1260 Lake Boulevard
In the Westlake Plaza next to Lamppost Pizza
Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday CLOSED
(530) 231-5862
(530) 231-5916
[email protected]
Payment Methods
Visa, Mastercard, Cash

AMD Medical Supply provides durable medical supplies, including sales, rentals, and installation services. They can do free local delivery on purchases of $100 or more. A second location can be found at 3108 Arden Way in Sacramento. They are now also selling great, very tasty 100% Pure Local Honey from a beekeeper in Woodland.

They sell stethoscopes, scrubs, accessories for healthcare professionals, blood pressure monitors, otoscopes, wheelchairs, walkers, compression stockings & arm sleeves, lift chairs, bath chairs & safety items, bed rails, hospital beds & mattresses, orthopedic braces, arm slings, toilet risers & rails, underpads, chux, adult underwear & diapers, and much more.


Rental items

Per 1 Day
Per 1 Week
Per 1 Month
Deposit (Refundable)
Wheelchair (Manual)
Please Call
Please Call
Please Call
Transport Chair
Please Call
$Please Call
Please Call
Hospital Bed (S-Electric)
Please Call
Please Call
Knee Scooter
Please Call
Please Call
Please Call
Please Call
Please Call
Please Call
Please Call
Please Call
Please Call

For sale

Wheelchair Accessories
Walkers and Rollators
Hospital Beds
Diabetic Shoes
Diabetic Socks and Accessories
Bath Chairs and Safety Bars
Canes and Crutches
Electric Scooters
Knee Scooters
Power Wheelchairs
Lift Chairs
Pikstik Reachers and Grabbers
Sports and Orthopedic Braces
Wheelchair and Walker Accessories
Security Poles
Cushions and Wedges
Transfer Benches
Accessories for Healthcare Professionals
Analog Watch Stethoscope Attachment
Digital Thermometers
Infrared Ear Thermometers
Scissors and Instruments
Pulse Oximeters
Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices
Exam Gloves
Lab Coats and Medical Uniforms
Cast and Bandage Protectors
Mealtime Protectors
Underpads and Mattress Pads
Adult Underwear
Bed Assist Rails
Compression Garments

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2013-06-07 12:51:34   I'm sorry. But this just smacks of a pure advertisement. I don't understand how the DavisWiki differentiates this from commercialization and its community mission. Print this in the Enterprise. I have been criticized for puffery and bloated content before. What's with this? Comments welcome. —fknochenhauer

2013-06-07 13:48:17   Put this company on Yelp! That's all I have to say. —fknochenhauer

2013-06-13 08:20:40   fknochenhauer: My name is Dmitriy, I am the manager of AMD Medical Supply here in Davis. Our DavisWiki page is not designed to be a pure advertisement. Its purpose is to be informative for Davis residents. Our page is very community oriented and serves a clear community mission: we are the ONLY medical supply store in Davis and we exist and strive to improve the health and well-being of our customers in Davis. Thus far, we have only heard positive feedback regarding our mission. I know that medical supply stores have opened in Davis in the past - but all unfortunately closed their doors very soon. I believe this can be attributed to a number of reasons, one of which is a very high cost of rent. Thankfully, with the support of our Davis community we have remained open for over 1 year and plan to stay in Davis for years to come. We opened our Davis store based on a very much vocalized demand - we had many Davis residents driving all the way out to our store in Sacramento to purchase medical supplies and personally asked that we open a store in Davis. Because my family and I are originally from Yolo County and have deep roots in Davis over 40 years old, we felt that we needed to help Davis residents in need of medical supplies. In opening a medical supply store in Davis, our goal was that residents could have their own, local, friendly, and high quality medical supply store and enjoy this convenience. Prior to our opening, the nearest medical supply store was in Woodland or in Sacramento. It is terrible that our city did not have its own permanent medical supply store prior to our opening. We have a huge medical community with a top hospital, clinics, providers, care homes, caregivers, and students studying to give back professionally to our community - all residing in Davis and serving a large elderly population. It is unfortunate that you so strongly oppose our information being available to those who need it on DavisWiki, however I hope that my short explanation will help you to understand our sincere purpose in serving our Davis community. —dmitriymarkiv

2013-09-05 17:35:15   Beware: this store does not give refunds. Yes, it says so on your receipt and there is a discreet little disclaimer on the wall next to the cash register. It would be good business, however, to let the customer know this verbally. It isn't like there is ever a long line. It never occurred to me that I could not return something that was totally unused (purchased only two hours previously)and not a medically sensitive device. I was able to exchange the device for another product - so what is the difference? - they still took the first product back. It also took the clerk several minutes and a calculator to figure out that there was one dollar difference in the price. It will definitely be the last time I purchase anything from them. —JamieMBoston