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504 L Street
across from Aggie Liquor
Please fill in hours
(530) 555-5555
[email protected]
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Payment Method(s)

The "Mart" of 5th and L Gas and Mart is rather small. It hasn't been remodeled while several gas stations have come and gone there. It's only window service from the two windows.

Outside the Mart, there used to be a 99 cent ATM. However, it was removed. (7-Eleven gives $10 cash back.)

Credit card rates are 10 cents per gallon more than the cash price. This is called a cash discount and is perfectly legal. However, if the company were to call it a fee, that would not be legal. The prices posted on the large signs visible from the road are the cash, i.e., "discounted" prices and the "credit" prices for the grades of gasoline and diesel that currently have 10 cent differences

This gas station was previously branded as Valero, however it got rid of its Valero branding when it went out of business and then was sold in early 2010.

The Auto Washette car wash behind it across L Street from 7-Eleven had its drainage system changed from the street to the sewer during late October, 2010. That digging and replacement of pipes was done after they were sold by SAH group Inc.


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2012-03-15 09:34:23   This place is a dump. They charge a ridiculous $.16 for credit. Half their pumps don't work. They don't take ATM. I just had to get gas but only got two gallons because of how poorly the station was run and how expensive. —DavidGreenwald