831 Anderson was home to a group of guys known casually as The 831 Boys. They were all fun-loving UC Davis students from the 2004-2008 period and occupied the house from 2005 to approximately 2009. They were known for easy-going parties and antics ranging from mild pyromania, knitting, and competitive beer pong to home-brewing, mapping fractals, and drunken guitar playing. There was also quite a bit of cockroach murder by proxy of airsoft guns. A few of the boys were into hyphy activities like exhibition skiing at Tahoe. It was not uncommon to see any one of the boys riding an illmatic bike to and from the house. They were also fans of playing croquet at Redwood Park, frisbee on the back lawn of Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School, and no-rules basketball and foursquare at school courts in West Davis. Marge was their free-range outdoor pet spider.


• Mack Casterman

• David Blanco

• Max Joseph

• Tom Lugo

• Michael O'Leary

• David Olson

• Max Scott

Honorary residents

• Lief Storer

Frequent visitors

• Krystel Hill

• Elise Kane (part-time resident in Summer 2006)

• Ellie Kardaras

• Travis Taylor