ASUCD Senate Meeting Minutes Thursday, November 16, 2006 5:30 pm, Mee Room


Vice President Carnes called the meeting to order at 5:34 p.m.


Present: Holloway, Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Higgins, Molnar, Patel, Rogers, Rosas-Romero, Salem, Sanders, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Setters (EPPC), Shannon (IAC), Cokeley (GASC) Absent: Savaree-Ruess, Farhadmotamed, Lay

Farewell comment from Chief Justice Fricke.


Sanders said all previous legislation has been signed by the president.


Vice President Carnes said no new legislation.


Shannon going to Berkeley to go to UCSA Board Directors meeting to tell them we still want to work with them.

Don’t know if you’ve checked your email, but student at UCLA tasered by UC police in library four times. Students need to stand together on this issue… this student was attempting to leave, then stopped handcuffed and tasered more. I’m not saying to with UCSA, just that we all need to be unified on this.

Holloway said the UCLA students organizing protest against campus police, story available on… there is a policy where police do random checks to ensure only students in the library. This individual didn’t show id so he was tasered (video available on youtube). Dwaimy also emailed this to table. I’m going to contact protest organizer from UCLA to see what we can do on our campus.

Rosas-Romero said I have phone numbers of organizers of protest and email of chancellor.

Harney said to follow up in any highly charged politically sensitive issue many sides to what happened. Urge all to approach this objectively and emotionless as possible; must be second or third side to what happened, hate for anyone to say something in heat of moment that could look poorly upon association.

Mohamed Rohaney said I was here to request for the people here as a community to think about how we can combat police brutality in any situation. Last year many of us involved in something that happened in Davis, there was even a march to police station. Need to come up with more creative ways to make city judicial system hear and recognize our rights. This student was unthreatening yet tasered for 6 minutes. Not something unique to UCSA, something that happens on daily basis around state. I’m challenging individuals and community to combat this.

Schwab said there’s been an incident at Harper Junior High, to a family in Davis two gay men and son at junior high. Their car was firebombed, house egged and toilet papered, son harassed in school constantly because of his fathers. School pulled kid out of school, let things cool down, put back in to be harassed more, pulled back out again. Around fourteen kids harassing him, two suspended and the rest just talked to. Basically the junior high not equipped to deal with this situation, lack training and counselors. Tonight at seven the school board meeting will be discussing this situation specifically. Two years ago two African-American professors and gay man had houses vandalized. Also some churches spray painted with Nazi symbols… all these events swept under rug. They’ll be discussing this tonight, GASC commissioners there, ASUCD members and campus in general. Director of the LGBTRC also. Hopefully we can somehow help, make sure city properly addresses these kind of issues.

Tim Cody (associate chief justice) said on a lighter note I was recently at UCB this morning. Watching their senate interact reaffirmed my faith in ASUCD and this senate because they hold themselves to such low standards of professionalism there. People here from different slates uphold themselves well and I applaud this ASUCD.

Anthony Pinetta said I’m here for the REACH bill, also interesting time to shed light on this. Over summer kicked out of family housing, pursuing issue and it’s in court because I stayed and fighting it. I feel truth will come out, give senate heads up that I’m pursuing this and it’s the UC Regents vs. me. I will pursue as far as I can go, if anyone wants to help with this… the news knows about this and I’m sure they’ll be reporting on it.


Patel said Epsilon Sigma brothers multicultural night November 30 Freeborn Hall, one of best events put on in this school… anyone not mandated to be here should go.

Vice President Carnes said after the Causeway game free Jason Webley concert at ARC ballroom, free for UCD students. He’s amazing.

Sanders said the polls are open, if you haven’t voted do it now.


Sanders said the closed session minutes are circulating among senators. We will go back to those. Motion to approve open session minutes from Nov 9; properly seconded… Patel objected, wanted to see them.

Vice President Carnes said we will circulate them and come back.


Sanders move to confirm director of Pathfinder; properly seconded without objection.

Raven Wilby from Oakland, fourth year.

Holloway said pathfinder needs new director, interviews this week. Raven way above pool of applicants, good interview good experience. She is a current advisor… I urge a speedy confirmation (Ask her what you will, she can handle questions).

Deepak asked where do you want to take pathfinder? Heard something like using SRRC or combining? Where do you want to take it?

Wilby said the first issue is that I have friends don’t even know what it is. First step is getting name out there, using SRRC as a liaison and get our K-12 outreach programs working collectively together.

Zamora said please comment on your relevant experience.

Wilby said I am a peer advising counselor and have to work at early academic program… K-12 outreach every Friday for them, recruiting for Davis and the EOP program. Working for long time tutoring, advising, etc

Farhadmotamed said in past we’ve not heard much, what will your working relationship be with senators etc?

Wilby said our financing is through ASUCD so we will work a lot with them. I’ve never been in this environment, so it will broaden my own horizons. I’m excited to get the ball going and things jumping. It’s a relaxing senior year so I plan to put a lot of effort.



Drake Martinet (KDVS)

Holloway said we’re going to see SB 22 today, in it giving 2100 extra dollars to KDVS… elaborate on this.

Martinet said in the over enrollment bill, 2100 is given to us. We’ve committed to reconnecting to the student body, this will give us the financial means to give things away (ie tee shirts, kdv ass underwear, etc) to offer at discount or give to students. Difficult to compete for student time when we only have a boom box and buttons, we must grab the market that every other station is trying to grab here. Allows students to know about us, and through us know about ASUCD. Once we have financial means to access the students, it is incumbent upon you guys to use us as a mechanism to get words out.


Dardik, Rivera, Markevich, Khan, Feldman (read by Cokely), Lay (read by Setters), Xie (read by Paneagua), Holloway, Carnes,


Sanders motioned for ten minute break. Withdrew. Suspend orders day, move into appointments and confirmations; properly seconded without objection.


Sanders motioned to confirm any commissioners/alternates of ECAC.

Poonan Dayalji and Fazila Malik introduced selves.

Khan said they were both on commission last year, did great job. Urge for speedy confirmation.

Deepak asked where do you want to see ECAC in the future that you can actually achieve? Or not achieve, I don’t know.

Malik said last year did a lot with workshops, we’ve already started one year. A lot of things we’re excited about.

Dayalji said people always try to hold diversity training and it doesn’t succeed, something we need to work on more.

Zamora asked why do you two love ECAC so much?

Malik said I don’t know, ECAC is tight!

Dayalji said it’s really fun, people are cool and do great things, end of day on ECAC you’re satisfied with what you’re doing.


Sanders motioned for ten minute break; properly seconded without objection.

Vice President Carnes said be back at 6:47.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 6:48 pm.


Sanders motioned to move into consideration of old legislation; properly seconded without objection.


Sanders motioned to consider SB #17; properly seconded without objection.

Authors Comments

Rosas-Romero said this bill is to allocate $1600 to the REACH Retreat. This bill goes to subsidize for all participants, was passed unanimously by ECAC, B&F, and GASC.

Commission Recommendation

Khan said everyone was very excited about this. This gets a lot of students, want to make it continue its work. No con-statements.

Dardik said there was a lot of discussion, seems like an event that gives returns to ASUCD. Very beneficial to university and it addresses cross-cultural issues. We whole-heartedly endorse it.

Cokely said we also had a lot of discussion, heard good testimonies, you should realize they are taking on more people so of course costs go up.

Questions in Text

Patel said add a period after each “H” of “R.E.A.C.H”

Public Discussion

Holloway said you can use of the senate reserves up to 50 percent first quarter, 80 by end next quarter. Hypothetically if both bills passed, we will be under that spending limit. I’m going to the REACH retreat this year.

Pinetta said I went last year, it was one of the most moving experiences in my life. They’re working really hard for a new type of programming. The fact that it targets everyone you can possibly think of is something in itself. This needs to happen, so moving for all people attended last year. Please consider that, we’ve been working really hard on all of this.

Patel said I just wanted to say I’ve never been but I’ve definitely talked to participants and they said the experience they gained from this was amazing. Yes double the money, but only because it’s growing and it’s bringing back to ASUCD better leadership. Yes this is for good cause.

Senate Discussion

Rivera said have you already given them $800, and they’re asking for an additional $1600?

Rosas-Romero said yes, ASUCD has already allocated $800.

Rivera said so this year asking they’re asking for $2400, this could be setting a precedent.

Rosas-Romero said hopefully the next senate will give like hundred dollars more, this because so many students. Every year getting bigger and bigger, people who have attended become student leaders. Senators, interns at CCC, this is definitely a great investment. Going to subsidize fees for people, considering housing etc people would pay 400 dollars per person, trying to keep at 35. Had to increase from 30 to 35, faculty from 50 to 80. We are still looking for additional funding, this is just a small percentage of the actual cost.

Amaha said I want to touch on fact that they’re continually looking for funding, this bill was presented early so not urgent. If they find other money, this money will be given back. Also I went to REACH, and if not for that I wouldn’t be where I am now. Great to see they’re expanding that.

Deepak said I want to say I put in my application, hopefully I will be one of those few who actually gets to see this. I definitely think this is necessary, I don’t think they’ll let me in without this. Make it speedy and do it.

Higgins said I’m confused on why it’s increased so much this year. When you said not asked for as much next year, why the massive increase? If anyone can answer that, what’s the difference between now and any other year?

Pinetta location difference with increased travel costs and the site we’re on is gorgeous. A key part to the retreat is to get students out of this environment. Fact we’re going a little further, location is better for programming to make it easier to facilitate, designed a lot better. More pricey, but expands everybody. Not one person is unable to experience this. Fact we’re asking more because we want to bring more. Travel, location, want more people to come. Needs to be for student population.

Rosas-Romero said also the reason for going to senate reserves is that we’ve been looking for a while, you can see what’s been granted so far. I introduced this bill because it was concerning we might have to cancel because funds not there yet. Need money by first week of December, planning since January and it’s just an ongoing process. Hopefully your concern about this happening every year will not be an issue. Because of unexpected prices, and amount of people signed up, (over 200 applications).

Higgins asked how many are going?

Rosas-Romero said one hundred.

Pinetta said 107, only 80 last year.

Farhadmotamed asked when will applicants know if they got in or not?

Rosas-Romero said tomorrow.

Sanders said I’m confused, Holloway we have $11,712 in senate reserves, but we spent 4k for Keak da Sneak, leaving us with $1700?

Holloway said I’m putting money back in with this over enrollment bill, with that money factored in… I don’t think anyone has problem, then if you pass the other bill will still have five hundred at end of quarter.

Zamora said one thing I wanted to ask was last year 80 participants, now 107… if you just want to factor that in it’s an extra cost too. Just put that out there. Everything looks in order to me.

Rivera asked where is it being held?

Pinetta said at the Asilomar Conference Center in Monterey Bay.

Deepak said Rivera stole my question. I think this is a good bill, support from all commissions. Motion to call to question.

Ajlouny objected, Deepak withdrew.

Markevich said if this is a nicer venue and transportation costs are increasing, why is there only five dollar increase in the fee for this. I understand you want to provide the opportunity to as many people as possible, but I don’t think it’s so bad to increase.

Rosas-Romero said even thirty five is too much, understand our privilege and that some people will really struggle this. Don’t want money to be issue, some students given waiver for even this amount.

Deepak said are you still looking for cosponsors to help sponsor this so we can get money back?

Rosas-Romero said yes and any money will be given back.

Pinetta said thirty five dollars means a lot to me, I have two children and the ability to experience this again. Especially for students here with families ie grad students with families, this making it available for them. Personally that is a strain on me but I know it’s for a good cause so I push it out. Please consider that when thinking about increasing costs, that’s a lot of groceries for me and my kids. On the committee we are still putting in proposals for money

Ajlouny motioned to call to question; properly seconded without objection.

DO PASS, SB #17, 11-0-1 Abstain: Farhadmotamed

Sanders move suspend move into other business


Sanders move consider sb 25 urgent, bike barn.

Farhadmotamed can I add director Sims as coauthor. Basically bike barn having problem with theft, want new cameras. No objections

Author’s comments

Farhadmotamed they need nine new cameras

Sims as of right now no security systems, experiencing a lot of theft. Not a lot of space, have to move bikes outside both selling and customers’ Those have been walking off, we’d like to install cameras to watch bikes and keep us from having to lock each one. Also want to put cameras inside to watch the front. Theft not huge problem in past, but starting to add up. Put system in, put screen up front so ppl can see there is surveillance. So we can stop having customers’ bikes stolen.

Commission recommendation

Dardik informal rec. A lot of discussion, concern that cameras may be… when we looked no specifics to technical aspects of security system nor warranties etc. some of our discussion centered around fact that depending on revolution of cameras might not be effective or thefts could be at night when someone not watching cameras, ppl disguise selves or whatever. Also issue of nine cameras, one commissioner suggested starting with less cameras like four or five to see if need additional. Bike barn’s discrimination. Ultimately coming out of their own reserves, so they will be responsible

Public discussion

Deepak two questions. Why urgent seems like could go through formal, as well as line 6 flat screen… mean flat panel make it cost more, or what. As well ski mask idea I think deterrence is main effect of these cameras, just put up three cameras and use “we are watching you” signs. Also when are you selling your bikes next because I’m looking for a bike

Sims we sell bikes all the time.

Farhadmotamed I didn’t mean for it to be urgent, I just didn’t turn it in on time. I did just get inform from B&F… I tried

Deepak I think seven cams unnecessary, I was there yesterday and what they said is two wrenches up front and someone walked away with one. I think some necessity for some camera, but maybe determine flat screen or flat panel. I don’t think monitor so needed as just sign like we’re watching you at gas station

Rivera you said it’s a what?

Sims 15” flat monitor like computer, flat panel

Rivera would you be able to provide us with a break down of materials and labor

Sims breakdown being passed around

Carnes let’s clean up, reduce side conversation. More efficient we are we’ll get through faster

Patel my question is first of all, I don’t know if this constitutes as being urgent. How much is in bike barn reserves right now?

Farhadmotamed I was told it was $11900 so they will be drying those up, but they’ve been saving for this. Robert said no other major expenses for rest of yr, just got new cashier system

Patel how will that account be replenished

Dardik I have number questions… who set up this plan for cameras

Sims Robert general manager got rec for group on campus in charge of doing security system for bookstore

Dardik do you feel 9 cameras appropriate or excessive?

Sims in order to cover everything def required: bikes outside, check out area for tools

Dardik don’t you take id’s before giving tools?

Sims we have a pile of id’s

Dardik do you ever take names of id’s

Sims unfortunately we can’t always match which tool with which id

Dardik just pile of technical stuff here, do you know warranty

Sims going to be screen for outside, dvd recorder, cameras inside mounted in domes and weatherproof cams for outside

Zamora do you know how bike barn reserves work and how they’re replenished?

Dardik I do not, I assume it’s extra money from their budget. One thing I want to say is a lot of concerns about this. I really don’t think it’s that urgent, benefit from going through B&F formally.

Rogers my comment along lines of bike barns reserve. I understand why it may seem okay to give it to them because it’s in their reserves, but there’s a reason they have to come to us first. I don’t feel confident because we don’t even know how much is in there nor did b and f get a read process. I’d rather it go through the break down than come to us without us knowing about other options or efficiency

Farhadmotamed I do understand your concern, tried to take to B&F. From my understanding the money is just going to sit there because they want these cameras and nothing else; they’ve been saving. I trust Robert and Mark Champagne’s judgment.

Rogers still reason they have to come to us, I’d rather formal process

Amaha unit director is adult, talking to champagne for a long time. They have to come to us, but he is an adult knows how to run this business. We wouldn’t question Champagne’s judgment, why would we question his? Do we have authority to question?

Rogers I’m an adult too, why do you think it comes to us before we can get the funds?

Amaha just the way system set up here, I realize urgent not good but we have holiday coming up and they want to get this fixed

Mikalonis want to make sure everything is planned out and clear and don’t want to just throw this money. It’s been sitting there and it will still be there in two weeks. Maybe get good thought out bill put through B&F so questions not left

Salem general consensus is that we need more organization, haven’t even seen printout, main thing I like to do before making purchase is –you said it would be efficient 7 out and 2 inside- but we don’t really know where these are going. I don’t know if you can answer now, or going to take Deepak’s suggestion. A sign would deter pretty well

Holloway can someone elaborate on how reserves are replenished?

Salem do you know how reserves are replenished? Where cameras going?

Sims has been determined, one on corner front of shop catch lawn, one farther down for other lawn. Bikes for sale on lawn front. Essentially two cameras catching front and side. Two in front, two registers , separate room for tool checkout, in back we’ll have two for general shop area where parts sold etc, one in parts storage room, upstairs section where more parts will be

Salem did you mention one back where repairs going on? I know a lot of theft from employees etc

Sims cam back of shop by employee entrance. Also updating alarm so we can track specific employees

Salem mostly torn if we should go through proper route instead of considering this urgent

Sanders first thing magical reserves, VP and I at consensus is we give subsidy to units and if they’re profit is better than we budgeted they put that in reserves. Anything we didn’t expect them to make. So we’re taking from reserves of bike barn to use for bike barn, by career staff … we’re all adults but they are professional. Same as unitrans asking for Orion 5 instead of Orion 7, nobody would know but we would probably pass it. They’ve obviously talked through it… this is very bureaucratic process, from bike barn and have business managers looking at this.

Ajlouny I have suggestion a lot of people complaining about nine cameras two much. How about you get five cams and four fake ones, with the sign. Also Naomi brought up if we wait until after thanksgiving, could bring about more theft

Dardik even if we do pass it, I don’t think cams will be up by thanksgiving

Ajlouny when will they be put up… that’s just my suggestion, fake cameras

Deepak fake cameras could be a form of deterrent. Other major concern is how money is being appropriated. Last night on amazon looking at monitors saw these monitors for 350. basically I’m sure there’s some reason through admin

Holloway firstly, when you’re talking about this you should stay away from alternative suggestions this is estimate made by company he cant give you estimates etc. maybe send him for new estimate than little suggestions. About reserves that is how they work, but consider when unit doesn’t make profit they take out of those reserves. If they eat out those reserves, could be bad for them in future.

Deepak one of my main concerns

Salem do you think we should motion to senate discussion

Deepak motion senate discuss

Senate Discussion

Rivera big proponent of security, worked at Mervyns and see cameras. Two outside seven inside not that much, fake cameras will not deter employee theft. These will also increase worker safety and work ethic. Long term investment, maybe look into extended warranty but I trust champagne and director of bike barn. Security company’s analysis of particular building, their opinion they’re in business of making profit but also of creating security

Patel I guess the issue I have I go to champagne for everything and didn’t have chance to. In past he’s given advice against bill, try to avoid using his name. other problem if we can bump this down a little to be safe from future money losses. Maybe tool situation can also be cleaned up. I like the idea of security, but so little in reserves concerns me… I haven’t talked to Kai or Champagne yet. A lot of money, even if we can lower one camera. I was for it when I talked to Natalia, but issue to me when reserves so small

Salem looking at invoice, if at some point clarification why installation is 3700 when materials 7k.. are they installing or independent person? Obviously I never buy cameras so don’t know average cost, but seems high for 7 cameras for me

Patel usually labor costs way higher, probably legit amount

Sanders a lot of people have questions, maybe beneficial ask questions during a break then discuss…

Patel get your stuff clarified during the break, motion ten minute break

Carnes be back 7:55, please be on time!


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 7:55 pm


Present: Holloway, Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Farhadmotamed, Higgins, Molnar, Patel, Rogers, Rosas-Romero, Salem, Sanders, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Setters (EPPC), Shannon (IAC), Cokeley (GASC) Absent: Savaree-Ruess, Lay


Patel how long did it take to build up their current reserves? How much are their profits from year to year?

Sims I can’t tell you how many years it took to build that up, I think this year we’re going to exceed breaking even a lot. Having many additional freshman has put us at this point fifteen percent above, I think we will be able to easily build up those reserves.

Patel I talked to Mike and he seems to think nine cameras is adequate.

Higgins seems to me that this is well thought out, I’m guessing they looked into this, I know they have for a long time. I talked to general manager of bike barn and he mentioned this as a project he was thinking of since beginning of year. Seems well thought out, I’m all for it, I’d like ot hear how people feel about it being urgent. On other hand good use of money, using their reserves. I don’t want to hurt their business, if it’s going to prevent theft they’ll make moremoney for asucd

Rivera I agree it should have been brought up non-urgent, but don’t think you should take the informal recc lightly, it was unanimous. Amaha said they talked about it half an hour, I know in iac inform recc is pretty much like a formal one. Other commissions take informals seriously

Salem concerned me during break is going through process regularly, get idea b and f would like to see final proposals etc, like blank check of 11k. not against buying cameras, just concerned

Higgins both brought up good points, business and finance did talk about and go over amount to recognize good allocation. For that reason I would say it would almost waste their time to give it back to them, but on other hand maybe they’d like a more in depth look. I would ask Irina to get on speakers list to talk about commission’s feeling to see this again. I feel like they’ve seen it and I would pass it

Khan just a rec to unit director, besides from cameras I think barn should have some other system for deterring theft like keeping list of tools, etc. I know cams important, but seems like a lot of other things need taken care of

Amaha clarify adult, I just meant experienced professional. I understand we are all adult who pay our bills, but he does this for a job and has more experience

Farhadmotamed look at line 29 that says any unused money will be returned to reserves. And as brad says they are already making a profit. Also thing I passed out is not highlights, Brad’s version is highlighted showing which camera specifically based on recs from coffee house and book store with same company they used researched other venues on campus. Think of bike barn’s needs, sorry not formal though B&F that was my mistake, please think of bike barn’s needs first and not system surrounding it

Zamora I had quick question was actual costs and numbers in regard to amount of theft actually run to find out how much money’s worth of stuff stolen

Sims I don’t have exact number, a lot of things don’t have exact value. Also we have repair bikes that belong to customers, we have hard time assigning exact value.

Rivera I think that this is also an issue of bike barn’s credibility. As a customer if my bike under repairs is stolen, I will never return. If we want them to have good future, we need these cameras.

Rogers I want to comment on how everyone’s putting words in others’ mouth. I would appreciate if people around table not bring up others’ arguments like they’re credible in own voice. My thing is I don’t think this is urgent, appreciate if it sent to B&F before I decide on it. If it goes on as is I would vote no. As far as enforcement you brought up all student id’s and not go through list of getting them back

Sims part of it we just take cards during freshman move in week we have hundreds of people same day and limited staff. People check out tools and return without getting id’s, people go back and forth. Hard to know if tool stolen, what stolen, if forgot id. We do need better computing system, work with creative media going slowly

Rogers what will be spent on that system

Sims we already have computer system with card reader no need for additional supplies, it’s just about getting the software

Ajlouny if this were to pass, when will cameras be set up?

Rogers when will camera be set up? Point of Christine, I would like to see this go through the normal system. I understand we’re already doing things enforcing on bike barn, not an issue of trust it still needs to come to us before we can okay. If they were to go into red, they only have seven hundred dollars left, that would come on us. Says a lot about what that unit is there for, even if self-sufficient still belongs to us and needs checks and balances

Rivera one can argue we’re taking a risk, but we are also taking a risk by not because barn can lose money.

Salem I’d definitely like to hear from Dardik. Concerned on organization of this, like a blank check for 11k

Markevich I spoke with bike barn rep, I have confidence they’ve done everything possible to make this as cost effective as possible. I don’t think there’s reason to believe they’re going to go into red with amount of freshmen and track record over the years. I don’t know exact numbers, but still. This important not only as deterrent, but also as enforcement. WE need to send message not okay for students to go in and take stuff. Finally current system in bookstore put in by same company gave this estimate has been effective in enforcement and deterrent.

Lennox when you talk about deterrent, good question is why aren’t the bikes locked? When I go downtown at bike shops they put bikes outside locked with single cable. And two how do surveillance cameras prevent theft in course of a regular day.

Sims we do lock bikes we are able to, but repair bikes get moved through really quickly in like fifteen minutes sometimes. With cable looking at half hour to forty minutes for each bike considering we might be repairing some eighty bikes.

Markevich if bike barn unable to replenish reserves, issue for budget hearings in spring to be addressed then. At this point this is the money that’s been planned for the system, right thing to do.

Deepak I understand plenty of unknowns, but I’d like to address some key points. Fifteen percent higher than last year’s sales, looking at plans looking at nine models, next we’d go down to six. My opinion is champagne and manager looking at this, if B&F looked at this they would only be able to knock down to six. I would hope the managers would look into these issues. Initially I was hesitant because of urgency, but they probably want this before Christmas. If we don’t pass this for two weeks, could rush labor or prevent it from getting done quickly. Most probable we’d have less time to set system up. I’m looking at fifteen percent over sales, and other possible scenarios: can’t always use competitive prices because manager looked in, other possibility 6 instead of 9 cameras. Also monitor included in package, can’t help that. Coming up hesitantly, I remember in budget last year they discussed using this reserve for cameras. Assuming all these things true, I really think we should just okay it. I feel b and f gave informal, and their other solutions I don’t know how much leverage they could have.

Ajlouny could you ask who would set this up?

Zamora you’re saying you feel comfortable basing this on hearsay about what manager thinks

Deepak I’m taking into accord unit director can speak on this and manager spoke on this last year

Sims we don’t have specific date when it will be put up

Deepak wait longer is less time

Salem one whether we should get cameras I think majority says yes. Two do we agree on how it’s being presented tonight without concrete proposal. I’m cool with getting cameras, but I do have problem with bill just asking 11k

Deepak I take that back he does have a layout. Also about sign in sheet I saw people just taking them without giving id

Sanders this has to go to purchasing committee too, so another watch dog effect. This will have to be legit. I’m tired of going around in circles, I feel like everything needs to be said and we have 2/3 capacity

Patel unfortunate not gone through in appropriate manner, but fact is theft is an issue and it’s decreasing our profit. Irritating appropriate channels, but learning experience. Bike barn needs this

Sanders everyone knows I hate urgent legislation asking for money, but it was informally recommended and if you’re going to give recommendation informal or formal I’m going with what you passed

Dardik I’m not going to have chance to speak before call, but informal recommendation is not formal. This did not go through the process that B&F goes through because I told commissioners this was very informal made for concept with knowledge that it was going to senate either way. I feel putting words into B&F, all due respect but how many meetings have you gone to? I was very uncomfortable with several aspects of this bill, but giving all discussion this could go through B&F but I feel people here have made up mind. As far as bike barn going into red, you never know and unexpected things can happen. It looks good, but accidents do happen. If they do need more money, might not go through budget but come to B&F asking for patch on roof or something. I’m comfortable with you voting on it, but concerned about precedent taking non-urgent legislation as urgent

Sanders all due respect, but when I see informal recommendation I still weight that as being looked over as formal. Call to question

Rogers object to passing- can we rewind one step? My objection is this money could be far better spent, based on what I’ve heard they could do a lot more for security rather than spending 11k and risking their entire reserves and having nothing to fall back on in case something happens. I’d also like to see it go back to B&F.

DO PASS 9-3-0

Sanders call up urgent ASUCD bill 26, to allocate 300 for t-shirts for world aids day

Rogers object want to see 22, people been waiting past 3 hrs

Carnes I’m sorry, I forgot to get reason for calling up urgent

Patel World Aids day is December 1, people been here since beginning also. Next senate meeting from today is day before the event. Needs to happen, forming of world aids day recent movement


Author’s Comments

Cokely (designee) three sheets passed around with t-shirt layout and allocation funds. This is to allocate 300 to help fund shirts for world aids day, something we’ve never done before despite great events on other UC campuses. HEP working on this, unfortunately because they are interns they have little time to plan that’s why this is urgent. GASC has allocated one hundred, money coming from other places. Shouldn’t happen in future because we will have HEP budget in future. Start something on this campus.

Patel reason why pressing because of history of aids and misconceptions surrounding it. Unfortunate UCD with its resources not made big impact on that day. HEP helping to fund other things around event, we really think these t-shirts will help by creating unity on UC Davis and educating people in proper way and making pt on world aids day. In past yrs gone…this was huge on my high school campus and to see here it just passes by is disheartening. I apologize for urgency, but it’s right around the corner. Other people did say they would help, so we are only asking 300.

Public discussion

Arielle Fleisher putting on this event, our campus never really done anything for this event. Inspired by UCLA. Originally getting shirts from UCLA free of charge, but now doing different thing, found out wont work Friday, talked to Robert Tuesday here we are today. UCLA hands these out for march and helps so much

Sanders bill about t-shirts, what I need to ask is why $300 worth of t-shirts important for world aids day.

Fleisher UCLA staff wears t-shirts, at march Friday you should all go to. This advertises for events and educates at same time. Cool at march when everyone looks same, unified all there for common goal. Also shirts worn throughout year, fighting and caring about aids throughout year. Who gets it, me and partner, interns, GASC, senators, thirty us and GASC and forty to give out at march to create unified effect.

Deepak wondering if anyone can give me the number of shirts getting for this… thanks for enthusiasm. Wondering if we could all get a shirt, that would be super sweet. Move into senate.

Senate discussion

Dardik as far as I know if we don’t pass SB 22 we won’t have the money in reserves to pass this.

Farhadmotamed good point, I have couple other questions. Says in here aids day has been quiet due to lack of unity among orgs. Are you seeking to unite these orgs? Can you get money from Cowell in any way? is aidsday one word? White on red or black on red?

Fleisher had reps from GASC, pre-med frat, HEP, experimental college, SASV, Yolo county health dept. Sent email to CCC, LGBTRC, we want everyone on board. Other meeting tomorrow at 2:30. Want to incorporate lot of people. Aids day looks really good when it’s in color. Shirts will be red, black white combination. Looks like one word, we can put more space between that.

Patel I also talked to Robert about this, specific about December first so they can be used in future. Affect shirts have is great, I still wear high school shirts with statistics about aids and people come up and say “wow!” using shirts without the year, hopefully UCD can continue march in future, this will help with solidifying movement.

Salem can we pass this without 22?

Holloway passing this would put reserves in bill, but we have money coming back with 22. Nothing official until I sign it anyway, you better pass 22. You should have seen 22 first, but whatever.

Markevich I’d rather not assume stuff, not pass this until we pass 22. This means he wouldn’t sign this if 22 didn’t pass, etc.

Salem I know it’s iffy, what is process if we table this for a second. Motion table 26. Sanders object… people here to talk about it, I think we’ll have at least 164 dollars after 22. If this cant be done after 22, the money won’t disburse.

Do not table 4-8-0

Salem I want to pass this right now, just not into throwing us into red for half an hour

Zamora where’s rest of money coming from when we only sponsor for half the price? How much time taken to research this quote? Not that it’s bad, but I found better prices at a shop in Sacramento. I don’t know about difference in quality, I don’t know if there’s something playing into this

Patel the more shirts you buy, the cheaper. We did spend an hour or more looking for best price, but if you bring that info any money we don’t spend will come back to reserves

Zamora doesn’t affect status of this bill, but if you want to get stuff I can show you another shop that doesn’t even have website. I’ve used them four times to buy 100 shirts… save you money or get you more shirts.

Patel obviously everyone seems a little for this bill, but from vote that happened if that’s the reason this wouldn’t pass I’d rather table this. I’d like to hear from people who wanted to table to see where they stand

Zamora I agree

Sanders if we could try to keep conversation down, it’s difficult and people whispering but seems like there’s two discussions about bill at same time. I don’t want to bang gavel, I don’t like banging the gavel. I was disappointed with shirt sizes no double XL, big people agree with fighting aids too. If you can’t get them, I’ll go to ARC and work off weight so I can wear the tight shirt. We will be in red for half an hour, u.s. government has been in red since Andrew Jackson.

Fleisher I really want to push tomorrow’s meeting at 2:30 in Cowell annex, march Friday December 1, get people excited about this

Sanders I will work that weight off

Ajlouny only reason I voted yes was going into red, but I’m for the bill

Sanders call to question

DO PASS 12-0-0

Sanders motion suspend orders day, move into new student court cases/prior week verdicts… Rogers object: we have people waiting for sb 22

HEAR COURT CASES 6-6-0, Carnes: yes


Fricke published new judicial directive, our set of codes we can change. Codifies vice chief position. Went down to Berkeley, thought that was cool. They actually have brass placards, you should think about that. Impeachment of chief justice to 5:48 am, very interesting.

Sanders move five minute break. Patel object, sanders withdraw.

Suspend orders day move into consideration of legislation


Sanders move to consider sb 22

Carnes please this will go faster if senate table and audience will stay quiet

Author’s comments

Holloway this is over enrollment money, had big chunk for agtv but director couldn’t justify that amount of money so redistributed. When we got over enrollment Kai sent email to every unit director, several said had areas needed addressed. Also got input from you senators. After money spent on these bills, with this we will have approx 500 left for this quarter. Campus Center for environment has been on shoestring budget will help them, 500 goes directly to student pockets, ASUCD vice president wants to do some programming. Compost gives out bins, they’ve run out already. Director buying out of own pocket, says can do one hundred more by end of year. Grants club finance council has passed out a lot, this will allow additional event. Cal aggie camp spending a lot vs. what we budgeted them, need to give them more either way. Give their t shirts back. Tipsy taxi allow institutionalized independent ride along from cal aggie host so that we can create a fixed route. Telephone equipment couple years back gave them call cue system, they only have one line put in cue for some forty five minutes… want to give them up to five phone lines so business style so they can dispatch calls five at a time… hopefully decrease in subsidy by filling vans up. Lastly larger cushion for this quarter. Add coauthor Patel.

Commission Recommendation

Dardik had a lot of problems with AGTV, revised. Had no counter arguments, urge speedy passing.

Public Discussion

Sanders for independent ride along, that money is not guaranteed right now, we will need another bill for that, right? We have to see another bill to approve the ride alongs, or does this just give consent?

Holloway this goes into their budget, so the unit director will have the authority to pay for the hosts.

Sanders I have no problems with this

Markevich I think if this bill didn’t go through, the last bill wouldn’t be signed. Don’t let our decision on that bill affect this, make sure everything is right. With that I think it’s a good appropriation

Higgins what was programming for CCE?

Asia director for CCE, focusing on number of programs for this year. Program director looking into creating basket of goods to teach freshman about buying recycled tp, biodegrade soap, etc. Planning large earth week celebration with speakers, campus clubs, etc ending in a ball/gala dance thing. Students for sustainable agriculture looking at iron chef competition in CoHo. Looking at doing programs with experimental college and others to increase library for good resource base for classes etc.

Higgins you did fine, answered question. Ask call aggie camp, why is money going up so much. Didn’t we deal with this, open up old questions?

Deepak did you get a copy of break out sheet, I think that addresses it

Holloway on cal aggie camp, communications were bad b/w that unit director and senate in budget process. Cuts made were done without having actual idea of what money was being spent on. Description for that line item numbers all wrong because not updated. What you see in front of you is what they actually spent, versus what they were budgeted. Services rendered is just for staff, and they’re underpaid as it is. That’s where we are with cal aggie camp

Deepak I think camp investment is investing into our future. Youth will be controlling us and paying social security in future. Motion senate discussion

Sanders object, member public

Deepak withdraw, urge you to be fast j/k. All good investments, what happens in independent contractors fell through, where would that money go?

Mikalonis we have money allocated for telephone equipment, do we have staff?

Sanders system now is like one phone, one person scheduling whole ride etc. This makes it so that one person can schedule for all five. Usually more than one scheduler anyway.

Patel I met with Austin, realized kind of conversation with budget hearing is that cal aggie disconnect and how do they serve students. Having difficult recruiting students, at YMCA I got paid 450 per week, these guys will only get paid 400 if this bill is passed. That money going back to UC students, this is suffering and it’s our one philanthropic unit. This is best way to put back into camp, services rendered is paying undergrads more. Move senate discuss

Senate discussion

Farhadmotamed this bill addresses our clubs, environment, increases jobs. Question for Darnell, what does campus safety director have in mind?

Carnes right now she has no money at all. Has safety coalition planned (Friday before finals), bringing safety orgs on campus to work on where collaboration missing. For events safety walk (no money), but going to give self-defense class for free. Just where she’s starting, not for door hangers or anything like that. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

Sanders I want to address Ravi’s concern with ride along. When I heard aggie host on tipsy taxi, some drivers got concerned about them in car… worried about more fights on bus. Whether or not aggie host (who also gets paid more than drivers to be on bus), could do independent contract to riders we already have like unitrans riding with no wage, I think ride alongs good idea. This money will be spent wisely, as much saved as possible

Holloway that’s why I specified it won’t go specifically to cal aggie host, because of those concerns.

Sanders just there to start the system

Rivera is 333 dollars just to buy phones, or also for implementing system

Sanders the cost to implement is equipment, man hours there, obviously some money to install. System working, just need equipment. Call to question

Higgins object: I think more to talk about, I have issues. Only three people on list since moved to senate discussion.

Sanders withdraw, I kinda agree. Hecka due for break, people are getting restless. Move five minute break.

Carnes says be back 9:25.


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 9:25,


Present: Holloway, Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak Farhadmotamed, Higgins, Molnar, Patel, Rogers, Rosas-Romero, Salem, Sanders, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Setters (EPPC), Shannon (IAC), Cokeley (GASC) Absent: Savaree-Ruess


Sanders I think there are enough votes to pass this right now but ppl have issues. If you are in favor for this, just respect that we have little time, say nothing and vote yes

Deepak I’m in total support of this, basically I really want to call this but I don’t see Spencer. I wont call it on him because he’s not here, but can someone get him.

Holloway I can talk until Spencer gets back upstairs. Honestly, that’s his bad for not being here.

Amaha I went to both commissions, just want you to all know I’ve done my research… more than three senators have researched on this

Higgins I was saying during senate discussion only three had talked, didn’t feel like it was ready without dissent opinion. After talking about this informally, cal aggie camp I think it’s a student philanthropy it should be up to students to increase its budget ie fee referendum, but I understand fixing the gab of budget vs spend. Increase of budget is my problem, even if they deserve money it should be up to students to give more money to the camp since they created it. I don’t think it’s ok to keep giving to something that was a student philanthropy project. On other hand if we are to give them more money I like idea of giving it to services rendered because it pays people to actually run the camp. I just think this is premature to put it in here, almost assuming fee initiative wont pass. In winter if initiative passes, they will have enough money and this will not have been necessary. With that in mind, it’s premature, if initiative didn’t pass then something like this might have been brought it.

Deepak wouldn’t referendum not work for this camp, but the next year

Higgins that changes my thought on it. I’m going to try to make an amendment to overall services rendered to 147 dollars, difference in amt needed and amt budgeted right now and put difference into senate reserve. Patel object, cal aggie camp needs this and going back to students.


Higgins I knew that would fail, wanted to make my point it was more up to students. I guess if this is just for this year, I’d like to call to question.

DO PASS 12-0-0

Sanders move suspend orders day, move into any other business…


Carnes did you all get proposed budget for office ext affairs?

Sanders motion to consider proposed budget for office ext affairs 2006-2007

Carnes we’re in gray area of their budget because we don’t have to consider it, he wanted formality…

Lennox Daniel, I, Michelle, Matt, Jarvis worked very heavily on this. It’s how we’d like to spend the money you gave to us a couple weeks ago from UCSA. Ask me questions, but I don’t want to take up too much time. Big thing we want to do is take out lobby efforts from UCSA is having them work for us. Hire official lobby research company… they’re willing to do quite a lot for us, company I’ve chosen is called MB. They want to take their company that works for 30k for a month and give to us for a year and work for 15k. we see this as a way to step up and above ucsa. Right now we’re in limbo as where ext affairs is going to go. My job I feel is making sure we go in the right direction, we feel mb is the right way. First job is research: leg update (100-200 pg report on every bill dealing with education for last ten yrs). Track five bills we choose over course of yr we want to lobby on over course of year. Training up to twenty students: lobby overview, second part ongoing counsel to pursue leg agenda… this allows us to carry on what they teach us to incoming lobby corp. final part is most important, ongoing support throughout year and at end of year. So they’d be on call, specialize in rapid response for political campaigns, follow targeted bills tell us to lobby who we should be talking to, teach us those techniques. Year end summary memo showing us status of our activities and what we can do better for the next year. Ppl don’t realize most lobbying done over summer, but we’re not here over summer and making transition then. Way proposal works: research, research training, research training and support. I want to go all the way with full 15k and get lobby corp to a good support. We can either get whole group jumped in at once, or take a little at time and be uncomfortable. Second part is proposal, underlined section prof research, prof lobbying etc. we spread training around a bit… other things added in money for transport to get ppl to capital, this yr bring ucd students to Washington to rep davis and show we’re a viable political source. With money left over in lobby corp and state national into women of color conference. City county special projects and assistant director who is in a meeting today

Public discussion

Deepak just wondering what credentials of MB, whether research biased, moderate what. During training would you conduct it here, or go out with more travel etc. would senators be able to be trained?

Lennox yes senators invited to be trained. They’ve worked on every major political campaign in California. They have worked with R’s, but many main ppl in company have worked in D’s. Called evil empire because if you don’t work with them you are pretty screwed in your campaign. Known as only company to go to in Sacramento. President of company was UC student, wishes to give back to us.

Deepak otherwise others might have concerns about special projects, ppl and I concerned about student forums and getting those back. We think this would be good through state national affairs, this is why special projects been increased. Essentially 2k could be dedicated to student forums.

Schwab this budget and what we’re trying to do with private firm is something that can benefit UC students as a whole because it’s a more professional direction. Set precedent how uc voice is heard in capital. Effectiveness in getting our issues heard, like decreasing interest rates, tuition costs, increasing aid etc. way to get system to work for us. Biggest contention with ucsa was they didn’t have the resources to get this stuff done. I urge you to get involved in this, see it in direction you want to go. I think right direction is have this private firm to help us out, give us training etc

Powers talk for second about private firm and what policy analyst would do. Look at every possible alternate, professional known for getting info. They don’t make decisions, they analyze and give options. Showing options give qualified lobby corp to go make smart decisions. Difference in ucsa and lobby corp they want to take it in professional direction.

Deepak research can be biased, been in science experiments with different results too

Schwab idea of professional firm in senate doing prof research with prof training will benefit UCD students and uc students as a whole. Increase effectiveness of getting these passed and what we want to happen.

Rivera maybe some ppl have issue with this company being partisan. If I was private business owner, and my clientele being Republican or Democrat, not my decision. Are you going to discredit me based on my clientele?

Lennox whether or not they lean in one direction was my first question. Basically they will do whatever we want, give us the bullets and we’ll shoot it in either direction we want. They have worked with republicans, and this could be good. Democrats always listen supportive, they could find ways in republican side where we can get in

Shannon I believe Derrick spoken well on MB and it’s merits, I stand behind it will give us the training to do what we want to do. Even if they had bias, we’d be the ones just using research to do lobbying. Michelle and I both agree we can handle student forums, this is why budget larger. Foster between student groups, bring in speakers, host events that are successful. For transport need to go across state (ie tomorrow I’m going to Berkeley to stay on amicable terms with UCSA), want to go to DC in march for lobby day/training, etc, make connections. Urge for approval, ask any questions

Dardik I am totally in support, think this is awesome. Concerned about second page first paragraph mb will be reimbursed for any expenses during project… is that addressed somewhere?

Lennox I have no idea how much that will cost, worst case scenario we won’t have enough and we will just be S.O.L.

Mikalonis even if they work with conservatives, good to bridge gap. I think we should bridge, find people who agree with some things and not others.

Lennox one of ideas was using education based lobby group to go with our plan. One of problems is education based groups limits what we can tackle because they might be limited in what they can research, etc

Mikalonis I know there are reserves available, I would endorse this bill.

Rosas-Romero how will you choose those five bills, how involved with student groups will you be in choosing those bills. Important students in underrepresented backgrounds actually be represented

Vaticano working on getting spreadsheet from James, getting all campus groups involved. Obviously can’t go to all clubs, but encourage them to come to all of our meetings, educate them on issues we’re working on, etc. already had fifteen at a meeting of ours recently. Usually group consensus with huge array of ppl. We try to work on the most neutral issues that are most effective for all students.

Rosas-Romero sometimes people undocumented etc with sensitive subjects, maybe if going neutral wouldn’t be good. When you do get this listserve started keep them updated.

Zamora maybe having action agenda items going through what could possible be called outreach assembly to address issues about getting outreach from other groups

Rosas-Romero good but don’t want to limit how we access them

Laabs think this is a really good step for this, a group with not much respect to a group highly respected. UCSA spends lot of time lobbying university admin too, how are planning on compensating loss for lobby access to admin

Schwab research for what regents did in scandal, where money went, etc have in their file a lot of info on regents as whole, as far as admin goes they have knowledge

Higgins regarding MB being company that does research, I put so much trust in these two I know they’re not going to go for a biased company. They’re going to go for something that leads to a good external system. I think this is best thing in lot of time, I love that this money going to be used for lot of good. I think this is so wonderful, I think it genius, I love it I love it.

Patel discussion great, proposal great, just to let you know MB not written on actual proposal. Love it, let’s get going

Ajlouny do you think you could motion move into senate discuss

Higgins motion move into senate discuss

Carnes pt clarification pretending this is a bill for ease of formality

Senate discussion

Sanders I think this is good and laid out, question why women of color shows on lobby corp and state national affair. I’m not against, but seems like pork barrel politics or giving money out inside of a bill. Why they take on as their own?

Lennox it’s in both because we both had leftover budgets, to make even used five hundred from each. It is a state national issue and lobby corp reach out issue, one of larger conferences we could benefit and to avoid pork barrel leg we didn’t want to make it too narrow. We think this is good one for us to contribute to. We have a lot of money, this is kind of what we want to gear towards. If you know of better org, we’d be happy to look into that.

Sanders when we originally gave UCSA money to ext affair is we were going to watch that and make sure that money given toward lobby and some diverted. Seems like that happening, we intended this money for lobbying, not women of color conference. If it’s extra money, maybe be allocated to senate reserves or within budget. Should be treated as ASUCD money, not philanthropic.

Shannon this isn’t like donating to therapy, it’s to send people there. One of goals, last year problem with getting money for this. Specifying where part of travel budget will be, use this money to help set up and run it. Still use this money to make sure people can attend and set up properly.

Sanders again I think my argument still stands this isn’t what the money was designed for. Seems issue for GASC or ECAC, don’t feel comfortable putting that in there not line item meant for lobbying. Would rather send GASC to women of color conference.

Zamora I think for clarification I don’t think you can call it philanthropic or charity, empowering conference. I felt like it was kind of arbitrary allocation, but if you think about it like taking money from UCSA who funded students of color conference… maybe not equivalent but in same realm of…

Sanders perfectly comfortable with having that in there, maybe change name to conference assistance or something like that. What if we want to do a debate or something, don’t want to limit to one specific conference or people seeing just like some line item stuck in

Zamora make sense to move into special projects? Sounds like women color conference is special project and we could just allocate accordingly.

Schwab one of functions of UCSA is to bring together empower students and bring social change. Lobbying part also bringing together students. This needs funding, I don’t see why not state national or lobby issue empower students to being about change. Should be pretty straight forward to bring students together. To be honest I’m not uncomfortable leaving it the way it is, or making it a more general allocation it’s up to you Mr. Sanders

Higgins can we make those changes, you guys be okay with that. I agree with tiny, I’m fine if as director you want to give to them this spring or whatever, but put it into special projects to give more leeway to director and lobby corp etc. so they can choose conference, special event. If we wanted to give to women color conference in budget, separate issue.

Markevich remember this is only for this year.

Higgins for rest of year this would give more options

Sanders address Peter I understand only for one year, at same time without internal memory except what’s on paper… new independent presidents could just see this and keep it as it is. Maybe women color conference gets grant from me when I win lottery, they have to go give money somewhere else

Higgins motion to strike women color conference move that money allocated into special projects.

Lennox don’t take friendly I’d rather have separate line item for conference… so we don’t spend more money and not have same amount for conferences

Higgins withdraw

Higgins I’d be fine with conference line item, but what if one year people want to put into non-conference item. Motion to strike l. 14 women color, change to conference expenditures. Same line 37… taken friendly

Higgins call to question

Zamora budget to attach note saying it’s intended for women of color

Higgins withdraw, motion to put back to way it was, women color conference. Withdraw. Keep it conference expenditures…

Zamora if you remember itemized budget with line items and respective notes, just keep it conference expenditures and make a note for institutional memory (“conferences like women of color”) hoping to make that kind of clarification amendment.

Schwab did you know Derrick, Michelle, etc will be here through June unless you fire them, won’t be needed for institutional memory

Zamora we still don’t want them to just see it whatever. If you don’t think in necessary

Molnar motion add note at end of budget

Lennox happy to have conference expenditures, write in note. Fire me if I don’t

Molnar call to question

DO PASS 12-0-0

Sanders recorder needs break, five minute be back 10:33


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 10:34 pm.


Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Farhadmotamed, Higgins, Molnar, Patel, Rogers, Rosas-Romero, Salem, Sanders, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Setters (EPPC), Shannon (IAC), Feldman Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess


Sanders suspend orders move back into consideration old legislation.


Sanders move consider sb 11

Author’s comments

Powers a coauthor, let me start by saying wonderful five hours. I’m very excited. Number two this is a good bill, it’s a good idea. If not agree, go talk to all seven commissions, six unanimous. We’ve not been outreaching effectively, want to take 3 paid positions from coo and make into fifteen some of who would be going to groups out there and connecting them with human connection that doesn’t exist. It’s like 3d floor is Mt Olympus that people just can climb. 3k + people voted, that’s just not enough for 20 + thousand undergrad. 12 committees representing different constituencies, paid to visit these groups creating human connection we are lacking.

Rivera if you notice, passed by all commissions. Coo suffers because interns not paid/accountable, this find devoted members and pay them to hold more accountable.

Commission Recommendation

Markevich we are first commission, gone through a lot of changes. Version we saw changed assembly to outreach assembly some students concerned about name, overall felt good idea and passed with only one abstain due to absence

Dardik a lot of dialogue but a lot of ambiguities around how finances would be allocated. Cut out section 1003, fifteen paid positions is not how it was presented in B&F. I don’t know if commissioners would have given recommendation they did. Concept we felt was a good one, good baby steps toward right direction

Rivera B&F struck portion allowing assembly to allocate money to groups. Always intention to pay members of assembly. We can discuss that in public. We supported change from assembly to outreach assembly.

Feldman this was a lot of work for one person, suggested that outreach assembly members be ex-officio members of commissions for the subjects they work with. Ie culture ethnicity ex-officio of ECAC. Great opportunity for outreach to students, all voted yes. Abstentions to do with absence.

Khan several authors clarified questions. Cooo not as affective, commissioners like idea. Result in more campus activity, nobody who disagreed all passed it

Setters our commission passed this unanimously, had some concern with ability of this assembly to see leg but thanks to authors got turned around so positive aspect is giving secondary opinion on leg. Commend authors on well written, few questions in text.

Carnes was told EPPC pros/cons statement attached. If someone finds it, go questions text and come back

Public discussion

Powers want to thank Laabs, this was a monster. To B&F about paid members, if my memory serves correct I thought we talked about it. What’s going to happen is we’re transferring Cooo’s budget into this. Not coming from non-present funding, all works out. Not throwing money not already there.

Ostrowski I see a lot of redundancy concerning constituency requirements. Greek life student focus does that, gender sexuality is GASC, academics honor society, I see redundancy, I think commissions should be expanded. Not proportional at all, various groups listed don’t have same population. One will be outreached to some groups more than others. If gone into pops of various groups, one person reach out to every spiritual person way too much for one person. Some will be rather easy, while some rather difficult. As far as paying them, commissioners are volunteers and able to do all these things without being paid. Maybe new senate will radically change these bylaws. Senators should be required to adopt certain clubs, requirements

Farhadmotamed I understand your sentiment especially the religious one, in my opinion I view these as people who would promote and publicize, not represent. Like a middle person, not a representative. This is a publicity thing

Ostrowski I just don’t think it’s necessary, commissioners can do this job.

Deepak want to address Ostrowski’s concerns, this is very superficial but I’m frat and I’m LEAD. You can definitely negate everything you just said, as senator I try to outreach to every group but I know I need interns and other people. Assembly sort of builds synergistic affect to bring these groups together. One of main things in duties of speaker is create online calendar. Basically connect all the campus groups, what we need is someone to update those events. Something to relate to Kevin powers, duties of speakers I’d like to see a number 8 that says update main online calendar. Want to see after duties of outreach members, bring events to calendar and to the speaker

Patel I want to say I’ve been to a couple commission meetings and Ostrowski there too, purpose of this assembly being overlooked. Outreach assembly to reach out, 12 of us can’t fulfill our duties now. This is irresponsible to take on another issue we can’t handle, this assembly will help a lot. To help clubs feel connected with ASUCD.

Deepak we can’t necessarily say democrats and IAC will bring…

Mikalonis had to work figure out how to apply to IAC, fortunate career fair, this is for outreaching. Additionally the assembly would be good politics person could help connect lobby corp ASUC to the people on campus a job lobby corp cant do alone. One example.

Salem if you start looking at bigger business, always good to delegate task. Anyone know how many clubs on Thursday 5:30 to 11 because senators who adopt those clubs can’t go.

Mikalonis fully support this bill, to B there was before someone to remove outreach assembly 2/3 assembly and 2/3 senate we removed worried about cronyism.

Markevich line 331 don’t want fragments

Rivera there are fragments everywhere. If you have proposed language I’ll take it as friendly.

Cokely want to speak about issues of overlap, definitely something we talked about in GASC. We spend a lot of our time thinking how to outreach to groups same as ours, list gets really long. I think ECAC would be similar. Definitely help us out a lot if we had someone like this to get word out so we don’t have to worry about outreach and getting good turnout.

Ostrowski when I was looking at this I saw recipe for disaster when someone assigned to politics. Someone to facilitate views of all parties at once, need at least two ppl for that. College republicans wont be happy if politics guy doing d things, vice versa. Also problems with this assembly seeing resolutions, it’s difficult enough to get them through the commission and senate. I don’t think the assembly needs to be seeing resolutions.

Salem if you’re uncomfortable with them seeing resolutions, it’s just more student input so it’s more constructive resolution. I want to get this moving along

Sanders it’s public discuss, you get more time in senate if you’re author or senator so yield your time for audience then we can move into senate and decide and go

Salem motion enter senate discuss

Farhadmotamed object for public

Senate discussion 7-5-0

Rivera add l. 207

Powers philosophy of ASUCD is outreach. Came up with right now we have commissions who do great job of throwing events. We say come to our events by waving our hands. What outreach needs to be is people actually going out and out-reaching. Outreach is going and saying this is what we’re all about, we want to go out and get your info. We are not facilitating opinion, we are telling people how we can help them, get more turnout to programs. Number one thing student groups said they want is to find out how to connect to other student groups.

Rivera this is an outreach assembly, not trying to represent all the student groups but outreach to them.

Deepak wondering what senate table felt about creating a clause about student forums. Maybe next time leave it in public discussion, maybe we don’t agree with their views but they still should have right to speak.

River author amend

Farhad l 212 want to add commissions, nothing to specifically address them. Not opposed to new ideas new forms of organization, but this seems to be in gray area. Not unit, not commission. I kinda have problem with this being in this in between area. Another thing is it says in hiring process first doesn’t have senators in hiring board. Feel like this should be modeled after a commission, feel like it shouldn’t be pro tempore but vice chair. Shouldn’t be modeled after us so it turn into us. Might help prevent bureaucracy

Rivera hiring committee if you look in constitutional amendment, outlines first hiring process. L. 41 constitutional amendment 16 requires senators. Didn’t want to include in bylaws because it’s only for first hiring. As far as resolutions, some students concerned not representative enough of students. This is going to give us opinions of 13 more individuals, more representative of opinion of student body. Pro temp vs. vice chair, sounds better.

Farhadmotamed I agree more ppl who see resolution the better. Is this a commission, or a unit? I feel this gray area is weird.

Rivera the pro temp, following model of U.S. and state government, assembly created has pro tempore. Definitely not a unit, I don’t know about commission because this is assembly, it’s different. Each member outreaching to community. I hope I addressed issue of pro temp, modeling after U.S. and state govt.

Zamora do you feel that it’s incorrect to try to label this as a unit or commission?

Rivera yes, definitely not unit nor commission. This is an outreach assembly

Farhadmotamed this is a group of what I see to be marketers, not political body. I don’t know why we’re modeling it after assembly or government, these are marketers.

Khan won’t serve as surrogate for any commission, basically liaison to student body who doesn’t interact enough. As far as specific out-reachers like of politics, not necessarily expressing own views but just acting as person to connect different parties. Wondering where new soda (students of diverse association), CCC group will fit into this. I think it will fit under several groups

Rivera each student group will classify itself under whatever group they want

Khan but I think body of students who represent our part of SODA could work under many different lines, or become a different constituency

Rivera we foster collaboration under any level, whether you have official party or affiliate with one individual, we all work together and help each other out

Higgins doesn’t this need to be 2/3 vote because changing money allocations. Something somebody needs to look into right now, the paid positions change, changing line items, extra money has to go somewhere… 2/3

Rivera if this passes, you will see something else with numbers. This is just proposed here, there will be an official write up with budget that will require 2/3 vote

Higgins so when this passes COO will still be here

Markevich fact coming with proposal to change around money allocation, fact you’re creating this with paid positions mean there will be movement. If it’s fiscal allocation in that sense, according to bylaws will require 2/3 vote

Higgins this assumes that… I never saw word paid, I think you have to throw out B&F finance’s su…

Carnes they will see bill about paid positions

Higgins just a question, implied, curious about 2/3 vote

Carnes it’s not

Higgins need to talk about some points. Great idea in principle. Co3 has been complete failure, fully support its reorganization. But corruptibility of this association will be the downfall of asucd. I feel that strongly, past senators who feel that this is going to kill the association. The ability for appointed officials to vote on resolutions is appointed representation of students. The reason it’s corruptible is because whoever is in charge controls senate/exec gets to put in whoever they want. Say student focus has senate The ability for student focus to put in place in these positions would be outrageous.

Setters having same problems in eac not sure if this would clash with commission, not sure who these would reach out to. We were assured it would function more like a unit with unofficial opinions on resolution, voting with them not be an option

Rivera if vp wants opinion on resolution, it can recommend it to a commission. It doesn’t have to. If appointed representation is bad, then all of commissions need to be eliminated because they are appointed and they vote on resolutions. Corruptibility they are not doing anything with money, they are just a replacement for co3

Setters based on what you said, is this assembly going to have same powers as commission? You said senate could refer resolutions to assembly like a commission. Wouldn’t it be more effective to classify this as a commission. Authors said they could issue informal opinion.

Powers it is covered in bylaws line 295. ASUCD commissions or assembly shall make a formal recommendation to senate in form of do pass or do not pass, I am willing to change that to informal. We’re not trying to do anything shady with this assembly, all we’re trying to do is broaden the voice. If the vp deemed it necessary to get opinion of assembly who is talking to groups all week, if we don’t want formal recommendation we will change it

Rivera did you know that from time you saw it maybe someone changed it from informal to formal. Did you know some ppl give same value to informal as formal?

Setters based on what sanders said informal not given same weight as formal. This is gray area, what is it?

Amaha I wanted to address l 177 I want to add transfer students who really need more connectedness.

Rivera I think collaborating with grad students now can help us undergrads a lot. I think one person can do both freshman and transfer

Amaha I agree with graduate and professional, just want to add transfer to freshman line

Farhadmotamed I feel they’re completely different ppl, two very different bodies.

Sanders first could you please be quiet or step outside. Second my issues as far as Kevin talking about informal or formal, assembly is rep group of bunch of ppl and bunch of groups. If they have problem with representing they’re getting from one person, they can remove that person which could seem like a huge headache. I think back to inter fraternity council each frat sends own rep to the council. If these groups are not selecting the assemblymen, they’re not good for representing and just representatives of asucd

Powers it really goes down to what you see asucd as. More than marketing, it’s human communication. I think In use of word assembly it’s appropriate... if we’re looking at what assembly is and what we want body to be, should be enforcing human communication and working toward good by providing services. Assembly outreaching, I don’t know where to go with that.

Sanders if we’re going to put this assembly, I look at it like house of reps. If they’re going to do formal reccs, I want someone to rep me as greek as bus driver not someone hired by rep office. I don’t see how hard it is to go get these groups to choose one rep. if it needs to be bigger, bring it on bigger is always better

Setters I agree with you. Assembly implied decision making. This group isn’t about decision making, shouldn’t be flexibility there. Doing a job, repping a set number of groups on campus.

Farhadmotamed how would that work in politics section, would DCR and democrats each elect someone?

Sanders we have all these groups blocked out, maybe Steven was right and make each club send a rep and fill a lecture hall. How about getting 200 people in a room who go back to like 20 or 30 people. Like someone coming back from IFC you know in your frat.

Zamora I know this is major part of bill, but what if you take out part of resolutions would that be a problem?

Sanders Yea because we’d just be making a cooo, I’d rather fix the one we have

Zamora I want to hear expanded opinion from authors.

Powers emphasize we could change from formal to informal, will talk to coauthor about throwing out resolution thing entirely. Last pt about cooo, we are fixing the cooo. That’s the whole pt of this is to find effective way to outreach, reformat cooo in way it’s going to work with ppl and human interaction. I realize I may be coming off as really passionate and it’s because we started working on it over summer. But we are still up for tooling and changing it around, productive discussion is always welcome. I think this is a retooling of the cooo, I still want to hear opinions. I was attached to this, but I still want productive conversation. I apologize if I seemed too defensive, I will try to be more progressive

Zamora I agree this is a retooling of cooo, I think big issue is resolution thing. I think we need to focus our discussion on that

Higgins on that, if what this is trying to do… In beginning seemed two directions one assembly with larger rep body and other unit for outreach and those blended into what this is. Both are good ideas it seems this has turned into a newer version of the coo…. No reason to make this into new thing with ca if it’s just revamp of coo to go into new groups. Brilliant way to outreach I think the admin plan is the way to go and to maybe just throw this out and bring same idea of 13 position admin plan of coo might be best way to create stronger outreach on campus

Zamora I agree, maybe something to be addressed soon enough. Let’s keep discussion focused

Patel l 11, don’t think there’s a need to classify it is. It is a gray area. If assembly is throwing people off, call it a body. Not a unit, not a commission, not the senate. If assembly doesn’t meet those needs, maybe body will work? Or better word? Theoretically good idea, practically great idea. I think much higher of us and other leaders than leading to corruption. Provides more opportunity for student involvement, freshman more involved this yr than ever. Giving more money back to students by paying. 3d most important is helps with collaboration with campus events to create higher turnout to student events. I have hosted events with five people who turn up, doesn’t make me feel good. If I had chance to collaborate, heck yea. Representation can be thrown out, what I’ve been trying to do and only able last few weeks is go out and see groups doing amazing things. I don’t understand problem, theory and practical good, not working toward corruption

Powers concept of whether unit or something, I think by putting in bylaws and ca we’re putting faith in senate to make this into what it wants this to be. I think unit is more corruptible by giving money to one director. Allows senate to take close look, actively participate in outreach but doesn’t require you to go visit five groups a week. Give legitimacy and to senate to take active hand. I think it should remain in bylaws and as ca and something actively modified by senate as needed through legislation.

Patel if ppl think this is a responsibility senators can take, check how you’re doing at your job. If you think this is bad, offer me a solution. How else will we outreach to those four hundred groups?? This provided incentive to collaborate. I think we know where we lie, if you have solution let me hear it

Higgins why couldn’t this be a unit, you said it’s not really unit or commission. Why couldn’t it just be under a unit

Patel we tried it as a unit and not work, not responsibility of unit and not what it’s supposed to do. Admitting that. We need to take action, best thing I’ve seen. If you don’t agree let me see better solution. Outreach needs to happen now

Rivera cooo didn’t work, scratch it and attempt to do what coo tried. Want collaboration and want to be effective. A lot of group with similar goals hold two events with same goal. What I’m working on right now 179 duties … l 245, 247, 212

Patel motion five minute, Carnes says be back 10:55


Vice President Carnes called the meeting back to order at 10:56


Present: Carnes, Ajlouny, Amaha, Deepak, Farhadmotamed, Higgins, Molnar, Patel, Rogers, Rosas-Romero, Salem, Sanders, Zamora, Markevich, Dardik, Khan, Lay, Setters (EPPC), Shannon (IAC), Feldman Absent: Holloway, Savaree-Ruess

Patel wanted to be ballsy and call to question, but authors still working on stuff. As soon as y’all are ready, we’re ready. Again, outreach needs to happen and this is the way it’s going happen

Rivera my plan assuming this passes, I’m going to make change to CA to include senators in hiring process. You cannot enforce an admin plan as strictly as you can bylaws, one of reason we’re going through this. If you have problem with assembly call it something else. If it’s a big deal we can strike the whole recommendation thing if that’s what going to call the vote. If you want to fail this, please get on speaker’s list and offer a solution

Higgins as I said before very good ideas on outreach. We all think outreach is a huge problem of ASUCD. We all ran on it. I love this step was taken. But because it goes too many ways, two thirds outreach, one third assembly seems like a mix. If you want to create a group created assembly or elected assembly, outreach thing I like the fact these reach ppl with set groups or section of campus. I think it could just get done in the co3, that’s my solution that we write a bill immediately after this that will change with admin plan of co3 with 13 paid positions to improve co3. unit we’d still have control over

Molnar have senators made decisions. Motion call to question.

Deepak object want to speak and express concern

Do not call into question

Molnar hopefully get this fixed up pretty soon, think it’s a big bureaucracy that won’t actually work well

Deepak apologize riled up like high school debate. I think corruptibility extreme, need to stay moderate through argument. 400 groups, if each group elected someone to speak, it would bottle neck to point of failure. I think it’s easier to test to see if we can go with it, use appointed positions. Groups choose category. By being appointed position, not outreach to specific group but both groups in non-partisan way. Like hiring commissioners who aren’t partisan. This is creating an events calendar, resolution and networking synergy great part, as freshman I was lost until I met sanders. Brought up IFC, basically representing smaller groups of people, each with 40-50 guys, easier to elect one person. At most 20 reps. We’re going for 13, I think achievable with non-bottleneck. I know I was sort of caffeinated earlier, maybe not healthy for discussion. I don’t recognize whole argument about putting this into admin plan. Co3 didn’t fail, just didn’t meet what we expected. Just trashing this wouldn’t do anything, good bill set up and written for us. ASUCD body is a good decision, technically just a body. If qualm with assembly part, just terminology. Word Like house reps, doesn’t mean these guys wont rep 400 groups well. Essentially I feel our chairs aren’t just repping certain sect of campus, but all retrospects. I love how we can all outreach and that’s why paid positions crucial to speakers.

Ostrowski concerned about fact that Schwab, Laabs, Weintstein, etc not here and cant be present for changes. Maybe we should table this.

Deepak I take this back think we represent a group of people too.

Powers we have a few authors amendments. Authors vested responsibility into us, sorta delegation like assembly would be delegation arm of senate l. 179 strike out, senators can add later if want recommendation for legislation.

Rosas-Romero can we make it job of assemblymen to inform people of resolutions coming up, so public themselves can be at senate meetings

Deepak ask senate table to recognize synergy

Zamora ask you guys to make those changes

Rivera major strike out, l 215

Patel l 50-55 already doing that because they have to come to senate meeting

Rivera we can be redundant, and add it

Rosas-Romero wanted to add it as a duty because just says speak on all matters to senate, want to make sure each bill/resolution people are going to meetings and saying this bill/resolution is going to be talked about. If this is something important to you, show up at the meeting at this time

Zamora I have intentions of calling to question, but still changes

Salem this discussion has gone way too political. If you just look at it and what it’s going to do. It’s gone through all commissions. Maybe not hit bull’s eye, but it’s something you can imagine happening by next fall, visiting clubs and spreading ASUCD. Senators can scratch whatever etc, let them work with this skeleton. Lay the foundation down for future senators. People might disagree, I honestly think we’re laying down a foundation. I see good enough to push on

Rivera l 214 change

Farhadmotamed I agree laying a foundation, but it needs to be solid and I’d be okay with tabling this, revamping and seeing again. I don’t think this will work in it’s current situation.

Salem I respect that comment, but this has gone from summer. Been twisted, torked and amped. Motion to call to question

Farhadmotamed object to pass, not good in current state. Work more on it, layout structure of how we want it to be

DO PASS 7-5-0

Sanders motion to consider CA 16

Author’s Comments

Powers you just passed the bylaws, this outlines the bones for any amendment. We have a few changes…I urge passage, let students decide if this is something they care about. By upholding constitution, upholding purest form of what students care about because they ratified it.

Commission Recommendation

Markevich first time was saw it tabled to see bylaws, didn’t see many problems. One thing we didn’t feel right to put into amendment at this time, urge future senates and future ASUCD leaders to make speaker assembly position elected position.

Dardik B&F recommendation be further inspected and possibly amended before passing

Rivera we saw it after them, felt we addressed band f problems by sticking IAC and two senators to hiring committee

GASC hopefully ensure fair representation, no voice concerns addressed

Khan saw amendment before bill, passed unanimous… all agreed to bill

Public discussion

Ostrowski make hiring committee all twelve members because it’s important. I do like CA’s because people get to vote on stuff

Ajlouny how you call it the democracy at Davis III act, maybe call it outreach assembly Davis iii… motion to call it second name 4, 8, 11, 13, 18; seconded, withdrew

Rivera suggests ASUCD outreach assembly act

Ajlouny motion senate discuss

Deepak object public

Patel think they’ve done great job to meet everyone’s job. Commissioners important, 53 commissioners voted to pass this. Sad to me people around this table voted against what commissioners thought was right. Didn’t see very many different people at commission meetings

Ajlouny at same time what I feel too I’m representing of all students, people voted on me and not commissioners

Patel asked how we can move this along, you’re one who said whatever: whatever.

Sanders I take chair recommendation into effect, but I think many chairs confused because amendments made after each commission seen. Also senators with new amendments

Patel I take that back. But I still see senators making arguments regardless who never show up at commission meetings. Call to question

Higgins object for same reasons as assembly

DO PASS 11-1-0

Sanders motion to consider SB 23

Author’s Comments

Powers good to know we’re getting paid after seven hours less than living wage. This basically modifies impeachment process for justices. I sat on court and feel like I can empathize with justices having little job security. Part of position is they can make decisions how they feel is right without worrying about being fired the next day. Extra layer of insulation.

Commission Recommendation

Mikalonis (IAC) justices shouldn’t be subjected to petty impeachments… should be constitutional reasons and not just voted against what you wanted

Public Discussion

Ostrowski I like spirit, but on b only voting members of IAC and president be there, I want members of the public to be present I don’t like closed session. On c IAC be able to exclude motioning senator, I think this is extreme. I don’t want IAC to be able to remove charges, senate should see all charges. I think senate should see everything. Not 2/3 vote, just simple majority. Takes a lot away from senate, impeaching justices for political reasons as amusing as it is, probably not a good idea... I hope people motion to make changes

Deepak I know some concerns addressed at IAC and similar to grand jury, line 27 should be simple majority because still need checks and balances of going to senate

Mikalonis reason about senate is no checks and balances, single senate can call closed session for personal matter. Should be more checks because totally different branches of government. This is judiciary different body, should be actual protection.

Deepak I understand check so we don’t call impeachment, my main concern should be simple majority. I know you addressed it was similar to fed/state courts. Want to hear how other senators feel. Senate discuss

Senate Discussion

Higgins I could really care less, I think this is a good idea. Want to hear Chris’ opinion

Fricke I’m in favor of this. Impeachments happen too much, we need some protection. I’ve been impeached thrice. Avg one political impeachment a year. Just yesterday at Berkeley very similar thing, clearly political impeachment.

Deepak what would you define as a politically motivated impeachment

Fricke as in we made opinion within our jurisdiction and the Senate disagreed. Where as real grounds for impeachment us not coming to meetings, following own rules. Etc

Higgins I think this is a good move, this could curb politically motivated impeachments. Court is important part, however we feel about it. Even if cases rarely come up, we should do this

Powers I don’t know how people feel about 2/3 thing, as author I don’t particularly care.

Higgins I like 2/3 making it harder to impeach justice. If justice did enough to call for impeachment, should take overwhelming majority. Should be no toss up. Call to question

Sanders object, object to bill want to say something

Higgins withdraw

Sanders I dissent to the bill. Giving IAC as commission way too much power. It’s appointed by senate branch of legislative, just creating one more legislative step to impeachment. I think it makes more sense if justice cant be close sessioned by senate, let the court itself judge themselves… by putting it to commission, making it so ppl chosen by senate is deciding if senate should see it. Giving IAC judiciary power. Needs to be something internal over there and not give it to leg branch at all. Maybe we shouldn’t have a say after we confirm them.

Markevich I’m not sure this bill solves problem of politically charged indictments, IAC is itself political as any commission has political ideas/affiliations. To expect IAC, I’m not questioning their integrity, but to expect them to act as completely objective body is big assumption.

Sanders if we want to protect from politics, leave it in judiciary branch and make them autonomous. Basically it’s ridiculous to call closed session on them when they’re the only ones who can come back at us when we do something wrong

Powers while I don’t think court should be autonomous, I think maybe we could retool this…

Sanders let’s not spend a lot of time on this bill, if it passes let it pass. I have no problem voting no

Mikalonis wrong place wrong time for this bill, that whole handout not very clear. Like to rework this and send it back. We prefer to have better solution and talk to senators about this.

Patel I haven’t been able to look at his much either, doesn’t seem urgent to me as chief is resigning and we wont be impeaching him soon.

Fricke at very least love to spend time to get this right. Annoyed with you ready to run out the door, I’d like to hear your concerns. We’re just running at door immediately. I want to hear senate’s concerns.

Patel I understand that, but I don’t think I even understand this fully enough but I don’t even know what my concerns are but you can see amount of stuff senate has gone through and wouldn’t feel comfortable voting on this. Is it going to be withdrawn?

Legislation Withdrawn

Sanders consider SB 24

Author’s Comments

Powers this is a slam dunk and here’s why. As it is right now, chief cannot speak at a senate meeting without prior court cases, it would be awesome if he or delegate has opportunity to speak. Let’s promote judiciary and let’s go home

Public Discussion

Sanders motion to senate discussion

Senate discussion

Sanders call to question.

DO PASS 12-0-0

Sanders move into any other business.


Sanders move to approve closed session minutes from last week, APPROVED.

Sanders read statement about closed session

Patel read statement of dissenting opinion.

Sanders motion to resume orders day; officer reports.


(remaining senators)


Powers this is my first play into being coauthor, have to say interesting experience. Glad people can work together. This Sunday spaghetti dinner St. James memorial

Ostrowski I was at some commission meetings, some opposing senators there. Little annoyed with what happened at last week’s meeting, that assembly bill got put off and the bill I wrote was at 11:00

Mikalonis 11:00 was a blessing. Great to be here first time as coauthor. I actually wrote CA 20. Look forward to getting back to you about bill…

Amaha school who came here teacher of leadership Sacramento New Technology High School, interested in having some senators or exec come talk to her students. 2-2:30 Tue/ Thurs about why we run for office, experience with student government etc. I will email, I can drive.

Sanders move to adjourn

Ajlouny object, dance like no one is watching… sanders withdraw

Amaha Avni left for bad chest pains

Sanders move to adjourn


Vice President Carnes adjourned the meeting at 1:11 a.m.


Bobby Gray ASUCD Senate Recorder Gender and Sexuality Commission