These old apartments on the corner of 9th and F St are owned and "managed" by Al and Sim Kashikar. There is no central management or management presence in the complex whatsoever. The apartments are ancient, unrenovated, smelly, and falling apart. If you have the misfortune of renting here make sure you take pictures of literally everything because Al will nickle and dime you out of your security deposit for things as small as rumpled window blinds. Not to mention their late fees are borderline criminal. Al and Sim are some of the most predatory and unscrupulous landlords in Davis.


I can verify this as a previous renter of an apartment at 9th and F St. Al and Sim are slumlords who will remove large sums from your security deposits for damages that were there upon move-in. Al verbally approved repair of a internet outlet to the ATT repairman, and then wouldn't refund us for the $200 repair - which is illegal. When we requested that he pay us back according to tenant law, he said he had "never approved it." Sim had our apartment shown to prospective tenants without notifying us (illegal), which led to me being locked out of my own apartment for an hour (I had no deadbolt key (illegal), and the deadbolt was on). Apparently the property manager locks the door prior to showing apartments. When I complained to Sim about not notifying me, she screamed at me that it was somehow my fault(???). I am not even exaggerating, she yelled and insulted me for her mistake. I was so shocked that I ended up crying while the property manager (who was a decent person, thank goodness) apologized to me. Also, the drying machine was messed up for a while and made the worst, loudest grinding noise - which wouldn't have been as much of an issue if people weren't doing their laundry at 2AM. This isn't even half of the problems I had while living here. I actually liked the apartment layout, but Sim and Al Kashikar are terrible human beings.