5th Street is a street that runs east-west and it turns into Russell Blvd. when it crosses B Street. It stretches from Downtown to East Davis, where it terminates at Alhambra Drive. Fifth Street and Russell Blvd. combine to make one of the most important east-west thoroughfares in Davis.

The section that runs between L Street and B Street lacks bike lanes. Though many cyclists choose to merge with auto traffic, some cyclists feel more comfortable detouring onto 8th Street for this section. In February 2005, "split-phase" traffic lights were installed at the F Street and G Street intersections to reduce the number of crashes due to drivers making left turns into oncoming traffic from 5th Street (108 crashes from 1999-2002). Traveling eastbound approaching L Street, the left lane becomes a turn only lane.

A reconfiguration of the street, to one traffic lane in each direction, plus bike lanes and center turn lanes between B and L Streets, is expected to be completed by mid-2014. Follow the latter link to more detailed description of this portion of the street and project details.On Janurary 10,2019  22 year old Davis Police  officer Natalie Corona was shot while responding to a crash on 5th street and d street there is a bench there to honor her.In November 2021 a stretch of Highway 5 passing through her hometown Arbuckle  was named after her.5th Street was formerly known as 4th Street.

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