University of California, Davis ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes Thursday, March 8, 2007 ARC Ballroom 6:10 pm, Mee Room 7:30 pm


Frick motioned to call the meeting to order at 6:22 pm.


Present: Holloway, Carnes, Savaree-Ruess, Carillo, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Lay, Malik, Parnell, Peake, Sundstrom, Turhal, Xie, Benci-Woodward, Cokely, Weinstein, Markevich, Khan, Dardik, Lee Absent: [IAC]

Frick motioned to move into farewells.



Frick motioned to suspend the orders of the day and move into Presentations.


Salocks on behalf of Assemblywoman Lois Wolk Here to honor Darnell, wish I was more involved when I was a student here. We need more people like Darnell. Rather than pragmatic (depressing), he has fantastic viewpoints [presented resolution to Holloway]. Also to Genna for excellent efforts on campus, on community, and in association as Vice President [presented resolution to Carnes].

Caliph Assagai here on behalf of Lois Wolk, want to recognize a student and community member who was never elected, exhibited ability to work and represent. Worked for change in the association and community, Human Resources, ACLU, was V.P. of NOW, works between groups, contributed to my campaign and others too. Effort to association and people they represent with little recognition, I present this resolution from Lois Wolk to outgoing External Office Secretary James Schwalb.

Schwalb I was just here to support Kareem, hope this gets me a job. Great quote I learned was “Believe in the power of impact.” Create change and make world better. When you’re getting down on life in general, think about that quote. If you affect two people’s lives you can make the world better. Thank you, never expected this. Please get me a job. Caliph got me this job, thanks, and thanks to everyone here. Remember to believe in the power of impact. I submit, yield.


Carnes, Holloway

Frick motion to move into seating of new officers.


[Tim Cody swore in Kareem Salem, president, and Julie Hooper, vice president]

Frick motion to call twenty minute recess.

Vice President Hooper meeting will reconvene in the Mee Room at 7:31.


Vice President Hooper called the meeting back to order at 6:22 pm.


Present: Hooper, Carrillo, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Lay, Malik, Parnell, Peake, Sundstrom, Turhal, Xie, Markevich, Khan, Cokely, Weinstein (IAC), Lee, Benci-Woodward, Dardik Absent: Salem, Savaree-Ruess


Fluet all legislation has been signed by the president.


SB #58: Authored by Amaha, Introduced by Lay, Referred to B&F and EAC: An ASUCD Senate Bill to allocate $800 from Senate Reserves to the “S.H.A.R.E. with New Orleans Food and Wine Festival.”


Mikilonis my first time in front of totally new senate. Have a great quarter and great year. Toll US dead 3188, as of last week 24. [read names of dead]

Salem thanks for coming out to our inauguration. I’m going to be contacting all of you to discuss goals for the year, will be meeting with everyone regardless of party. Budget hearings in spring 3 to 4 fun-filled days, even 8 hour days. Probably May 20-23, heads up. I come tonight because as president I am required to sit in on interviews for UC Student Regent, this Saturday in Berkeley. Will be sitting in for couple hours, Darnell was scheduling this for me but I actually can’t attend so I can appoint someone. Any senator interested this Saturday and the following let me know.

Harris what time?

Salem I think it’s like half a day. They’ll send you parking permit, package, everything. It’s going to be a good year.

Regan last weekend sweet Mardi Gras event, over $2k for New Orleans relief effort, last Sunday hearing on dept of education for why textbook prices so high. Amy Lopez went to Santa Clarita to testify. Got on TV, really good. Last Friday national call-in day, students everywhere calling Senators about HR 5, working on getting financial aide back that was taken last year. Students called, got a little over forty people to call on the spot and many more said they’d call once they got home. Gearing up for sweet hunger cleanup, working for other things.

Xie what about the Ocean’s event yesterday and the CCC event today?

Reagan don’t know much, campus climate challenge we passed a bill last April which mandates 14% reduction on carbon emissions by 2020… passing bill doesn’t do much until implementation so got bunch of students to handwrite letters encouraging senators to do this. For oceans event working to ensure that plastic, currently swirl of plastic in ocean twice size of Texas, toxins 90x accepted EPA level. Want to make sure plastic now is biodegradable and won’t kill fish, hurt us, destroy ecosystem. Sure the event went great.

Fluet motion to suspend orders of the dat, move into unit director reports.


Jennifer Dang, Book Exchange [read report]

Harms do you hold office hours where someone can come talk to you?

Dang we have an email address, shows all dates for book exchange. Office hours currently over, but if you have a question send me an email.

Friedman what are your thoughts about online payment systems?

Dang been talking about that, but defeats purpose of book exchange because it’s a place where students can come in and look in their leisure. This also makes it more time consuming because we have to create time to meet with students, etc. We ride on fact that this is easy for students because we’re on campus and students can look at the book then and there.

Friedman difficult to undertake, I want to talk to you further.

Peake about World Better Books line?

Dang sometimes students forget to pick books up, so we sometimes donate these to Better World Books which donates them to other country.

Markevich in contact with Textbook Affordability Committee, how have things been progressing with that?

Dang met with her fall quarter, talked about involvement. Supposed to have a meeting pretty soon, but I haven’t heard much about it and I’m just waiting for someone to contact me about it.

Emily Tung, Entertainment Council Congrats and welcome to everyone new. My reports are laid back, I’m laid back, have visuals. Started off with dance party series, deejay called Girl Talk. Singles Awareness Night at Grad with auction of ASUCD Senators and chairs. All proceeds went to Cal Aggie Camp. I haven’t collected the money from everyone, if you are a senator and got auctioned off please email me with your name and the person who auctioned you so I can arrange the coupons and payments. Been extremely busy booking events for Spring. Feel free to look at calendar, shows dates when we’re not sure about booking quad… confirmed artist for May 19 and 31, quad shows down the line. To give these push EC decided to reserve two days first week of school to promote quad events on quad with bounce house etc. Tell your friends. Third dance party installment in Spring with the Grad, if know of any orgs that would like to collaborate us I would be most definitely down for doing that. Let me know ASAP. Lot of you haven’t been hearing about Campus Cinema, getting phone calls from lot of distribution companies. Free early viewings of Disturbania and Knocked Up in Mondavi. Also doing Rocky Horror and screening of Revenge of the Nerds.

Peake will Rocky Horror be dressup and at midnight?

Tung don’t know specifics, but live cast will be dressed

Sundstrom how many people been coming out to dance parties?

Tung how many senators think Dance Party 2 was pretty darn successful event? They had to push back counter twice because over limit (don’t tell fire chief). Wasn’t just bunch of 21 y.o. looking for bar scene, but it was freshman coming out saying what’s this? ASUCD? Coming out and dancing! Honestly, that event was not EC promoting event but it was ASUCD promoting event: ASUCD Cal Aggie, ASUCD Entertainment, ASUCD. Try to pull in ASUCD because we need to promote us as a functioning institution on campus, EC is one of those to really promote you and what you do. I’m always more than willing to help out any senator with any plans, let me know email is [email protected]

Benci-Woodward big huge plans for Earth Week, office hours?

Tung best time to hit me is T and R mornings, in office every day though. Not as much next week because of finals, but you can always email me.

Benci-Woodward we’re trying to get Apocolypto for one of screenings.

Powers heads up about Mondavi partnership.

Tung we have a partnership with Mondavi Center. Old people, wine and cheese go there. Trying to renew image, currently talks on table that I can’t really divulge. Al Gore fell through, now another one. Not sure if I’m ready to tell you guys, just know that I’ve been in contact and Mondavi has been really welcoming with movie screenings. Big ups to Kevin and Darnell for being there and sitting in.

Markevich sounds like great events for next quarter. During last campaign some concerns about EC’s institutional memory. How do you feel about how good it is within EC, how effective the great trend can transfer over?

Tung definitely needs to be addressed. I’m leaving you with an amazing group of volunteers very dedicated. Have plenty of people in mind for who I want taking my position. As far as I’m concerned you have nothing to be concerned about. Was my goal to establish group of students who are very passionate about what they’re doing, so it’s something I have under control. I can elaborate if you need. Last thing: AFI sold out, had volunteers petitioning outside Freeborn. Petitions say we need more big names on campus, papers will be forwarded so far. Want to bring awareness problems with bringing big names to campus, and it’s more than monetary reasons. Hopefully with student support some people will feel differently how things are brought to campus.

Hooper Emily always on third floor.

Tung email me, or we can schedule meeting.

Jeff Straw, Unitrans Largest student run bus system. Carry more people than any other student transportation. Thanks to everyone who helped with fee initiative. Got 24% to vote, only needed 20. Couldn’t do it without grassroots efforts of students, incredible. We’re humbled and grateful. We promise we’ll look into issues. Four new busses being sent in, only 5% of funds from students. $380K busses, clean burning, will be here another 15 yrs. Retiring two diesels that were here when I was here as student in 80’s. Received state grant for one hundred percent grant for two almost zero emissions busses. Finally, we need three reps appointed by senate and exec to sit on City of Davis Unitrans advisory committee. Charged with looking at potential changes on city, prestigious post work with my liaison Mara or exec office. Meeting Monday April 16 from 6-8pm. Public meeting we’d love to have any of you there, uniqueness of student bus system. City of Davis Public Works Office down by L St.

Asia Bencourt-Mcarthy, Campus Center for the Environment Beginning of this qtr updated admin plan. Held interclub meetings once a month, cosponsored screening of inconvenient truth got about 900 ppl, follow up presentation from Mike Roberts trained by Gore. Continue to maintain and update website with ecojobs listing. Working with Creative Media to visually improve our website, new one hopefully by end of March. Also worked with them for some publicity about our website, collected articles for 2007 reorientation guide. Developed some internship positions and found faculty sponsor so we can now have transcript notation and credit for internships. Continued to participate in larger campus movement via Campus Sustainability Committee. Next qtr participating in Picnic Day, working with EPPC for Earth Week. Great week, we’ve covered it all. Working for better link with faculty by networking with John Muir institute, working to train next yrs unit director and program coordinator. Working with Aggie to increase environmental content and have section. Continuing publicity efforts. Publishing reorientation guide in Spring, working to ensure that publication goes through in eco-based manner (recycled paper, soy-based ink).

Xie do you know about Campus Climate Challenge retreat in Berkeley?

Bencourt-Mcarthy I intend to attend, this weekend two full days of events related to campus change from student organization and transportation. Bunch of students from Davis are carpooling, find the group on facebook. Questions about accommodations send message to any admin on group. Students from instate and out of state attending.

Fluet motion suspend orders of the day, move into appointments/confirmations.


Fluet motion to confirm chair of IAC.

Friedman Jill gave excellent interview, been on commission almost two years. Excellent experience, will to guide commission in good direction. Urge speedy confirmation.

Jill Weinstein love the bylaws and love ASUCD.

Harms best known for your work on bylaw consolidation, further plans?

Weinstein next qtr mainly involves cleaning up admin plans. Want to look at Assembly Bill to make sure everything is clean and gone through.

Fluet motion suspend orders of the day and move into ex-officio reports.


[Rivera], Markevich, Cokely, Benci-Woodward, Lee, Dardik, Khan


Lay motion to move into ten minute break.

Turhal object for shorter.

Lay withdraw, motion five minute recess.

Vice President Hooper be back at 8:33 pm.


Vice President Hooper called the meeting back to order at 8:35 pm.


Present: Hooper, Carrillo, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Harris, Lay, Malik, Parnell, Peake, Sundstrom, Turhal, Xie, Markevich, Khan, Cokely, Weinstein (IAC), Lee, Benci-Woodward, Dardik Absent: Salem, Savaree-Ruess


Frick, Harris, Parnell, Fluet, Peake, Carrillo, Sundstrom, Xie, Lay, Malik, Turhal, Friedman

Media Board Representative: Xie

Internet Networking Committee: Lay


Powers should be expecting decision next week of new quarter on last court case. Was wildly entertaining, a good case. Was a lot of fun, if you have interest in law you should come out. Think court is doing great work.


Fluet motion to consider SB #56.

Author’s Comments Wang just went over admin plan with Jennifer Dang… not many updates, just few changes in future plans and addition of chart. Everything else pretty much same.

Public Discussion Lay in future plans, you want to make exchange available year round. How much is that going to cost, and how will revenues be affected.

Wang got from director that because revenues is only small factor in this. She wants to state this is a service, this will make it more convenient for students. Doesn’t have numbers now, just a possibility.

Peake seems strong, her presentation earlier seems strong goals. Necessary for presentation, motion to move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion Malik if you do this year round, where would you work out of?

Wang maybe not always year round, just do this alternate weeks. Maybe move to the room downstairs the bookstore uses, also King II.

Malik ensuring publicity, in her report talked about facebook and unitrans labs. Have any been implemented for Spring quarter.

Wang as far as I know, only A-frames.

Markevich for expanding to year round, not really convinced there is a need for it. I’d think after first couple weeks the demand will drop off, doesn’t seem like very good business practice to me. Think many questions about it, consider whether we really want this in the admin plan.

Friedman my thoughts I don’t know if year-round, maybe to first half of quarter… always people who lag, don’t get book until assigned or particular portion of syllabus discussed. Think expanding time will definitely be useful, now only open first three weeks. Maybe expanding it a little more, never bought a book from exchange so I’m going to try to buy one and observe. Any senator interested should go down there, see how they operate and regarding online paying I just called her today so I wouldn’t want to put anything in here without talking to her but it might be something we want to work on.

Mikilonis about 5% surcharge, that goes into ASUCD general fund so not received as revenue for Exchange. They can’t reinvest that, with regard to extending time if they just eliminated number of hours don’t you want more opportunities to allow people to drop books off and pick up. Find them online wouldn’t cost workers time, could be feasible to do it year round just not full time.

Friedman moving exchange towards electronic would be good.

Wang yearlong doesn’t have to be as it is right now during three weeks, perhaps just inventoried and electronic availability.

Xie content with year-round, something just to work on for improvement. All kinks aren’t out right now. On campus interaction chart, should we put TAC as interacts now or what?

Weinstein during meeting we talked about extent of interaction, seemed unclear. Until we establish that I think it’s fine to keep it out of that chart. We can update admin plans at any time.

Friedman about TAC I’m on it, unfortunately Jennifer hasn’t been able to attend our meetings. Think it’s imperative directors be with this committee.

Sundstrom do you operate during summer quarter, how much service do you do then?

Wang I don’t think they operate at all during summer.

Sundstrom move to call to question.

DO PASS, SB #56, 12-0-0

Fluet motion to consider SB #57

Author’s Comments Weinstein no authors present, but commission was happy. Urge speedy passage.

Public Discussion Markevich l. 120 under to provide, think kind of unclear. Maybe add “printing and mailing of invitations.”

Weinstein I don’t know, might prefer to keep broad.

Peake want to know if talk about making Picnic Day more sustainable and taking on some practices of WEF, for campus interaction chart trying to find all funding could it be incorporated where the money comes from in this chart?

Weinstein as far as money, that’s never been practice for admin plans in the past. Definitely be interested in seeing where funds come from. As far as sustainability, don’t know if anyone talked to director. I believe director gave report recently talked about increasing it, but I’m guessing it’s not something they’ve talked about enough to put it in. I know that they have reduced waste. Probably something better to talk to director about.

Peake I’d like to see that in the admin plan, but maybe talk to director… I’d like to work with Paul Harms, this unit is very unique with such variety of fund sources…

Gina with sustainability they’ve done a lot of work with us for making quad zero waste. Ie post consumer composting, biodegradable utensils, etc. Last year successful think this year will even better, finding better sources for utensils, will expand from quad to include more and more of campus. Also working on providing healthier options. Definitely priority with them and being worked on.

Lay on l. 78 confused, fourteen stricken… Like we’re trying to make this more environmentally friendly, I know every dumpster gets filled up because of Picnic Day. Move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion Dardik as far as where money comes from, it’s been floating around a long time. Kai and I decided to do audit on picnic day, I was business director couple years ago. Parts of budget are really unknown for how much money set aside by administration, as far as being self-sufficient I know the admin is not very happy with that. As business director I had to kick out outside vendors because it’s a university program. If ASUCD would like to make them more self-sufficient or move over to admin funding it would be very complex.

Peake thank you for taking that on, if ASUCD will put name on some unit it really should know every part of its budget.

Dardik if anyone has any questions, send them or email them to me and I’ll forward those to the commissioner doing the audit.

Frick what was second?

Friedman when I talked to Jan Gong I brought up university picking up tab on Picnic Day, she said absolutely not. Heard she was talking to Mark Champagne afterward very concerned we were cutting it. This is very important day for university; think it important we work with university.

Turhal last year had friends from UCSD and UCSB in committees participating and trying to take notes to take back to their campuses. Last year they came and this year they tried to put it on and it was nothing near as good.

Peake I have no desire to cut it, just know all the information. Think this conversation is going elsewhere, think plan is solid and urge you call it to question.

Friedman motion to call to question.

DO PASS, SB #57, 12-0-0

Fluet motion to move into other business.


Parnell motion to consider as urgent SR #17 because the assembly is about to look over it March 27 and want a representative from the UC to speak on it and our next meeting is March 29 so no time to go through legislative process to have someone speak on its behalf.

Do call urgent

Author’s Comments Parnell this is about banning credit card companies from offering gifts to students on campus because students are already very in debt. Students jump for anything free and credit cards bring them further down.

Public Discussion Friedman good resolution, I have a lot of credit cards with nearly $10K debt. I would not be duped by these, I almost did… some card was doing something with the Pita Pit, saw credit card application. Important to look out for freshman, some might do that… I think that this bill is really directed towards populations without a lot of financial literacy, but it’s not the entire population. It does benefit a certain amount.

Xie I totally filled a lot of these out as a freshman with wrong information and got a lot of free stuff.

Friedman maybe we could… that’s pretty shady Dan.

Powers been to many things to talk about this, we have to ask ourselves a few questions to pass this. Is this a consensus issue, does it benefit all UCD students, is it something we want to rubberstamp and what kind of precedent are we making? I support this, but you need to look at this because you are pledging that UCD students support this. Considering this is responsible thing to do.

Peake if you ask average student probably doesn’t know about this, but it does affect general population. Looking at this, read bill and it does benefit vast majority and I think if vast majority understood this they would support it. Also I ready Daily Costs every day, talking about bankruptcy laws changing that make credit cards more powerful.

Powers bear in mind the students are taking this to you, you have the ultimate say in whether it passes.

Khan I work at a bank, we give out credit cards. I am in disagreement with anyone who will try to sell them to students without informing them of what they get into. I also realize many students are misinformed on credit and how to build it. The best time to qualify for credit is when you’re younger, so if we pass this I think someone should put on a financial workshop to inform students on the importance of credit and how to go about getting a card with low interest rate and managing finances correctly. Many students would benefit from this.

Dardik there was a series of financial workshops this quarter, one of them did go on credit. There is also a class on financial responsibility, I agree with you this is very important and would be something good for ASUCD to get in on.

Harris motion to move into senate discussion.

Senate Discussion Frick looking at text of actual bill, maybe you could elaborate on difference between urging one group and mandating the other? Also, I kind of think you have to go through doing something dumb to learn the value of finances… If this eliminates these kind of people is it holding our students in the dark… I don’t know how beneficial this is in the long run because it is part of our society, I know mentioned value of class and that targets proactive students but we have many non-proactive students. If they can’t learn from personal experience and don’t take classes, want author’s details on urges and mandates thing.

Friedman I believe legislature has direct control over trustees of UC system and community college, but regents are independent body so they can only urge. When I saw this and was helping write it I thought what you just said: I’m all for free market and giving companies right to market their product, maybe if we have financial workshops that teach people about credit students can go out proactively… I think this legislation solely looks at offering incentives to get credit cards and it’s a good point… that’s why I support this…

Frick I am going to express my concern that I think we’re overstepping our role by saying we’ll shield students by depriving them of their lesson that they have a right to learn.

Xie exactly what you said, and also if they can’t do it on campus they’ll just stand a block off campus. They were at my bus stop one day. If you really want to get a grassroots effort, CalPIRG might be the way to do it or just get a bounce house. I have no problem with free market, whatever, but I think regulating it on campus just isn’t going to have the affect we think. Our affect on campus has to do with what we do to educate students on campus. Convince me this will have a huge impact on mitigating this problem.

Harris I think everyone agrees that is a good point, but we must also consider this isn’t just a little lesson but it’s credit that will affect our lives the rest of our lives. We’ve all experienced little things and little lessons, but I feel like this is a bigger life-altering thing. Also what kind of information do they provide you with?

Powers most set off an initial low APR that shoots up to an enormous number shortly after. Then students use this and start getting hit with horrible interest they can never pay off.

Harris want to mention I think this is a separate issue but might seem reasonable, maybe something in the future could actually require a dialog for credit card reps to do this within university…

Weinstein I think normally if we were shielding students it would be overstepping, but if on campus there is the idea that companies are endorsed by university and therefore safe. Students aren’t aware of how companies are able to do things on campus. If people want to stay on 3d and A, maybe make them seem more shady if never on campus.

Harris totally in support of this bill.

Lee this is step in right direction, EAC would have passed it I’m sure. I think targeting gifts is step in right direction but not really tackling problem… money for paying for college and therefore desire for cards isn’t really affected that much by free tee shirts or pizza. Also I’d like to know how widespread of a problem this is and if any further plans so credit card companies can’t solicit period on campus.

Parnell the campuses have contracts with certain companies that say who can or cannot come on campus, so I don’t know how you’d go to change that because it is a contractual agreement. About how prevalent, I see a lot in front of the ATM’s trying to get credit cards or bank accounts. They give little random gifts. While someone who wants a credit card will really get one, some people do sign up for this stuff just for the gifts.

Lee think this is a good bill, I personally would recommend you pass this. I think Frick makes a good point, our students should be aware of risks.

Lay I went to AE recently, any store wants to give you a credit card. If we reject free gifts here, if they can’t be fiscally responsible they’ll take that elsewhere. What if they sign up for a credit card because they need one, we’re depriving them of a free gift.

Peake as far as campus things go, there is a ton of people on campus giving free stuff. Sometimes card companies get mixed up with that stuff. Context of university endorsed happenings, huge access to students. Seems like university endorsement when on campus.

Xie only thing I’d vote yes on this for because potential seeming of endorsement, but every time I’ve done it I’ve seen a little slip that sends you elsewhere so you have to go through a long process. Really a little flier isn’t endorsed by campus. Generally speaking don’t think this is a big impact, just possible surmises. Some students don’t think about this at all and just want free subway, when you get free subway you don’t think you’re doing it because it’s endorsed by university. You think oh, I’m getting free subway. Maybe this could lead to other bills, infringing on free market (I don’t mind, but others do).

Lay I’ve been here four years and never been approached by credit card company.

Friedman I think what’s said is valid, clearly we can put so much more into this resolution. We could put our recommendations that we think more should be done, etc. Think we should take a ten minute break to discuss it.

Turhal everything’s been so circular, I hate that. We’re smart people so use your intelligence wisely. I know how it is to be in debt, understand what you’re trying to do with this bill. The only way I’ll vote yes is if you follow this with future bills to get students to be educated about finances. Just promise me there will be additional bills to educate the students on finances.

Friedman in terms of that, our power would only be to say in a resolution what we could recommend. Think we should take a break, also Najia pointed out companies can still come to campus if they don’t provide gifts.

Powers I don’t know how beneficial adding more comments will be, this is a CA state assembly bill so any comments might be great won’t even pertain or may be in subcommittee section, secondly to what Turhal was saying I don’t know that we could follow-up with additional bills because it’s going through CA system and not pertaining specifically to us. Maybe join programs on campus…

Friedman in terms to us being okay to passing a bill like this, I think we should incorporate all the suggestions of the table because I think it’s important for the process of it passing this body. Motion ten minute recess.

Vice President Hooper meet back at 10:12 pm.


Vice President Hooper called the meeting back to order at 10:12 pm.


Present: Hooper, Carrillo, Fluet, Frick, Harris, Lay, Malik, Parnell, Peake, Sundstrom, Turhal, Xie, Khan, Cokely, Weinstein, Benci-Woodward, Dardik Absent: Salem, Friedman, Markevich


Turhal many people have spoken about it, motion to call to question.

Carrillo object—people still on fence.

Turhal withdraw motion. Please remember what we discussed and don’t repeat.

Friedman how many would vote yes right now?

Peake about credit card companies making deal, this would force them to also make these deals public. That pushed me to the yes side: more open government.

Malik I understand this would be disclosed etc, but the people vulnerable now will still be vulnerable even if that’s made available.

Parnell yes it makes it available, and many people say shielding in real world. That sometimes helps us out, and this affects us for your lifetime. Bad credit doesn’t go away, and it’s first and second years who are targeted just trying to gain their independence. Small step, but it’s still a step to help out students here. We’re supposed to help out the student body as much as we can. This may be a small thing, sometimes it’s one small step for mankind…

Harris it seems like your concern is more about what this is going to do. Basically bribery, allowed, but they’re still going to be selling cards on campus. Just not presenting a bribe. That may be an idea of sheltering, but they’re still given opportunity of getting a card and swiping it wherever.

Parnell many people do things for incentives, I may go to events for free food. Or fill something out for free thing. We can’t shield or help everyone, but even one or two people could be small impact. Change isn’t always in a big bang.

Xie as far as sheltering, I have no issues with that. I think what it comes down to is generally people who sign up for free stuff, then use the card, need/wanted the card to begin with. Will many people still get cards without the free stuff, probably. About disclosing exclusive agreements, those are bad. But the people who will notice are those who weren’t going to be duped. I like Mara’s points that we’re saying we don’t like these business practices.

Parnell this is like Chancellor’s budgets, most people who would care are people like us. Sometimes those still need to be done and put out there, if someone is just wondering who the university has an agreement with they could go find it. I’d be someone who would want to know. I feel it helps out people, and not hurting anyone.

Sundstrom I think that Parnell raised a good point, don’t see those obsessed with getting a card being impacted by this. Also it does disclose agreements. It is bribery, your credit score is not a lesson that you just need to learn. It will ruin someone for rest of life, it happened to me and is very personal. It is small bribery, the student body considers itself responsible but stuff happens. I personally think it’s shady to be marketing them on campus at all. Especially with disclosing exclusive arrangements. I will defer to someone with something pertinent.

Turhal it’s 20% is average amount it shoots up to from zero, depending on credit score can go to 35 or 37. Keep in mind that’s over one fourth of your debt in one month.

Powers I spoke with Derek Lennox, and they specifically chose to not take this issue because it’s not a consensus issue. Not something our own external advocacy unit wants to lobby on. If you choose to take this, ask who is going to be lobbying… I hope at least someone will be speaking on behalf of us. Secondly, politicians set and write bills to gain political capital for one reason or another. I don’t know this senator, keep in mind this may seem great for students but the text urges and doesn’t require, regents won’t have to do anything. Those are small points, I’m not for people being screwed. We need to ask what we think we’re going to lobby on, I support this.

Sundstrom it’s a strange bill, even if it’s passed it’s such a bigger issue of just free gifts. We can’t pass this on the contingent of something else happening.

Dardik I was for this, now I’m leaning towards being on the fence. I think of legislature does end up passing this, and studies have looked at student marketing and say this worked. I don’t think it’s our responsibility to look at every student’s credit. If you look at this whole thing, it’s more likely to help students and not going to hurt them.

Turhal look at your five rules and let’s end this.

Dardik don’t overthink this.

Peake will is solve problem? No. Will it work towards helping? Yes.

Rivera we should limit number of resolutions we pass, so don’t just pass this lightly. Each resolution has less weight with each one passed.

Peake why did Lobby Corp decide to not do this…

Powers our Lobby Corp versus others is that ours has made a vow to only do a consensus issue based on: affordability, access, outreach and something else. We have limited resources. It’s not to say this isn’t good, it’s just about allocating our resources to lobby for. People are split 50/50 here so it’s probably not something to lobby for based on consensus.

Peake I really want to call a question, we need to make a decision ourselves. Motion to call to question. Withdraw.

Frick I just want to reiterate that this is a resolution for a resolution, another thing uncomfortable how this was presented to us. Senator Parnell was contacted, clearly he wants us to talk on plus side. It seems that our voice in Codo’s mind is us speaking on behalf of this.

Lay we feel we could write our own resolution urging UCD to stop this and it would be more effective.

Frick I definitely feel like we’re trying to make this work, I don’t think it’s the right thing to do right now.

Peake motion to call to question.

Frick object for roll call vote.

DO NOT PASS, SR #17, 5-7-0 Yes: Carrillo, Friedman, Harris, Parnell, Turhal No: Fluet, Frick, Lay, Malik, Peake, Sundstrom, Xie

Fluet motion to move into public announcements.


Cokely Safe Zone training tomorrow, 5-8 Moss Room with free food.

Carrillo Monday night Griffin Lounge dialog with chancellor on minimum progress.

Xie tomorrow night relay for life benefit concert in Olson 6 at 7:00. Firefighters doing fundraiser on Sunday 8-1. If you’d like to participate in festivities, they’re going to be at my house with boxing involved. Everyone is more than welcome, bring a friend or your dog.

Parnell open interviews for potential vice chancellor tomorrow 1:30 east conference room. Looking for student leaders. Some guy from Pennsylvania maybe.

Powers remember new positions have been posted including controller, chief of staff… changes for how office is set up so take a look. Contact friends, shoot listserves, many opportunities in exec office. Apps close next Thursday, should be contacted beginning of spring.

Gray just to let you know, in addition to turning in a printed copy of your report at the meeting, in order to add your reports to the minutes you should be emailing them to [email protected]

Harris a UC day, invitation was supposed to be extended to everyone so I’ll send that out. I was sad when I thought I wasn’t invited, but everyone is supposed to be.

Reagan forgot to mention next Wednesday is press conference about report saying why textbook prices are so high, some reasons are that companies don’t disclose their prices and always push new editions without changes, lie to professors, etc. Legislation ASUCD has already passed in its support to force these companies to disclose prices, next Wednesday press conference speaking on behalf of this legislation. Chair of Academic Senate will be speaking among others. Want it to be big fun event, we definitely want to lower prices. Next Wednesday, probably 10 a.m. outside bookstore or in steps of Mrak hall. My email is [email protected]

Weinstein Saturday night at 7, gospel choir in freeborn. Come support me, it’s my last one. Email me and I might get you a ticket…

Fluet motion to move into past meeting’s minutes.


Hooper we’ll do that next meeting.


Peake it’s Richard Proctor’s (the Aggie) last meeting.

Friedman I think it’s cool we failed it, it is a touchy issue and I thought we could just go through it but it’s cool and I think we can work on maybe improving another resolution or lobbying for it on our own. Want to make one comment about consensus issues: it’s hard for us as a body to do something that everyone agrees on, there will always be some dissent. We all have our own little ideas, we all want to contribute to our own communities. We want to affect as many students as possible. Retreat: what do you say about going on one?

Lay Spring qtr coming up, is anyone interested in IM football or inner-tube water polo?

Malik congrats on your first meeting (Julie), I think you did a great job.

Powers as some of you may be aware, UC Student Delegation sends students to DC. I was one, amazing time. When we went it was for USSA which put on some amazing programs. About consensus issues, you can have a lot of people which may mean something. But it might not mean effective lobbying: Lobby Corp is one of the most effective lobbying corps in the nation. For us to be the best, we have to use it like a spear to hit one spot and hit it hard. If we’re going to give money and allocate we need to do it in an intelligent fashion. Talk to anyone involved in external units because we’re doing great things.

Hooper I appreciate everyone being really patient with me. I actually placed fifth in California as a junior in high school for parliamentary procedure so I do know what I’m doing, just need to get back into the swing of things. My door will be open, open to any kind of input on how I run the meeting, etc.

Fluet motion move into any other business.


Fluet email wasn’t working this week for me so that’s why you got emails and facebook, thank you Molly for volunteering for bike race. I’ll email you about upcoming city council meeting. Also please go over agendas ahead of time. If you don’t know how to open them, I am a box pro. Give me a call and I’ll show you. We have extra agendas up here for public and tonight we had none. Just remember for future, it’s good to research everything going on. That will speed things up. I’ll be talking to new exec office about reinstating retreat, we’d like you to know each other outside of table so heated arguments etc don’t go beyond table. Also talking to lobby corp about things external, also author’s don’t have to take it as friendly if it’s not about content. Also take care of adopting units. Black Engineers Association has great research opportunities if you’re interested. Send me an email and I’ll send your info to them. Motion for adjournment.


Vice President Hooper adjourned the meeting at 10:52 p.m.


Bobby Gray ASUCD Senate Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission

Names of the Dead, 8 March 2007 Total US Dead: 3188

Mar 02, 2007 Paul M. Latourney, 28, Army Staff Sergeant Luis O. Rodriguez-Contrera, 22, Army Specialist Wesley J. Williams, 23, Army Private Christopher D. Young, 20, Army National Guard Specialist Dustin M. Gould, 28, Marine Staff Sergeant Luke Emch, 21, Navy Hospitalman Morgan C. Tulang, 36, Navy Lieutenant Commander

Mar 03, 2007 Ashly L. Moyer, 21, Army Sergeant Brandon Allen Parr, 25, Army Sergeant Michael C. Peek, 23, Army Sergeant Raul S. Bravo Jr., 21, Marine Lance Corporal

Mar 04, 2007

Darrel D. Kasson, 43, Army National Guard Staff Sergeant

Mar 05, 2007 Blake Harris, 22, Army Specialist Barry Wayne Mayo, 21, Army Private Andrew Perkins, 27, Army Not reported yet Justin Rollins, 22, Army Specialist Ryan D. Russell, 20, Army Specialist Robert Stanley, 27, Army Staff Sergeant Name Not Released Yet Name Not Released Yet Name Not Released Yet

Mar 07, 2007

Shawn Rankinen, 28, Army Specialist Name Not Released Yet Name Not Released Yet

Sarah Cokely GASC Chair

Week of 3/1-3/8 • Went to the Cantina on Saturday for the Calpirg event • Sat on the interview committee for IAC chair • Informally saw Senate bill #55 in meeting on Tuesday and it passed unanimously • Planned for Safe Zone training tomorrow 5-8pm in the Moss room • Planned for Commission development which will be this Friday night after the Safe Zone training, ex-officio members are welcome, contact me for further information • Helped clean up the senate office and move out the bags of clothing


Sarah Cokely



March 8, 2007

• I went to the Academic Affairs Commission on Monday to discuss SR #11. It passed unanimously!

• I went to the Gender and Sexuality Commission on Tuesday.

• I went to the External Affairs Commission on Tuesday.

• I helped write the Senate Resolution in support of AB 262.

• I spoke with Mark Champagne about the “Grants” section of the budget and also spoke with him about having the Book Exchange accept payments online.

• I also spoke with Alex Park about having the Book Exchange accept payments online.

• I attended the Justice Week Committee meeting on Wednesday.

• I helped the Homeless and helped remove all the clothes from the Senate office!

• I held office hours in the Senate Office and office hours on Quad on Thursday with Mike Lay.

• I was in an Aggie Editorial on Tuesday!

o “Although having student support may be beneficial, the senate has no authority over the university or Sodexho — and just one senator, Eric Friedman, questioned the workers, asking for more discussion and better representation from Sodexho before making a decision. With his "no" vote, Friedman proved himself to be a competent student representative who was not swayed by his fellow senators or the emotional nature of the issue.”

Respectfully Submitted,

Eric Friedman ASUCD Senator