The ASUCD Controller is an ASUCD executive officer who serves with the ASUCD President by performing various administrative functions. The officeholder is an ex-officio member of the Senate. The current sitting ASUCD Controller is Derek Neyer.

The official duties of the ASUCD Controller are outlined in the ASUCD Bylaws. Generally, the Controller is responsible for:

  • Collecting information and drafting the ASUCD Budget with the ASUCD Management Team
  • Meeting with ASUCD Unit Directors on a regular basis
  • Tracking the Units' expenses and incomes
  • Reporting to the ASUCD Senate and the ASUCD President on a regular basis
  • Chairing the Unit Relocation and Space Allocation Committee (URSAC) (pronounced uhr-SAK)
  • Co-Chairing the Executive Advisory Council
  • Sitting as an ex-officio member of the ASUCD Senate, Internal Affairs Commission, Business and Finance Commission, Media Board, and Student Services and Fees Administrative Advisory Committee.

Office hours:

My office hours for this quarter vary. Please send me an e-mail at [email protected] and we can find a time to meet!

The position of ASUCD Controller was created in 1970.

Past Controllers


Term Name
2022-2023 Derek Neyer
2021-2022 Isabelle Poop
2020-2021 Alexis Lopez Perez
2019-2020 Kevin Rotenkolber


Meital Machulsky
2017-2018 Jin Zhang
2016-17 Joseph DeAngelo
2015-16 Francisco Lara
2015W Chandler Hill
2014- 15W Rylan Schaeffer
2013-14 Eric Evans
2012-13 Melanie Maemura
2011-12 Don Ho
2010-11 Joey Chen
2009-10 Eli Yani
2008-09 Paul Harms
2007-08 Paul Harms
2006-07 Kai Savaree-Ruess
2005-06 Devin Whitney
2004-05 Cameron Menezes
2003-04 Jon Avidor
2002-03 Michael Lagrama
2001-02 Manuel Carmona
2000-01 Raymond 'Ray' Shiu
1999-2000 Raymond 'Ray' Shiu
1998-99 Tom Palacek
1997-98 Patricia Clark
1996-97 Alex Ledin
1995-96 Shawn Harding
1994-95 John Reedy
1993-94 David 'Dave' Palacek
1992-93 Manisha Patel
1991-92 Kevin DeBorde
1990-91 Jim Day
1989-90 Jeff Bennett
1988-89 Dave Spargo
1987-88 Sarah Donohoe
1986-87 Kevin Reikes
1985-86 Cathy Capriola
1984-85 Paul Bianchi
1983-84 Steve Hammer
1982-83 Sylvia Biagini
1981-82 Jon Harris
1980-81 Bill Pollack
1979-80 Robert 'Bob' Christie
1978-79 Mark Castellucci
1977-78 Roy Hilton March
1976-77 Jeanne Reese
1975-76 Joseph Sullivan
1974-75 Gordon Eiland
1973-74 Neil Barker
1972-73 Rober Barcellos
1971-72 Kevin Bacon
1970-71 John Cupps

Assistant Business Managers

ABMs were student the highest student financial position, appointed by the Executive Committee. Later ABMs, however, worked under the Business Manager rather than the political officers, often in specialized roles such as Personnel or planning.

1959S-60 Allan 'Al' Deutch
1958-59F "Roger Fox"
1957-58 John Hardie

I think this position should be renamed "comptroller." Mainly because the latter looks cooler, but also the latter is more clearly a financial officer. -KrisFricke

  • That's crazy talk!

Note that CEO and COO are practical terms often used, in the corporate world, as additions to titles such as "Chairman of the Board" or "Executive Vice President" to denote actual levels of involvement in strategic decision making and day-to-day operations, respectively.

I agree with Devin, this position should be called Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Sounds good. Constitutional amendment, anyone? Just remember, Paul for Chancellor 2007!

Controller is the CEO? His decisions take precedence over the President's?? I'm not sure he's even the COO vis-a-vis Mark Champagne. If it really says something about that in the Constitution well they're really just throwing titles around then. This comment not to reflect any opinion applicable to any actual or potential cases. -KrisFricke