1340 E. Covell Blvd. (In Oak Tree Plaza)
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm(Later by Appointment) Sat 9am-4pm

A hair salon owned and operated by Becky Digman located on the west end of the Oak Tree Plaza parking lot next to Little Caesars. They don't accept credit cards.

Stylists include Becky Digman, Janet Hayden, Karen Calegari, Tim Mcarthy, Soon, and Josie Avila. 

Haircuts: $30 Perms: $80 and up

Other services available: Waxing, Manicures, Pedicures

How would you describe your A'bout with Hair experience?

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2005-10-18 15:42:04   Becky Digman- who is the owner of the salon- is really great. She'll do whatever you ask, but I think her highlights and eyebrow waxes are the best I've ever had. —AntoniaOakley

2009-04-22 14:36:58   I had my hair ruined at another salon. I went in to see Karen and she is the best. She spent hours on my hair (bleeched the roots, colored the roots, toned and conditioned my hair) Even better she throws in a free cut and style. It doesn't get much better. She did it all for $80 which is great for all the work I needed. Its much cheaper if all you need is a touchup. —ucdruby

2009-06-29 13:27:07   The people at this place are really nice. You get what you ask for. The difference is that at many Asian own salons they do whatever they want to with your hair. It is a great deal for $25. You get free shampoo and blow dry with it. —FlowerCindy

2010-04-02 10:17:11   I love Becky for color. Nobody has ever done it better for me. Karen does modern, hip cuts. It's always fun to go there. Kinda "Steel Magnolia's" and just so much kindness! —FreddieOakley

2010-04-22 14:57:25   I go to Karen for my haircut and she's great! I always leave happy after she cuts my hair...She washes my hair, cuts it, blow dries it and styles it all for $25 + tip....The rest of the women/hairdressers seem very sweet and the owner, Becky, has a good sense of humor. My only complaint is that the last 2 times I was there, Karen seemed very busy and seemed to be rushing since she had someone on the side whose hair was getting colored. I didn't like that, but in the end Karen did a good job so I left happy after all. I also have taken my 4 year old daughter here for a haircut. I don't recall the hairdresser's name, but she did a fabulous job. She was very friendly and most importantly very patient with my daughter. Also, this place is one of the cheapest in Davis. I have called other hair salons and their haircuts start at least $45...I'm a student and I definitely don't want to spend $45+tip on a haircut. On the other hand, A'bout with hair is very affordable and they do a great job! —areli00

2011-05-31 15:30:43   My daughter and I needed haircuts, a special day. I've rarely been happy with haircuts. Found about with hair and Nancy Reid. We love our new cuts, even a week later. I will be going back:D —CADowning

2011-05-31 15:49:21   Can someone explain the name of this salon to a dorky old professor? Do they fight with your hair? —CovertProfessor

2011-07-13 10:07:21   I had a great experience at A'bout with Hair. I was instantly comfortable with Karen and told her to "fix" the way my hair was growing out. she listened and gave me a great cut. Super friendly and cheap for the quality! —LenaSchiffer

2012-01-28 21:53:21   I went in to Becky for a blunt cut and it's great! Then today, I took my daughter in there who has little dreadlocks, and Becky let me bring my own shampoo, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil....we gave her a shampoo together, vinegar rinsed her, poured oil on, wrapped her head in a warm towel, sat her under the hood dryer, then rinsed it all out and conditioned it. She was SOOOO accommodating....my daughter's hair looks GREAT and it was so much easier to do in a salon than trying to do it all at home, bending over the tub, and I don't have a hood dryer. I will be back once a month for my daughter's "intensive" and I"ll be getting my hair cut here!! Thanks Becky! —StephHolm

2012-03-06 23:07:50   I having been going to see Becky and Karen for years, and I have never ever walked out of there unhappy. They do the best job in town! I once got an absolutely dreadful cut somewhere else here in town, I actually went home in tears. I called and went in the next day to see Karen and she made it fabulous! I will never stray again —TaylorKennedy

2012-03-20 21:49:51   I went here a few weeks ago looking for a cut and color. My color was great but they totally ruined my hair! I walked with with healthy hair and I walked out with dry, brittle, frizzy hair and I can't fix it! I always leave a salon with healthy feeling hair but this time I didnt! I will Not be going back and now need to go find a new hairdresser to Fix the mess they left me with! —JamieBee

2012-04-27 19:41:04   Tanya did the best pedicure and manicure, great massage. I'm going back next time and getting gel nails! Fun shop! —mali

2012-05-19 13:01:05   I am totally disappointed with my hair after going here. I went in, said I wanted about 2 inches off the length. The hairdresser, although it was obvious she was just selling product, I was convinced to try some kind of deep conditioner for an extra fee. I said I absolutely wanted to keep my natural color (I never dye my hair or anything), and she promised me it will keep my hair the same but just make it healthier. Well of course my hair is now quite a few shades darker, all of my natural blonde is gone. Not to mention she didn't take any length off during the cut! My hair is just as long as when I went in. I'm very upset with how my hair turned out. —goldenc

2012-06-11 11:26:19   I go here for my hair and I have thick, natural curly hair. Nancy Reid does such a great job. Very happy. She is very patience. Its a relaxing and caring atmosphere. —Lisa530

2012-09-25 16:29:27   Every time I stray from Becky Digman's capable hands, I end up returning. She never asks where I've been, and just picks up again like the old friend she is. She has been with me through thick and thin. Literally! (She made the most of what I had when I was being treated for breast cancer.) Her salon is very "Steel Magnolias". It's not the place to go if you want that whole ultra-sophisticated big city treatment. On the other hand, this is not a big city and her prices are very reasonable, really bargain-basement in my opinion. She always does impeccable work. She never takes shortcuts. She doesn't gossip about her other clients (yay!) and she will see you for emergencies and to correct the bad work of others. She keeps excellent records and can tell you exactly what she did for you five years ago. She has given me the best color ever. Did our hair for my daughter's wedding and we all looked exactly the way we wanted to. You can be 100% forthright about what you want. She is an amazing person and a real pro. —FreddieOakley