The ASUCD Recorder is a paid position responsible for recording the open minutes of ASUCD Senate meetings, attendance, changes and edits to legislation, vote tallys, collecting reports from Senators and photo copying papers to various paper for the Student Government Administrative Office(SGAO). The ASUCD Recorder is also present during Budget meetings. They are usually stationed next to the ASUCD Vice President and are the only ones that have a laptop on the table, and the only one at the Senate table who is not a part of Senate discussion. This is because they are not a public officials, but simply a paid person who keeps a meeting running.

Ideally an ASUCD Recorder should be able to type 50+ words a minute, know people's names, have a good sense of hearing, and have some sense of ASUCD terms and phrases. A recorder also needs a laptop and although one should not depend on it, a tape recorder. It is not expected that the Recorder be able to transcribe every single word spoken during the meetings but should be able to cover general ideas and points of a speaker. Open government is dependent in many ways to the ASUCD Recorder.

Contact information for the ASUCD Recorder as well as applications to apply to be one, a may be found in the SGAO on the Third floor of the MU. Recorders do not have office hours in SGAO. Recorders are paid based on their hours in the ASUCD Senate meeting as well as the hours transcribing their notes to SGAO.

The current Recorder as of Fall 2010 is Jasmine Shen.

There were once paid commission recorders for the ASUCD Business and Finance Commission and the ASUCD Internal Affairs Commission who served the same function, though these positions were cut.

Past Recorders

  • Jasmine Shen (Fall 2010-Present)
  • Megan Kern (Spring 2009-September 2010)
  • Michael Huanng (Winter 2008-Spring 2009)
  • Alicia Cho (Fall 2007)
  • BobbyGray (Fall 2006-May 2007)
  • Belem Bueno (Spring 2006)
  • Steve Ostrowski (Spring 2006)
  • Yvette Diaz (Fall 2004?-Winter 2006)

If you're looking for other past recorders, you could ask those in SGAO on the third floor of the MU, but they may not keep those kinds of records.