APEX Cycles & Service/2010 Reviews

2010-01-25 14:05:17   I lost my bike seat along with the post. Most other places would charge me 45+ but Aaron was really nice and helpful. Got my seat post replaced and got a new grip for a really really low price. Very nice place, very easy going people, very helpful ... =) —idiota

2010-02-06 15:59:15   Best bike shop in town! Aaron has been a huge help to me with my upcoming event. I couldn't have done it without him. I wouldn't take my business anywhere else. —MLambert

2010-02-23 11:03:30   Best shop in town. Hands Down!!! Picking up my bike in a few days. Everyone was very laid back and friendly. Nice close knit group that is very eager to help and give you the best price. Never going anywhere else. I first thought B&L was really good and stayed away from APEX because of the location. But now I know that APEX is the ONLY place to go. —MUSTANGINAMO

2010-03-25 17:37:14   This shop gets five out of five stars rating from me. The crew is superfriendly, no BS. I came in without appointment, with the bike I bought online still in a box. 45 minutes later, I was riding my bike fully assembled and adjusted. I should note that every other shop in town gave me a rate at least 70% higher, with a waiting time ranging from 2 to 5 days. I cannot think of anything else I'd need from a bike shop. —frankiedj

2010-05-24 00:47:00   I was in Apex Cycles a while back and all I can remember is great service. Although there was some shipping delays with what I ordered, it eventually got here and I am quite satisfied. And a student discount too! —JimL

2010-06-01 12:27:50   Just bought a 8 speed bike chain to replace my rusty one from APEX and aaron installed it free of charge along with quick adjusting the rear brakes and rear derailleur. My bike runs perfectly now. Quick and friendly service at a great price: Everything you'd want in a LBS and more. —kiddmit3

2010-06-07 01:46:43   I've been going here for a while now. First time I went I was a little intimidated, A lot of people hang around and talk about bikes and whatever is going on. However, Aaron, the owner, is a really nice guy. He seems to be one of the more understanding merchants of the student budget (that doesn't mean he only carries cheap goods though, he carries some very nice equipment for all price ranges). He and the other guys working there are great about advice and are generally very helpful.

Hell, in the time that's passed, I've become one of the guys hanging around the shop. Only downside? the store is a little small and not immediately visible from the street. A hidden jewel haha. —EugeneB

  • thought i'd post a follow up for this shop. This is still my favorite shop in davis, aaron is probably the most understanding of my ridiculous ideas for bike projects. sometimes these asinine requests take a little bit more time, but Apex is the only shop willing to take on the challenge. If your project is a little more standard, like wheel truing, hub rebuilds, tire/tube replacement, the turnaround is exceptionally fast and service is affordable. I still have yet to find fault with this business. —EugeneB

2010-06-07 23:18:18   Aaron completed an overhaul of my 20+ year old Cannondale and built a new set of wheels. I've been riding it for about a month now, and I couldn't be happier, his work is solid. I will definitely be bringing my bike back to Apex for it's 40-year overhaul. ;) —DukeMcAdow

2010-07-02 09:02:11   I took my bike here for some repairs and was very pleased with the service. Don't be fooled by the "hole in the wall" appearance of this place. Aaron really knows his stuff, he fixed my bike on the spot (took less than 10 minutes) while we chatted about bikes and Davis. 'Lil Aaron was there providing security so I felt very safe :) This is a nice family business I am happy to support. —DagonJones

2010-07-19 17:19:14   As a semi frequent customer i must say they are great. They are really helpful and friendly. I've a number of problems and Aaron does very well in fixing it. What i really enjoy is his solution finding process; he takes the time to explain things to me in a logical way. Also, the atmosphere in his shop is very social and inviting; it's a fun place to tweak out your bike! —SameerAd

2010-07-24 18:59:33   Had my front tube replaced here today with a thicker one (regular tubes do not seem to like over two hundred pounds flattening them every day). Service and tube combined came to forty-one cents cheaper than what Ken's Bike and Ski charges for the exact same service, where I normally go. Service was very quick. Probably will be returning for other services as well. —hankim

2010-09-25 17:47:24   They are extremely helpful, honest, and fast workers. The prices they give you for repairs, parts, etc. are extremely fair compared to other places and above all UCD's Bike Barn. I actually was going to get my bike fixed at the bike barn because it was closer to me and on campus, however, they were going to charge me $70 for a wheel plus labor and other small repairs, and that would have costed me about $100 and would take more than a week to get it fixed. So I backed out and decided to see other options and APEX was the option that I needed. I went in for a quick check-up and everything went way smoother here than it did at the bike barn. My bike was taken in TODAY to get fixed and in about an hour or so it was done TODAY! BEST BIKE SHOP IN DAVIS! —L.A.Hernandez

2010-09-30 19:00:36   If I could give Apex Cycles a 0 out of 5 stars I would. After having purchased a bike from Aaron about a year ago and having a good experience I turned to him again a couple of months ago when i bought a cool old 1970's Schwinn from my neighbor. The bike was in need of some serious love; new paint job, new tires and tubes, new cables and housings, new handlebar tape, possible a new rear derailer etc. When I dropped the bike off Aaron told me that it would be about a week or two depending on how long it took the paint shop to get my color of paint in. After a couple of weeks went by I called to check up on the bike only to e told that the bike was at the paint shop and Aaron would call me back to let me know if t was ready to be picked up form the paint shop. After another week and still no call back, I tried calling again to find out the status. Over the course of the next two weeks i made at least 3 or 4 calls to check in on the bike only to be told every time that he had to call the paint shop to see if it was done and that he would call me back (which he never did). Finally, feeling a bit frustrated I had my husband stop by the shop while he was downtown one day to see if the bike was there or find out when it would be ready. He was told that the paint shop painted the bike the wrong color, a story which quickly switched to "the paint shop forgot to paint the bike" once he saw that my husband was staring at my semi dismantled bike lying in the corner which had clearly never even been brought to the paint shop. Aaron then promised that the bike would be take to the paint shop that day and that he would sit and wait for them to paint the bike and call us to let us know when all of the work would be done. Not receiving a call, I stopped into the shop the next week only to find that Aaron was out of town. After talking to another bike mechanic who worked there (and was actually quite nice) I was told that the bike had never in fact been taken to the paint shop and they had only begun to work on it a few days earlier. He also told be that in the process of dismantling the frame they had broken the fork of the bike and replaced it with one they got for free from the bike church (a little tidbit that Aaron had left out). Long story short, the end result was that it took Aaron another month to get the bike done and even at that I ended up having to go down to the paint shop myself to show them the color it was supposed to be and pick the bike up from the paint shop and bring it back to Aaron to put together, all the while being told story after story by Aaron. In the end, even though the paint job looks pretty great, the brakes were not properly assembled and I am left with only a semi functional bike. I would strongly recommend that you find another shop to have your bike serviced at if you want the job to be done professionally and in a timely matter. They had my bike for a month and a half longer than I was told they would have it, they broke it, they lied about the whole situation and would not stay in contact with me, and in the end they gave me my bike back in non-operational condition...Terrible —Chaseteodorsonvau

  • Not quite how it happend, but I will say that this was not one of my best moments. This bike was a disaster from the start, and I should have just said no from the beginning, but like they said, they were a return customer that I was willing to try and help them out with rebuilding the bike. Yes, I did replace the original Schwinn fork after the stem snapped off inside of it and could not be removed after chemically treating it and using a welding torch to try and break the corrosion bonds. Yes I did get the replacement from the Bike Church (Only place that had parts for a '70's Schwinn), but no it was not free, I paid them for it along with a classic stem. I also bought new small parts to make everything work along with new cables, housing, chain and covered the bead blasting and powder coat fees (Of which I make no money on in the first place). As for communication, I thought I did pretty well considering during much of it I was out of state and answering their calls from Hawaii. Much of the delay was due to my schedule and me being out of town (Hawaii for my wedding), but also the paint shop for not having a color that suited their needs as is the case when dealing with a non standard color. (Its hard to explain to someone that I am at the mercy of another business's schedule). If I recall correctly, she said something on the lines of "Ooh, I like the color of that wheel. I want it that color, but a little more green." I tried to explain that that was a custom celeste green that is nearly impossible to match. I tried to explain the color to the paint shop, but they had trouble sourcing something to match. At this point, She went to them directly and chose a color. Then one day, they show up with the frame... painted and ready to be assembled. I assembled it with their old parts and they came to pick it up. I paid about $200 out of my own pocket plus time/money wasted tearing down and re-assembling the bike. I will take this moment to stop and apologize, as this is not the norm at the shop. But then again, what other shop would even try and tackle a project such as this. —Aaron.Curtin

Well if I could give Apex a 5 out of 5 stars then I would. I got pulled over by cop for not having a brake on my fixie. I went to a shop that I will leave unnamed and they were going to charge me a ridiculous amount. Thus, went to Apex and Aaron just charged me for the parts and installed it for free. Super chill guy and I will surely go back in the future. Cheers! —Boons.Baythavong

2010-10-07 17:10:43   Do they sell town bikes? —creepergirl

2010-10-07 22:38:47   Yes. I sell 1spd commuter bikes as well as an assortment of Fixies. I can order "city" bikes or hybrids as needed from various companies such as Kona Bikes or Biria Bicycles Prices start at $289 and go up from there. Swing by and I can explain things better. —Aaron.Curtin

2010-10-13 14:18:56   Did a nice job fixing rear wheel after a strange accident and got the email for someone at Kona. Kona has not been responsive, nor has Alex rims. The rear wheel just suddenly bent severely while riding on road downhill. This is a mt bike normally ridden on the road. It took a couple days more than he said, but that wasn't a problem. Price was more than expected, but it is a much better wheel now. Could be a little better about setting price expectation, but not a huge deal. Tuned up the bike as well. Now I wish that Kona or Alex Rims would respond or step forward. The wheel just should never have failed like that. It should not bend by itself without getting hit by a car. —YogaBhoga