University of California, Davis ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes Thursday, April 26, 2007 Mee Room, 6:10 p.m.


Vice President Hooper called the meeting back to order at

II. QUORUM ROLL CALL Present: Hooper, Harms, Carrillo, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Lay, Malik, Parnell, Peake, Sundstrom, Turhal, Xie, Markevich, Bianci, Khan, Lee, Weinstein, Cokely, Benci-Woodward Absent: Salem


Fluet haven’t had any.


Authored by Lay

Fluet move into unit director.

Peake object, public wants to announce.


Arooj coming back, one of my colleagues here last Thurs, rally on behalf of food service workers on campus, sympathetic to ASUCD b/c of resolution in support. Rally Tues may 1, not just food service workers but collaboration of anti war and immigration rights as well. May Day international workers solidarity, for all those oppressed. Can see some people here wearing green stickers, will pass around fliers, thanks again… going to be intense but worthwhile of UCD history.

Fluet suspend, move into unit director.


State/National Affairs, Anneka Euser

Euser we’ve been working with lobby corp to get some sessions with people from MB helping with lobby efforts working with media, doing research. Stuff they helped us find has been so helpful in our lobby efforts, we have example of some info they’ve provided. Also working with DCR and DCD to get forum for discussion of variety of topics. Also getting started on organizing forums and voter registration stuff for next year.

Peake including green party?

Euser contacting them, definitely keeping option open for them.

Lee which groups did you plan on working with?

Euser trying to get as many to participate as possible, debates, speakers, working through APC, tried working with Darfur thing for this year, get us involved with your ideas.

Lee encourage.

Fluet suspend orders of the day, move into appointments and confirmations.



Bianci interviewed some great people, excited to work with these five. Well versed, ready to take position in student govt.

Silva 2nd yr from Fremont ca Landes 3d yr from Walnut Creek Cobb from Berkeley Starikov

Xie what got you interested in bf and how did you find out?

Starikov few meetings couple times, liked meetings were run, want to be part of student body govt.

Landes life interest is budget/finance, good step is do this looks interesting.

Cobb not only family, but friends interested in B&F and finance of government.

Silva intense interest in business, best way of open positions to get involved.

Harms is there any specific part of ASUCD or unit that you’d like to spend more time working or focusing on?

Starikov no preference, just want to get involved to learn more for next year.

Landes same.

Cobb learning, want to know more about each unit before deciding particular.

Silva don’t have facts for right now, probably would tackle larger unit because more room for error.

Turhal what are your interests, what are you planning on changing what do you want to work on?

Cobb like to see change, maybe put more info out to students who don’t know so much about B&F or senate in general. Think be helpful.

Silva like to see what programs and what government does…

Landes different groups to know it’s not that hard to get money if they want to help student body.

Starikov more interested in maximizing efficiency, read in paper things not happening right.


Fluet move into presentations.


Aggie Pack Chris, MC for Aggie pack. Scott setting up. Sports marketing for UCD, fifteen or sixteen of us who run aggie pack. Aggie pack and ASUCD good relationship for decades, we’ve been around fifteen and working with ASUCD whole time.

Scott reaches out to students, community, alumni to create better atmosphere and create better name for UCD.

Chris we are huge, over 10K students coming to games each yr, 3K at football games. Reach out to every student pop, check whole campus. Doesn’t matter year or major, this can bring whole university together. Rock concert people like concert, aggie pack even if you don’t like sports can encourage pride by giving out stuff, etc.

Scott rallies, spirit days. Rally at Toomey field biggest for us. New record at homecoming rally, encourage UCD apparel on Fridays. Ohio State, one we look up to, wears red on Fridays.

Chris also do stuff like playing fight song on bells…

Scott worked with city of Davis and Sundstrom to put together worlds largest bicycle parade, students alumni community, shattered world record.

Chris every game encourage groups to come out to table, had SPAC day, ROTC, ASUCD, cancer awareness, more info than just sports to get whole campus involved.

Scott why next year is so big…

Chris good year, good ones before, but next year huge as university b/c students voted to Division I and next year is first year as Div 1. Pivotal we make this success of our university, our job to make sure everything’s in place so we can be as big as we want to be. Starting small and growing bigger, want to get everything set in motion so we can say we did our job as leaders to get this place huge.

Scott next year decides if we become Sac state where no one knows about university and sports programs, or become UCLA everyone knows about it through sports. New money, new…

Chris only three UC’s have football, UCB, UCD, UCLA. Have stadium, students on campus, no reason our athletics dept can’t get there.

Scott everything takes money. Want to open committee between ASUCD and pack about how money is spent and way to grow to max potential. Past two years 10k for trade and 4k for homecoming. We look back, ASUCD and aggie pack have been together as one.

Chris trying to show you where we are… started contacting all other universities, Cal has rally committee that plans events (have mic men they ripped off from us), bonfire rally, ASUC gives their rally committee $30k. We’re not asking that much, just showing what happens at other schools.

Scott 26 intercollegiate sports we promote, Cal doesn’t have that many. Question is why don’t we get more money from athletic dept?

Chris budget is just as complicated and crazy as ASUCD, it’s big. Number one is student athletes, they’re getting aide, equipment, trainers, travel. Moving div 1, ridiculous amt of sports… others big as us don’t have as many sports as us. They have huge budgets too. We’re doing so much more, traveling costs a lot of money, conference schedule especially for football going further out for so many sports.

Scott no longer playing Cal State Bakersfield where stay for cheap, SB costs more.

Chris coach lecturers, get academics going with student athletes. Our coaches are lecturers, many in P.E. programs. PE budget is run by athletic dept, another thing head of athletics gets to worry about.

Scott we fall in marketing dept, work for aggie pack but athletic interns. Try to bring in corporate sponsor, etc. but problem is that money goes back to athletic dept, leaves aggie pack out of loop. We bring in money, but doesn’t always trickle down to us.

Chris fall welcome rally sponsored by Woodstock’s, they sign agreement with athletic give them money, athletic dept puts advertisement at rally. No money got to aggie pack, just pizza for that event. Most of time such sponsors don’t make it to us, just corporate agreements for athletic dept.

Scott all corporate sponsor money goes back to athletic dept, no defined allocation from them, majority incentives through direct trade. If Davis sports shop gives us tube socks, if they dropped their sponsorships like other companies have done, no more tube socks.

Chris over div 1, all athletic dept has received cuts. Things costing more, but not getting more. Used to have black out night, give out black tee shirts, not there anymore. More special give-aways, started disappearing. Did good job of not showing average student, but so many things have been cut.

Scott extra $100 or $500 would increase incentives for aggie pride Friday/prize patrol. Give away ipod, bicycle, misc. allocations (swat guns…)

Chris this awesome, we get these candies b/c they’re new.

Scott many ideas, if we’re able to ask for more time to bring up couple more topics. $1k-5k t-shirts, ASUCD road trips to away games…

Chris playing in tournament in Irvine, there’s a dance…

Scott card stunts…

Chris super cool, we used to do these in past. Jumbotron makes it even cooler. Cal pays dollar per card, we can do for a lot cheaper if we get some money for that students could spell it out.

Scott not only cool, gets that kid at home thinking wow I might want to go to that university. Kid across from student, alumni becomes proud.

Chris easy to do too.

Scott $5k start pre-game festivities (“aggie-gating”).

Chris Mrak afraid of tail-gating for alcohol. Drinking not allowed, doesn’t stop us on picnic day….

Scott very tentative deal, have 110 parking spots cars pull in share tent, get some pre-game food, catch lawn for families to play, vendors, tents with vendors, direct view into score board.

Chris games are going to sell out, cost us more money. Want games to be event, every football game to be picnic day. Community comes together, huge festival every game people having good time, out there 1:00 before game at 7.

Scott to get this for every single home game next season is 10K a game.

Chris we’re not saying ASUCD can do this, just want help. Handing out budget, homecoming aggie-gating event want it every game.

Markevich thanks for coming down, always really prepared and we appreciate it. What’s possibility in terms of manpower and budget to expand to support more of lesser known ICA sports and club teams.

Chris look at incentives in packet, aggie-pack incentives, use to get ppl to go to games that are smaller events. Cut back a lot on this, look at list 11k, count up things not many. In past year gave away 200 b-balls, this year 50… ppl get jaded about coming to these games. Sometimes takes incentives, we got more money could go long way to get these smaller sports support

Markevich hope everyone at this table lives up to commitments they made last few elections.

Benci-Woodward think this great presentation, great job, glad power point and not paper, huge downer and ask there are some huge environmental impacts associated with events like this. Have you considered and how will you mitigate.

Scott aggie-gating planning to make as close to or absolute green zone with no waste, biodegradable.

Chris hope to have ppl table, of course always grounds, work even harder, city enjoys.

Fluet committed to attempting zero waste.

Benci-Woodward consider consulting environmental groups for funding, great example for other large event planners.

Scott keep in mind aggie-gating idea only.

Parnell have you ever talked to athletics about getting more money?

Chris compared to other schools, they focus on students a lot more. Giving us a lot of leftover chunk, looking at budget they’re very constrained. Being generous enough in what they’re giving, give incentives for all ICA other schools this doesn’t happen.

Scott if someone not our boss were to be fired and they’re not there anymore, funding for aggie pack would be cut.

Chris marketing more geared to students that university, we are interns don’t get paid, very cost effective. Get Notre Dame and Georgetown asking how do you get students working free?

Bianci when you receive that number from athletic dept…

Chris if you look at homecoming budget, huge event, you allocate 4k. No way we can run it with that only, spread it out and use it. Homecoming alumni and community event, athletics will spend money on it. Cal spends 10k on bonfire rally alone, that’s our whole budget for homecoming. They’ll give us some money to do bare minimum, we’ve cut down a lot. Used to have week, now just rally and game. Want to work with band-uh, athletics not interested in giving us money for just student stuff.

Scott athletic dept doesn’t get together in budget for us.

Chris their money fluctuates a lot, depends on pay days from games etc, sponsors pull out, things shifting. Aggie pack not big enough to get for sure allocation.

Hooper thanks to all of you for coming in.

Fluet no notes during presentations please, against the bylaws.


Luis Menderson, Bill Sheevler, Liz Holloway

Sheevler thanks for allowing us to speak today and going ahead of lobby corp. Wanted to come, spoke with Kareem few weeks ago, want to address all of you and give update what’s going on and maybe get some feedback from your thoughts about campaigns and org and some moving forward steps/ideas. Working specifically on fee freeze, something got decided in summer, in addition passing two cal grant bills work on financial aide for indirect costs of attendance. Working since Jan had student lobby conf where students came to sac, workshops training, lobbying to push these two bills thru and keep student fees on table with legislators. Monday met with several legislators, about 12k postcards from students, UC regents meeting lobbying against fee increase, met chair budget appropriations said they’re trying to work to lower fees from 7 percent to 2.4… wanted to let you know that’s where we’re at for leg advocacy, working with diversity in admissions campaign, UC diversity study committee working to change admissions policies to increase diversity of under represented communities. We’re keeping pressure up on that, hopefully this summer pushing for quick implementation of that.

Holloway coming up is May week of action, get better idea of tax receipts and where governor is with budget. Three main things: letter writing to chair of budget for education and education policy committee chair in senate, series of call in, events on diff campuses with legislators speaking against fee increase, use week prior to May Revise, then go to all diff hearings and bring students to testify.

Sheevler within org something trying to work on is strategic planning process for ucsa. Never happened before, we have enough resources this yr to allocate funds for strategic planning process... coming to different members of board directors and groups like yourselves to keep feedback from UC’s and stakeholders and hear where our org should go over next five yrs. Also working on consultations firms, wanted to introduce that project we’re working on, trying to shape org, revamping website, trying to expand staff and capacity of org to eventually move to model with enough resources and staff time so someone can be present on every UC campus. Right now staff of five servicing 10 campuses, less than any one student govt. Trying to figure out vision, plan, moving towards that for more resources, feedback, etc.

Holloway finally working this yr to revamp bylaws, working throughout yr to provide clarification. Rally want to wrap it up, ask what you’d like to see so we can continue moving forward as orgs and maybe open our lines of communication again. Any questions or comments on how that relationship can move forward.

Peake UCSA plays role in selection of UC student regent, given UCD has left do you think our campus should have voice in selection of UC regent?

Holloway clarify two elements for process: first two phases by council of student body presidents (UCD still has voice), second round is UCSA board of directors in closed session. Third special committee of regents. ASUCD has role.

Peake during second round we’re shut out, do you believe we should have voice there as well?

Sheevler don’t have opinion one way or another, that’s how the bylaws are… rules they set. Foolish for me to speak for board of directors, bylaws the board set.

Friedman thanks for coming and sharing your improvements, think UCD unique of UC campuses, only one with our own lobby corp?

Holloway no, closest to Sacramento though.

Friedman one of dilemmas we have to face as senate is how we allocate our limited resources among UCSA and lobby corp, def where we’re coming from. How do you foresee yourselves working with our lobby in the future, any advantages to us reestablishing our relationship with you.

Sheevler other campuses have lobby corps, we’re working to help build them up on other campus. Our main goal/objective not to come to talk about money/budget but about our goals and how we can work together. Last yr some tension, we want to come back to say we want to work with UCD undergrad association regardless of membership or budget. Definite advantages to being part of larger association, ucd, uci, ucr, ucsb strong lobby corps, to bring these together for one goal strengthens efforts. Think there is advantage…

Friedman to see that play out, would reps of different lobby corps meet?

Holloway our structure voting board member, leg liaison, come to lobby corp with same advantages of board members… they really organize lobby day we had last Monday.

Flick I believe UCSA gives all schools access to have whiteliner talk to regent? We still have access?

Holloway only four spots selected every regents meeting, nominations open to any UC student. Sometimes 12 want to do it, people try to balance where coming from etc.

Flick media setups prior to may 14, who speaking…

Holloway confirming lot of them, specifics being discussed tomorrrow. Looks like press event may 4 at UCB… invite extended to legislators from SF and Oakland.

Bill another press event happening at UCSB or CSU, Channel Island campus may 8 or may 9.

Holloway working on events at UCLA and UCSD as well.

Weinstein UCSA congress last summer, glad things are good between us now, question about UCSA culture… seemed very chaotic event and taking more goals than could handle. W ant your thoughts about UCSA being student org or org heading in direction being as professional as people we’re lobbying to. Positive staying friendly to students but harder to get things done.

Bill it’s difficult b/c each campus has different thought on how it should go, good point to bring up. I think we have to find medium, trying to work and think we can be successful at having two faces open to students and professional to legislators. In terms of taking on more than we can handle, something we’ve been talking about on board lot lately… I think that’s something we’re really going to be looking at through strategic planning process: funding, planning procedure, capacity, etc. way it works and has been is that group gets elected and decide where they want to take for year, then leave and new group students, give us opportunity where do we want to be and move in that direction.

Luis about congress chaotic, taking steps now to be sure things are run better. Trying to make changes to make more productive meeting.

Hooper appreciate you all coming up here.

Fluet motion ten minute break.

Hooper be back 7:20.


Hooper called the meeting back to order at 7:21 pm.

X. QUORUM ROLL CALL Present: Hooper, Harms, Carrillo, Fluet, Frick, Harris, Lay, Malik, Parnell, Peake, Turhal, Xie, Bianci, Khan, Lee, Weinstein, Cokely, Benci-Woodward Absent: Salem, Friedman, Sundstrom, Markevich


Lobby Corp, Derrick Lennox Appropriate here today since UCSA here tonight. Like to give you little presentation about what we’ve been up to so far, for future, and gauge success for year. Passing out training packet and memo to Kareem about where we’ve come from in past year. In October senate decided part ways with ucsa, ppl wondering where money going to go and if to ext affairs how will be used. Hopefully some of those questions will be answered tonight.

In essence our goal is 2: 1) advocacy unit rep student voice thru you, go to capitol, etc 2) educate, give student opportunity to learn to effectively lobby, go to legislature and say what we want. Another part what we’ve been up to as soon as we fired UCSA is hired consulting forum. Consulting firm can be very useful to org that is growing. Held weekly meetings where Davis students can come in and talk on issues we’re advocating for. Schedule when going to capitol (2-3 days per week). Sent entire state assembly and senate outlining our 2007 advocacy goals, explaining we’re independently advocating. Also sent those packets to regents, met with UCD chancellor and talked about our advocacy efforts and brainstormed with him. Met every member CA state assembly higher education committee, number of other legislators influential in student friendly bills. In terms of issues, 1) CA state budget. Aggie will say it’s great fees being raised 7%, going to disagree with that. Think increase way too much, don’t know if goal is to end fees, but moderate rather than 7% is what we need. Also lobbied on behalf of SB 190, working closely with their office. Hopefully in future relationship with these office will pay off for UCD students. Also lobbied on behalf of AB 152, CA prepaid tuition program. Think we’ve made some big strides in making UCD name in capitol by bringing our lobbying and the resolutions you guys have passed. Making it known UCD students proactive for lobbying for students, and students as well. Authored guest opinions for aggie aiming to clarify and educate student body. Almost every legislative hearing involving two resolutions you passed, UC lobby day, USAA conference in Washington DC.

Participated in press conferences, in process of doing training sessions. Hopefully will come to last one, even if slightly more dry than past two. Karen Hanertty…. On fox super effective at what she does, by using our consulting firm was able to pull her in to come to UCD. Emphasize again, lobby corp’s goal always to advocate on behalf of consensus student issues… that’s why we’ve been able to do this whole list and involve UCD students. Still will be involved with UCSA’s issues, but important we can narrow our scope to students and UCD students. UCSA tackles lot of issues every year, effectiveness is limited by number issues they take on. Encourage you to ask questions.

Lee commend you and your office, doing great things for assoc. Have you been able to recruit new people so your progress continues building?

Lennox lot of lobby corp sells itself, no trouble recruiting new people to be involved. Much is intentional, want to be sure that what we’ve accomplished today isn’t wasted.

Lee is there anything ASUCD can do to further help your office?

Lennox unless you want to get involved, I know we’re all busy, otherwise lot has to do with finances. “You have to spend money to make money” is one saying but in lobby corp we say “we have to get a little money to prevent us all spending money in the future.” Lobby corp has 2 things: personnel, and how much we can spend to accomplish our efforts. Going to capitol free, but national press release expensive. Visibility comes from pocket book. Not saying we need more money, but that’s part of it that you have control of.

Peake amazing professional voice for our association, meeting with city council, some members revising general planning for Davis. Could lobby have voice to them about student issues?

Lennox wants to tackle all parts: local, state, national. This year we’ve been focusing on state, some national, little local. Something we’d like to get more done on.

Powers when I was in capitol said from UCD, many people asked if I was from lobby corp. What kind of reception lobby corp have in sac?

Lennox that’s great you had that experience, probably not atypical. Beginning of year people didn’t know us, but we’ve been so busy in capitol much of that changing. Reached out number of incidences they know we’re going to be in there, testifying, writing letters, etc increasing our credibility day by day. Think in few years we’ll be doing four times as much as we’re doing now.

Harris in comparison to UCSA, are you at capital more often than they are?

Lennox we go two to three days a week, think UCSA had students at lobby conference, met with 35 legislators in past month, sent postcards, appeared at regent meetings. No lobby conference or postcards, but all regents meetings and 30-35 students in past month. We are well known today, but they’ve been around 30 years so there is institutional memory.

Sundstrom this week’s meeting?

Lennox this Wednesday last part of 3 part training series. Wellman 212, research….

Shannon UCSA works primary way lobbying to have large events with many students lobbying all legislators at once. So lobbying 35 senators past month, lobby day and big events. Also have some staff show up to committee meetings, occasionally exec board.

Powers when I was in capitol week ago, one of medical labor union there with many people lined out door. Effective appearance wise, I felt I was able to talk to many legislators about issues that are important rather than just showing that many students can group together one place at one time.

Xie would you be interested in getting together for mutual postcard campaign?

Lennox that would be fine, to be honest all things we’re doing postcards haven’t really come up. Always open to see how we can do more.

Markevich large part of what I got from UCSA present is they’re now saying they’re looking at you. Seems as part of ASUCD body and lobby corp affecting more change from outside UCSA than inside. Would you agree?

Lennox agree 100%, remember sitting with consulting firm having trouble verbalizing what I want to see. Ended up coming out is our biggest strength at end of five years separate is affecting change in UCSA by showing effectiveness, and getting other UC students to follow our lead. Think we’re halfway there, other half is doing more of same. Terms of changing UCSA I hope so, don’t think rejoining will be effective for Davis lobby advocacy, doing well now only looking to do better in the future.

Fluet suspend orders of day, move back into public announcements.


Gray just a reminder, my position is open. Applications close May 2, this is a great job so please apply.

Peake KDVS met their goal, over by $1K.

Xie CalPIRG retreat this weekend, in Davis. Wonder how we get our sweet skills, come to our retreat this weekend. Then lobby day on Monday, talk to me about our schedule… we’ll be talking about grassroots, lobby development.

Harms some senators have met with me, for rest of you I’d like you to set aside some time to talk to me about priorities. Also chairs who get money for their commissions and those asking for more money encouraged to make an appt to talk about that.

Benci-Woodward tomorrow last day of earth week, biodiversity day. Trash 2 cash display by project compost and r4 recycling, may or may not be concert, tour of raptor center (I’ve invited all of you on facebook). Finally, selling tee shirts 10 dollars all proceed to wildlife endangerment society, suggest buying tee shirt.

Carrillo tomorrow Dining for Darfur, even if can’t go still buy ticket and give to friend. I’ll be there, if my company means anything. Danzantes del Alma show Saturday at Freeborn, support that. La Raza cultural days begins on Monday, have flyers. Sorry they’re in Spanish, misplaced the English ones.

Weinstein last fundraising week for 1000 wells week, hosting broken bread meal for aids first Baptist church in Davis. Secular event, speakers talking about HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. Meal that reflects what would be eaten in HIV clinic in Africa.

Xie how has fundraising gone?

Weinstein been very successful, haven’t collected two weeks of sacrifice money, last update raised upwards of 3k on quad and farmers market. Two weeks sacrifice big deal for us…

Sundstrom is week of sacrifice over?

Weinstein we’re always a club, you could do two weeks of sacrifice whenever you want.


Hooper haven’t gotten those from SGAO… get back to that…


Khan, Bianci, Markevich, Cokely, Weinstein, Benci-Woodward, Lee, Harms



Friedman any plans on the retreat, what’s going on with that?

Salem still being formulated, talks are going on to put it together.

Hooper, Friedman, Sundstrom, Frick, Fluet, Xie, Peake, Parnell, Carrillo, Malik, Lay, Harris, Turhal


Powers message from court, past week going over judicial codes… submitting to IAC over next week or two. Probably three weeks of hour half or two hour meetings to make them really efficient. Getting them updated, doing lot of good hard work on that.


Fluet want to commend Sundstrom for emailing me within forty-five minutes of last weeks meeting for B&F interviews. Have interviews Friday… Next week, unit director interviews Wednesday 3:30-4, this is an email me. Email me quickly and you’ll be on it. Spring quarter full of interviews, when you get message or email from me I need responses within twenty four hours. Please be on the ball and interview me. Thank you to Jen, Albert, Molly for doing interviews this week.

Bianci raise this question, two presentations that will look for funding soon or in near future. We all know UCSA came back for money, Aggie Pack especially needs addressing in Spring. Not my jurisdiction as chair to make any decisions, but as B&F probably important we start dialogue. Want to know where we can go from here to discuss our relationship with UCSA, possible we create some associate member title so we have right of input…

Laabs in terms of your relationship, senate passed resolution they don’t rep us, but in terms of their bylaws we’re non-paid members so we can show up. One person can be paid by UCOP, but to send more people costs more money.

Bianci I feel there is interest in visits, not necessarily ASUCD to pay…

Harms not sure if you’re all aware, but facing $10-30K reduction in availability for subsidies.

Bianci want to initiate the dialogue on that, don’t know who feels they represent senate to Aggie Pack, maybe start meeting with them to know if there’s even room for them in budget, get them looking for other sources of funding.

Hooper as budget hearings approach, please do take interest in looking over research B&F has done, I know Dwaimy had interns spend lot of time looking into line items. That weekend isn’t enough for all the discussion that needs to happen.


Peake [read list of U.S. casualties in Iraq].

Harris this weekend, don’t know if anyone in S.F. but Invisible Children thing going on, thousands of people out there with sleeping bags and crackers. Phone calls, lot of human rights stuff going on but that’s a big one.

Friedman if you could explain Paul, about budget being short.

Harms 10-40K, 40 worse-case scenario, bulk is due to law going through federal congress that would cripple Special Transportation Services. Because they receive busses through mostly government funding, companies/orgs like us are able to offer charter service at lower costs than companies so federal government looking into this bill now. Also increases in minimum wage to account for as well as other miscellaneous expenses that are increasing by thousands of dollars we can do nothing about (ex cal aggie camp costing 3K more) also income going down that we can’t help. Budget process always tight and I was hired a little late for controller, any other concerns don’t hesitate to stop by my office hours or any other hours.

Friedman to briefly address Bianci, think we need to take into consideration Aggie Pack’s request and think important to work with exec office. I think every single senator needs to go meet with you guys, sounds like most of us have so we can get everything on table before actual hearings.

Lee want to remind everyone student outreach committee for davis neighbors night out next Tuesday…

Powers 1) special committee elections free speech, stand by for emails setting up meeting date. 2) I go to gym every day 8 am, will be here MWF at 1 though.


Salem if you haven’t, come talk to me about budget. As it is right now, please do talk to me along with Paul. 2-4 MW, and apologize running in and out, sister in law giving birth to my second niece.

Turhal question: I’ll talk to you in private.

Lee can we sing Happy Birthday to Senator Frick?

Fluet motion adjourn.


Vice President Hooper adjourned the meeting at 8:32 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bobby Gray ASUCD Senate Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission

Sarah Cokely GASC Chair

Week April 20th-26th • tabled for GASC at the ASUCD resource fair, far too many people told me details I did not need to hear • aided in the idea of sustainability at the EPPC rock wall • tried to get a flyer through Creative Media for Generation Sex Week • had a long talk with some of the policy lawyers and unfortunately found out that we do need to get the rights to show any movie


Sarah Cokely

ECAC Senate Report Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good evening everyone,

My week has been pretty crazy between my 2 jobs and classes. I just wanted to start of by giving props to Jill and EPPC for doing a great job this week!!!

On Monday I met with my MURALS mentor. That evening we (ECAC) had our meeting where we continued talking about our Outreach plan and ideas about how we will reformat the bylaws defining ECAC. Discussion between ECAC members was furthered throughout the week via email.

On Tuesday I met with Senator Ivan Carrillo regarding our outreach to high schools and a bill that he is writing. I also met with President Kareem Salem, regarding a resolution I want to write and discussed other business with him. I finally wrote ECAC’s budget as well. Later that night I met with Dr. Suad Joseph, director of the Middle East/South Asia Studies program regarding the end of the year event ME/SA is having on May 9th.

Yesterday I had a meeting for work at Wells Fargo.

Today I met with Steven Baissa. We discussed the importance of PEACE TRAINING that will begin Saturday, May 19th. It will hopefully produce strong, open and aware campus student leaders. Applications for this training are coming up and the ECAC chair for next year will be required to go through this training before the school year begins. Steven Baissa stressed the collaboration of ECAC and the CCC, something him and I have been talking about since the beginning of the school year. He wants to somehow have ECAC have its meeting in the CCC every Monday as opposed to the Garrison Room. This has to be further discussed but I think it is a great idea because the CCC and ECAC have similar goals and the means to the goals can be found through resources and people at the CCC. I believe having ECAC’s materials and meetings housed in the CCC would be very effective for the campus and I would like to speak with senators regarding this for next year.

Other than that, tomorrow is the Dining for Darfur Event and I hope to see everyone there!!!

Respectfully submitted,

~Najia Khan

Senate Report 4/26/07

• Met with Paul Harms to discuss ASUCD units in regards to the budget. • Met with the Transfer Student Intern for the Student Recruitment Retention Center, Carolina Padilla, and Senator Friedman to discuss transfer student ideas. • Held office hours at the Cross Cultural Center. • Went to the Israel awareness set up at the MU grass area.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ivan Carrilllo

Weekly Senate Report 4/26/07

• On Monday, I attended the Project Compost meeting. They made us a compost bin for the Senate office. I also attended the AAC and ECAC meetings. • On Tuesday I authored a resolution on renters’ rights during my office hours. I also attended the GASC and EAC meetings. • On Wednesday, I attended the Town Hall Meeting that was hosted by Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). I also played IM Softball. Team AS had their first win.


Michael Lay ASUCD Senator ASUCD Internal Affairs Commission Chair Ex-Officio Report

March 26, 2007

Hello All,

Last week I attended Exec Office meetings on Friday and talked to vendors at the Farmer’s Market regarding the City of Davis Partnership Concert in May. At Monday’s IAC meeting we saw the legislation that I authored and that I hope you will speedily approve. I held office hours at The House on Wednesday and earlier today in the Exec Office.

Next week you will be seeing the admin plan for the Experimental College and possibly some other legislation I’ve been cooking up. Also, I tabled for a bit at the ASUCD Resource Faire and pitched in the ASUCD softball game (which we won! And more of you should come!).

Overall it was a lovely week and I’m looking forward to some great bylaw updates!

Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Weinstein IAC Chair Executive Office Legislative Director

Senate Report: Molly Fluet - GASC and EAC and IAC - Set-up interviews - Meeting with CAPS - Talked with Devon Lee about Mental health issues - Went to Panhellenic meeting for Cal Aggie Camp - Went to the ASUCD resource fair and saw the lovely Pathfinder table - AS IM softball


Molly Fluet