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Contact Director: Dillan Horton
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University Affairs
Parent Organization
Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD)

The ASUCD University Affairs Office grew out of the ASUCD State and National Affairs Office(SNAO) which came to end in Spring 2007. SNAO duties significantly changed after the ASUCD pull out from UCSA as well as the expansion of ASUCD Lobby Corps.

University Affairs currently manages all non-governmental student representation. University Affairs coordinates student representation at the Academic Senate Committees, and Administrative Advisory Committees. It also coordinates the representation of UC Davis undergraduate students with the UC President's Office, and the UC Board of Regents. As part of it's responsibilities with representation at the UC system level, it also manages relationships with other UC undergraduate student associations.

2013-2014 Senior Staff Members

  • Director: Dillan Horton
  • Assistant Director for Campus Advocacy: Janet Kim
  • Assistant Director for System-wide Advocacy: James Rizzo

2013-2014 Interns


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2009-10-01 13:24:18   I really never understood why voter registration was put in this office. Other than the fact that it would take place on campus there is no relation to campus affairs. Virtually everything takes place on campus but it doesn't mean UA has jurisdiction over it. If my memory serves me, voter registration used to be under the city/county office, which has a greater connection, considering that voter registration takes place at the county level.

It is also questionable whether the campus forums and education coordinator (does it still exist) belongs in this unit either. Unless they are educating students on UCD issues and not merely just giving out money to various unrelated forums I don't see the connection. It seems to me that this unit is a revitalization and expansion of the former Academic Affairs Office, with an emphasis on academic issues as well as other university policy issues.

But what can you do...sometimes ASUCD doesn't make that much sense. —StevenLee

2009-10-05 11:58:08   I think the voter reg. and campus forums were rolled into one Steven. At the very least, I know one of the positions was eliminated.

And university affairs is a very broad term anyhow. One could just as easily argue for rolling other units into UA to have one centralized body for all affairs relevant to the University and its body of students.

Also, do you know who the new Statewide Affairs coordinator is? I think it's someone named Jeremiah, but I'm not certain. All I know is that I'm no longer it. —MattBlair

2009-10-05 16:11:11   I have no idea Matt. Sure it could be argued that UA could be a broad term for all things relevant to the univesrity and body of studnets but that basically is all of ASUCD. It just seems like the rationale or official mission of the office does not accord with some of the positions it has. It seems that they were trying to just bring in positions to give the office some substance that really had no business being there. —StevenLee

2009-10-05 17:43:58   Campus Forums was because I wanted a Student Forums unit, and Kareem wasn't going to pony up the cash for me. Matt Shannon thought it was a good enough idea, given that his new unit needed some substance, and it helped his argument for transforming the unit from State/National Affairs.

Voter reg was put here, because previously it was in City/County affairs, and they were screwing up a lot in the pre-Steven D. Lee era. And Lobby Corps, who had the people to do voter reg, really didn't want to have to deal with the annoyance that is CalPIRG. At least in their slightly conservative opinion.

I'm completely okay with giving out money to forums unrelated to advocacy. I would also be hella okay with Student Forums becoming its own unit once again. —BrentLaabs