The ASUCD Cabinet is the formal advisory body to the ASUCD President. The ASUCD Cabinet is different from the Executive Office of the ASUCD President, although at the President's discretion, a member of the Executive Office may be made a member of the Cabinet.


President Adam Thongsavat's Cabinet

Former Cabinets

President Jack Zwald's Cabinet

President Joseph Chatham's Cabinet

President Ivan Carrillo's Cabinet

President Kareem Salem's Cabinet

President Peter Nguyen's Cabinet

  • Aaron Bloom, ASUCD Vice President
  • Shawn Harding, ASUCD Controller
  • Rosa Cabrera, ASUCD Chief of Staff
  • Lauren Taylor, President's Intern
  • Dorothy Yee, Director of City/County Affairs
  • Matt Malone, Director of ASUCD Academic Affairs Office
  • Nat Wood, Director of ASUCD Campus Affairs Office