215 I Street , (behind the SPCA Thrift Store)
Mon-Thu 7am-5:30pm

A-1 Body Shop has been in Davis since 1967. They are a full service body and fender shop and provide free estimates. It's run by a very nice guy named Brian.


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2005-03-30 21:22:59   These guys do really good work. —RussBowlus

2005-08-24 17:01:59   I agree, they replaced my bumper (twice) and did a great job. —PatrickProctor

2005-11-28 10:23:36   Had bumper replaced on Honda Civic Hybrid. Fair quote, did the work on time, very professional and pleasant experience —TarasCa

2005-12-19 13:13:43   Someone hit my car in the parking lot at school while I was taking an exam. Needless to say, they did not leave a note. I delayed getting it fixed because I figured it would cost more than the value of my car. Now that I'm looking to sell the vehicle, I decided to take the car in to A1. I explained the situation to Brian. He gave me a free price quote that to fix the huge dent the right way would cost about $900. But he offered to "kick it out" for free. I dropped my car off and within the hour he had it done. It looks 100x better. Brian refused to even take a tip, saying that it just took him a couple of minutes. —SamanthaGrant

2005-12-19 15:43:00   Just to further what I said above, my window got bashed in recently in SF. I took it to A-1, and Bryan had it ordered and replaced in under 24 hours. These guys are great. —PatrickProctor

2006-01-16 16:46:40   Really good place to have auto body work done! *LOL.... I know, I've have to have it several times. Really honest and the best prices. I have to agree with everyone else... best place to get body work done. —CatAdams

2007-03-19 17:50:50   I saw all the great comments here, and gave them a call. Everyone was right - they are great. I was rear-ended and my insurance company said it was a total loss, but I didn't believe them. I called them and they said to bring it down. I was there within a 20 minutes, and there was no waiting. Brian stopped what he was doing as soon as I got there and came out to look at my car. He got under the car (with me standing right there) and did a quick evaluation. He told me the damage would cost more than the car was worth, which. He was honest and professional, which is not very common anymore. If I (or anyone I know) ever need body work done this were I'm going. —ColleenScotten

2007-05-29 16:10:16   True Story-A neighbor's kid keyed my car, I took it to another shop that would fix it for $1000, but after reading the comments on this page, I thought I'd try A-1. Unbelievably, A-1 fixed it for free. If you look closely you can still see the scratch, but otherwise it's fine. —GabeDavis

2007-08-13 13:43:10   This place is great— after taking my car to Davis Auto Body who said they'd charge my $800 for a "band-aid" job on a dent in my hood, I took my car here and Brian fixed it for free! —Carol

2008-02-19 15:39:29   Sadly, I've had the "good" fortune to use both this place and Davis Autobody since moving here a couple of years ago. And though both places did great work, I thought the people here were friendlier. Not really sure about the pricing, since it wasn't my fault either time so I wasn't that concerned about how much it cost (since insurance companies were paying....). Anyway, this seems like a good business and they were nice to work with. —ABlack

2008-02-26 11:04:43   I just came in for an estimate today. It was extremely fast and the staff was awesome. :D —kevinV

2008-03-02 10:10:34   This guy is so friendly and kind. I have my car fixed, and am satisfied with his work. I strongly recommend A-1 body shop when you fix your car. —TOMOYAN

2008-04-08 12:46:54   I had an awesome experience here. I was having trouble with the drivers door of my car. I dropped in to A-1. Brian and the other staff are really friendly and kind. He fixed the problem in no time and charged me nothing. I am quite satisfied with the work. I would strongly recommend A-1 body shop to fix your car. —SoumenRoy

2008-05-11 11:20:50   I had a great experience here. After someone backed into the rear of our van, A-1 gave me a competitive estimate, fixed the damage quickly, and the final repair came in under estimate. Since my van is so old, they couldn't find a new rear bumper for it. So they pounded the old one back into shape at no extra charge. Highly recommended! —MattVanGundy

2008-05-17 01:15:39   My bumper rubbed some guy's quarter-panel when I was parking, and it just left some scratches and a broken mudflap. I read these great comments, so I suggested he take it here for the estimate. He was quoted $900 for a paint job ($615 for labor alone). I couldn't afford this, so I called up GEICO and filed a claim. He took the car to the adjuster, and the scratches that supposedly needed a new paint job just buffed out. Total repair cost was $94 to replace the mud flap. Clearly this shop isn't as great as all these comments suggest it is. My guess is that knowing the car owner isn't paying for the repairs gives them license to charge whatever they want for unnecessary repairs. Dishonest practices like this ensure that I will strongly recommend avoiding this place. —StephenPriest

2008-08-21 16:24:25   I had an A-1 experience at A-1 Body Shop! The people are super nice and they did a beautiful job. Plus, they did all of the work in just a few days. I had a great experience here and highly recommend it. —GSB

2009-06-10 02:06:26   Bryan was very professional and courteous, someone transfered paint to my side rear, took in in and Bryan was able to actually remove the paint with some sort of solvents to reveal a small dent, which he honestly told me was probably not worth fixing at this time. Didnt charge me a dime and also refused a tip like above, I will come again if I ever have any need for auto work! —JimL

2009-06-18 18:58:00   I am another one with a great experience. Bryan and his team are professional and nice. He is the can do kind of person and does not charge you an arm and a leg like the other places in Davis. This place is has great customer service and they are willing to help you. Do not waste your time going somewhere else. —TomSayer

2009-07-23 12:28:20   Brian is the man! I brought over my WRX because the bumper clips were broken as well as the bumper itself. Instead of telling me that the only thing that could be done was to get a new bumper cover, I was told to give them half and hour and they could re-attache it. A-1 did just that and did not charge me a cent. My bumper is in rough shape due to the previous owner. I left with a very fair estimate for getting a new bumper cover and paint which I will absolutely be persuing within the next couple months over at A-1. Thanks again for the friendly and honest service! —Blkeagle1

2009-10-08 00:24:14   I just got my Civic repaired today after I got my front bumper torn off. Bryan assured me that it was no big deal and got it done cheaply and fast. He even buffed off the paint scratched paint and called in Dentworks for a free quote on the dent on my front fender(which got fixed). —udonani

2009-10-08 09:03:26   A neighbor suggested I try A-1 for a repair I needed to my bumper and tail light. They gave me a quote below others in the area, and then in the end, agreed to take what the homeowner's claim would pay me, about $50 less than their quote. I had to wait a few weeks to get the car in, but that just told me they are in demand and must be good at what they do. They sure were, the car looks great. I'd definitely return (just hope I don't need to anytime soon). —AmLin

2010-01-20 17:09:42   Someone sideswiped my brand new car at Costco and, boy, was I feeling sick about it. I called Brian and he told me to come right on in. He took a look at my car and put something over the scratches which hid them, but dulled the paint. He told me to come back in the light of day and he would polish the car up if I could leave it for an hour. I brought it back the next day, went for a brief walk, came back, and it was as good as new! Not only that, he didn't even charge me. If I ever need repair work on my car or if a friend needs it, I will definitely be going back here or recommending. Brian is also incredibly nice and stopped what he was doing both times that I walked in to help me immediately. I'm impressed! —bar775

2010-01-20 18:59:22   These place is great and the individuals are honest. I have been to A1 Body shop twice now for my Toyota Camry Hybrid. I would highly recommend Brian and his staff. Their quotes are fair and the work is done in a timely manner. A1 body shop replaced a rear view mirror the first time I used them and replaced my front bumper the second time. They gave a confirmation call to make sure I was keeping my appointment. They worked with my insurance company to get the best possible price. I was grateful to use their drop off /pick up service meaning I didn't have to bother anyone for a ride to the shop or walk in the harsh rain. They dropped me off at home after leaving my car there, and picked me up when it was finished. The bumper took about 2 days to complete and I had my car back at 11am Wed morning after dropping it off 12noon on Monday. This place is great and Bryan and his wife are very easy to talk to .His estimates are accurate and fair and he can have any part ordered very quickly. A great family owned business in Davis. Extremely satisfied. —ElizabethBarthel

2010-02-28 21:20:58   Amazing to find a place where you immediately feel that you won't be taken advantage of. Brian made my bumper look like new and for a very reasonable price. I will definitely come back for any repair needs I have in the future. —CES

2010-07-14 10:44:10   Excellent work and excellent customer service. Brian (owner) is very friendly, does great work, and always takes care of his customers. I would not take my car to any other body shop— PERIOD. —Furly707

2010-07-15 15:17:13   They fix my problem very quickly and charged very reasonable. They are also very friendly. Absolutely recommend. —Jia

2011-01-22 10:54:28   Awesome experience! They were fast and much less expensive than another Davis bodyshop, and did a great job repairing a dent in my nearly-new car. —GerryPez

2011-01-24 16:55:13   After single-handedly messing up my car's paint over the weekend, I took it to Brian this morning and was given an hour's wait time while he polished and prepared an estimate for a paint job. I came back to find it in a excellent shape with minor scratches that were only visible if you looked hard. Brian did an amazing job and he didn't even charge me for the polish that I was all too happy to pay for.

I don't know if I deserve this free pass but I will make sure to thank Brian again. Hopefully without entailing a wrecked car.


2011-02-17 16:55:20   Highly recommended. Good work and service. —kelvinkay

2011-02-23 15:15:10   Wow-wow-wow. Brian and everyone at A-1 are full of awesomeness! While pulled over for an emergency on the freeway a semi-truck drove too close to us and hyper-extended my door, causing it to not shut properly. Some auto body shops I talked to wanted to take off the door and replace our entire door hinge. Brian did a simple adjustment and saved us hundreds of dollars. I'm only sorry that I didn't do this months ago as my car door is good as new. Thank you, A-1! You rock! —DebWestergaard

2011-03-24 13:48:16   I needed my front bumper replaced and they gave me the cheapest estimate in Davis. They are really friendly and a trustworthy company. I will continue to come here for any car repairs I need in the future. —jessik

2011-05-13 21:36:45   This place is great! I went in to get an estimate on getting my passenger door fixed... the guy came out and fixed it in 5 minutes... no charge! The guy was really nice and I would definitely go back again for future automotive needs! —Danae

2012-06-12 10:38:02   Unbelievably good. Brian really goes out of his way to fix things in the simplest and cheapest way possible. A professional in the highest sense. —ArtyomKopp

2012-10-16 15:36:12   I had a wonderful experience here! Brian not only did a terrific job fixing my car, but also touched up the paint for free and had it all done in less than 24 hours for an incredibly reasonable price. I can barely even tell now that there was any damage. I will never take my car anywhere else! —KatieSwanson

2013-01-16 10:30:59   The right side of my front bumper was falling off after being hit in a parking lot. Two other reputable shops quoted over $1,300 for repairs involving a new front bumper. A-1 did the repair for $225.00 by replacing only the clips and the fender shield. It looks great! And they did it for over $1,000 less! I would recommend them to anyone. —RMS

2013-10-03 13:16:21   I brought our minivan here based on the unanimously positive Davis wiki reviews. Before A-1, I don't think I've ever found a business on the wiki (with more than 10 reviews) that didn't have at least one negative review. All of the reviews are spot on. Best place in Davis to get body work done. Honest, fair price. Excellent work. Nice owners. All around great experience. —JonFenske

2013-12-18 22:06:06   I can't say enough about how good these guys are. Very nice people, straight-up estimate. And they found panels that were the right color, so no paint necessary. Told me that was extraordinary, and rarely is it possible to do that, but it worked. —YogaBhoga

2014-02-21 11:55:47   I came here because of all the comments on the page and the comments are true! My rear bumper on my truck was smashed by a drunk out of San Francisco. I had to have the bumper repair so I could tow a trailer and return to Florida. Brian really went out of his way to fix things in the simplest and cheapest way possible. I had it repaired in less than 24 hours and the final amount was less than the estimate! A professional in the highest sense. —Ronmark

2014-08-12 19:45:54   Great service, friendly and efficient. Brian offered a range of repair options for me to choose from, no pressure. The work was excellent, on time and exactly for the estimated cost. —JanetAldrich

2014-11-23 The job was done properly and on time. The estimate was less than another shop I called and seemed reasonable. Final price was exactly as quoted. Plus they're friendly! —KirstenOlson

2016-02-25 20:07:40   A1 Body Shop is outstanding. Last night vandals sprayed blue paint on my truck and several other cars in the neighborhood. My neighbor called me because I was away at work. So I called A1 for advice, and within 15 minutes, they walked three blocks to my house and clean off the vandal's paint. I couldn't believe it! No one does that kind of thing anymore, or so I thought. And years ago, they did an excellent job fixing a big dent in my 4Runner. A1 Body Shop is the BEST for customer service and quality of work. —JimmyG