service, except one time we were stuck with a waitress who seemed to have some issues. The rest of the staff are pretty nice and attentive though. —TonyaNN

2009-02-09 08:50:18   I tried 2K for the first time a few nights ago, and I thought it was pretty good. I got a red curry dish and pad thai for takeout. Their takeout portions (especially the pad thai) were much larger than Sophia's. The food was pretty good, however they have a more "fish saucy" pad thai. Even if Sophia's pad thai is not considered to be authentic, like some say, it is my favorite in town. All and all, I will probably be coming here from now on, since I have felt Sophia's food and customer service has been going downhill fast. —AmLin

2009-02-14 18:14:47   Apparently you can't buy off their regular menu on Valentine's Day— I called and they told me they're not serving Tom Yum Gai or Chicken Pad Thai... go figure. —TimJ

2009-02-20 14:28:05   Their pad thai is excellent with extra spicy powder on the side. —overwhelmme

2009-04-12 13:26:50   The prices are definitely high here, but the tofu curries are seriously to die for. Much better than Sophias, although I prefer the Pad Thai there. The service seems to be consistently good, too, with servers that are knowledgeable about the dishes and willing to stand and help a large group figure out how much to order, what to order, etc. If you're a vegetarian (or carnivorous tofu-lover) and are looking for a new favorite, try the yellow curry tofu! Lots of veggies, just the right amount of spice. Mmmmmm... —jmofro

2009-04-26 18:27:49   I have visited 2K Thai a few times in the years I have lived in Davis, and IMHO, 2K Thai is pretentious, over-priced, and under-good. Caught trying to be a SF-style Thai restaurant (complete with SF prices) in a Davis-style town. Their self-absorbed style and high prices could be overlooked if the cuisine had any particular redeeming value. "Pretty good" won't cut it in this town with several worthy Thai establishments operating within a stone's throw. Perhaps their headsets and sleek uniforms will be put to better use at the night club across the street. If I want expensive flair, I'll head to San Francisco - at least the quality there is worth the drive. —BigRedGiraffe

2009-09-11 00:40:43   They are opening up a new restaurant sometime next month in this place it looks a lot better with the new remodel. —Jcurri31

2009-09-11 01:11:08   Excellent! It will be great to have 2K Thai back! —IDoNotExist