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What do people think about the link to Angie's List reviews? Similarly, someone put a Yelp link in here; I have since deleted it. I have concerns about this practice, but I want to see what others think. I also recommend that you search on Yelp to see other pages that link to Yelp (and how), as well as periodic discussions about whether Yelp links belong on the wiki. —CovertProfessor


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2011-09-28 18:24:02   Yelp is a steaming pile, if they are throwing links up for it they probably are already paying yelp for adds and such. They are predators on a business with the for profit crowdsourced business info.

Angies list is shady cause they won't show you reviews without knowing who you are first (I.E. give us contact info so we can also for profit at you)

go 501(c)3 —StevenDaubert

2011-09-29 04:27:08   I don't feel as if any yelp links, let alone any other links of a similar vein, need to be included on the wiki. This is an information site which includes local reviews and commentary already. As such there is no need to include links to for profit, commercial review sites such as Yelp. —Wes-P