This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


1260 Lake Blvd. #116 (in Westlake Plaza)
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm
Sat 9am-5pm (can extend with appointment)
Payment Method
Cash or Check

Abella Hair Design was a salon specializing in color correction, design haircut, highlight and updos. The salon underwent a complete remodel and reopened as Aaranna Hair Design on May 1st, 2010.

Price Info:

Children & Men
15 and up
25 and up, including shampoo and blow-dry

Soon, one of the owners of the salon here, has moved next door to Abba Salon and Spa!

Check our page of Hair Salons and Barber Shops to find out where to get your do groomed in Davis.

How would you describe your Abella experience?

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2005-10-23 23:22:36   Oh, I got the choppiest haircut of my life, and only an hour before my family was due at my apartment for dinner the day before my graduation. My mom had to straighten it out for me. Come on, all I wanted was straight in the back with layers around my face (my hair is long). It's a basic style everyone else does just fine. And $26 dollars didn't even buy me blowdry. —ReginaSikora

2006-05-02 09:40:49   recommended by friend who's hair always looks great. First visit a few weeks ago, called Friday night, got appt for Saturday no problem. Cut and color very satisfactory and price is reasonable. Will definately return. —ElizabethDauch

2007-06-26 21:14:14   Crappy haircut, couldn't style worth anything. Waste of money... Maybe I just got the wrong stylist, but don't believe them when u ask them if they can cut your hair a certain way, they always will say yes even though its way out of their league. Beware. —JonathanLee

2007-07-22 08:24:29   The stylist, Soon, was able to fit me in on a Saturday afternoon with just over an hour's notice. She gave me the best haircut of my life—and a brand-new style for me—for $25, and even showed me a couple different ways to style it. Highly recommended! —LeslieMadsenBrooks

2007-09-27 17:52:43   Soon was very nice, I did not have cash on me and she let me come back later with it —YooHyunOak

2008-01-29 18:52:27   Soon (the woman who works at the chair closest to the window) consistently does great, affordable eyebrow waxing. I've also seen some really good haircuts getting finished up when I do a walk-in appointment. Since I've mostly seen her haircuts for clients of Asian background, I'd love to hear about anyone's experience who has somewhat wavy or colicky (caucasian) hair like mine...

The other stylist I know nothing about, as they each operate their own business. Something to keep in mind when reading reviews. —CatherineSD

2008-02-11 18:15:37   Nooria from Afghanistan cut my hair. I can't tell the difference between an okay haircut and a great haircut, I don't need any fancy styling, and maybe I have the wrong head for a really fabulous cut. In any case nothing went wrong, I was satisfied, and Nooria seems more intelligent than some other barbers that have cut my hair. She respected my schedule and she was good for a conversation. —GregKuperberg

2008-07-11 14:49:03   Nooria is very talented at what she does. She is very well mannered and a real professional. She is very accomodating and fairly priced as well. Whereas, the other lady, named Soon, is not a very nice lady. I have witnessed on several occasions that she argues and tries to steal Nooria's client including myself, which I find very unprofessional. I have also noticed that Soon keeps her station and other areas of the salon very dirty. Please be aware. —Kevin80

2008-08-06 14:12:01   I got the best hair cut of my life from Nooria! My sister finally convinced me to cut my long hair when I visited her in NC last June. She took me to her stylist who spent two and a half hours and charged me a fortune. I liked the style, and when I came back home I was worried I would be able to find someone to do as good a job-I found Nooria and I like it even better than the first time! Everywhere I've gone the last few days, I have gotten compliments on my hair—even from complete strangers! —Debi

2008-09-20 21:41:29   I recenly got a hair cut, color correction and highlights from Nooria and absolutely loved her work. I have gotten the best haircut and a very pretty highlight. She did a great job correcting my hair color. She was also able to fit me in her schedule at the last minute. —EmmaW

2008-10-08 21:04:46   Nooria did an excellent job cutting my hair. She cut it exactly the way I wanted and even straightened it after blow drying all for a VERY good price. I would have to say she gave me the best haircut I have ever had. I would highly recommend getting a haircut from Nooria. —Simrun

2008-11-11 20:57:34   I don't know much about Abella, but we've followed Soon for years. Soon's chair is the one closest to the window. She has done our whole family from straight to curly hair, including the extremely picky teenagers. She's done all our cuts, waxing, piercing, etc. - for many years. We've followed Soon and never strayed; there is no reason to. She is excellent, reasonably priced and a sweet gal. Besides, its kind've fun to say that I need Soon soon. —bhdjtd

2008-11-19 23:22:11   I've been to Nooria for my eye brow waxing since I moved to West Davis a year ago. She is the best, she does waxing and threading and always does a consistently awesome job. Not once has she screwed up on a job for me and she definitely cares about her customers, she will always greet you with a smile and remember your name. —LizBurciaga

2008-11-30 14:58:47   i went to soon at abella to get a japanese hair straighening, cut and eyebrow wax last week. First of all, i hated my unmanageable wavy and poofy hair, especially during this time of the year, but after soon straignted my hair, i dont have to really do anything after the shower and its made my life so much easier! And the cut, she always does great job cutting my hair EXACTLY how i want it. I recommend her to college students because all her services are resonably priced. I also recommend calling to make an appointment the day before because sometimes he's very busy. She also takes walk-ins but dont confuse Soon with the other lady, Nooria. —rachelH

2008-12-05 21:58:07   i paid $160.00 at some fancy high-end hair boutique to get highlights and low lights for my hair. well let me say it wasn't worth it!! they made the blond streaks too thick you couldn't even see the low lights.... so on my visit home for thanksgiving, my old time friend recommended Soon, i immediately took the advice. Soon was very professional yet caring and fixed my hair to how i wanted in the first place!! it was a miracle, cause i didn't think there was much i could do to my awkwardly colored hair. But ever since Soon fixed my hair AND gave me a little trim, FOR FREE!! (what a sweet lady!), i have actually been getting COMPLIMENTS!! THANK YOU SOON! I am 100% definately going back to her and leaving my fancy boutique here in L.A. —s0602

2008-12-21 17:37:08   Soon has a beautiful new website!! its easy.... go check it out —rachelH

2009-01-15 17:25:25   Go see Nooria! She is hands down amazing at what she does. To top it off, she is great to talk to and is one of those people that you feel lucky to know. I walked in there in desperate need of color correction, highlights and a cut, and I left with the best hair of my life. You get exactly what you want without paying the inflated prices you see downtown. On the other hand, I've seen enough and heard enough from Soon to know that she is very shady, so make sure you get Nooria if calling for the first time. —MichellePalmer

2009-01-18 20:59:30   I love Soon! I have been going to her for ever, and I have followed her all over Davis. She is great about getting you in at the last minute, and has very resonable prices. —kmitchell

2009-01-19 10:04:39   Got the BEST color and cut of my life from Nooria after moving here last year. I will definitely go back. Reasonable prices. Not the most expensive or the cheapest, but worth every cent. Hole-in-the-wall environment — great cuts! Who is Susan? —teamsutton

2009-01-19 13:26:21   Soon has begun advertising herself as either Soon or Susan, which is no big deal until you consider the fact that prior to Nooria, the salon was occupied by Soon and a woman named Susie... who later died of cancer. Nooria stepped into Susie's spot, and was to continue services for Susie's clientele. Coincidentally, Soon's new pseudonym creates confusion when people call looking for Susie... and she takes advantage of it by making the appointments for herself. —MichellePalmer

2009-01-21 12:07:31   well in response to the latest comment about Soon using Susan... her English name is SUSAN... After she became a U.S citizen she changed her legal name to Susan Lee but many of her clients who has been following her for years know her as Soon. Plus, susie, nooria and soon(Susan) all have different phone numbers so i dont know how people would call Abella Hair design, Hair by Soon or Susan looking for Susie.. because Susan is a COMPLETELY different from Susie... I find it very disrespectful and distasteful when people make assumptions about a very nice person without knowing the facts. So meet or make an appointment with Soon and see for YOURSELF if you think there is even a TINY possibility that Soon (Susan) could be shady. —rachelH

2009-01-21 12:09:02   one more thing, go on Soon's website ( for internet specials... there is a coupon you can print to get discounts! —rachelH

2009-01-21 12:56:00   A quick check on the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology website reveals no record of a Susan Lee in Yolo county. Considering her legal name change... she may want to get that updated. I think the previous comments over the years speak for themselves, on both accounts: Soon (or susan, or rachel, or... ?) probably does great hair and is nice to her customers — but her business practices? Not so much. —MichellePalmer

Users s0602 and JohnCA's comments comefrom the same IP address and may be the same person.

2009-01-24 18:53:09   wow... Michelle (or Nooria??), you actually went on their website, this must really be important to you.... well Soon's been doing hair for a long time and ever think that she got her license before she became a citizen? and it sounds like you know a lot about her business practices... interesting... well let me tell you, Soon does great hair and if she's nice to customers... i dont see why i should take her business practices into consideration even if it were true. So i guess as a honest customer michelle, you must look into EVERY company's business practices before using their services? you must have hard time finding any services anywhere... well besides my point, i came here to say that i went to Soon couple days ago and i got highlights and low lights and of course i am very satisfied... but i dont know when Wiki started to become such a nasty place... —s0602

2009-01-24 22:41:02   Hahaha Michelle now ur saying I'm Soon??? Funny... U have a lot of assumptions and accusations. It seems like Nooria is the one with the bad business ethics, she is the one advertising using susie's name on her website... So what's up with that?? And how would u know so much about her business ethics?? U r starting to sound shady yourself only leaving bad comments about Soon...Anyways people, if u r reading this,

Soon is a honest n hardworking lady, don't let these peoples comments deprive u of a chance of finding a right stylist for yourself, I took a chance n I'm glad I did —rachelH

2009-01-25 01:17:08   I am not going to argue with two anonymous accounts that have only ever contributed to this page when there is a history of someone creating accounts for the sole purpose of inflating reviews for Soon — check the talk page. —MichellePalmer

2009-01-25 18:56:36   I went to Abella yesterday for a haircut and some coloring since my greys have been bothering me. The Asian lady, Soon, gave me a great cut and great color! She took some time to actually evaluate my hair texture and stuff for a tailored grey coverage. She really knew what she was doing and was very friendly. She didn't seem like a shady person as some of these reviews say she is. I highly recommend her. —JohnCA

2009-02-01 17:58:09   I went to get a haircut with Nooria after my friend recommended her. I am really happy with it, especially for the great price. Nooria listened to what I wanted and got it exactly right. She was very nice and we had a great conversation.

As for the back-and-forth comments about Soon's business practices that have gotten way out of hand here, Soon seemed nice and perfectly professional, as, of course, did Nooria. —Ratatat

2009-03-03 14:03:26   I've been going to Soon for haircuts for probably... 5-6 years, starting when she was at Pure Beauty in North Davis. I know she's had business disagreements with others... so I suspect there might be sour grapes here from some. Bottom line, she's friendly, reliable, and always given me great haircuts. —ChonT

2009-06-11 12:49:25   I've been going to Soon for as long as I've been going to school in Davis. I have never seen any "shady" practice from Soon, and I highly question the negative comments that appear to be purposely and falsely written to defame her. Soon's is one of the nicest person I've met in Davis. She cares about her clients. And I really don't think she deserves to be insulted like this.


2009-06-15 12:59:49   I have been a customer of Soon's for years and have recommended her to all of my students both male and female. She is kind, conscientious, and hard working who also gives great service.It really seems a little odd that Ms Palmer would try to discredit such a wonderful, honest person like Soon. I have been a professor at UC Davis for 23 years and have followed Soon to all of her locations. My advice, don't listen to idle gossip. Just go in and meet Soon and you will know right away that she is a classy, friendly, competent hair stylist. —JackN

2009-09-04 17:17:07   Very happy with my experience w/ Nooria. I have long, thick and unruly asian hair and came in wanting a Japanese "kawaii" style cut. Nooria took a brief look at the pictures I brought, knew exactly what I wanted and gave me the best haircut I've had in a very long time. She took her time styling it, and even gave me tips on how to recreate it at home. All in all, a fine stylist for a very reasonable price! —Tammy

2009-11-13 17:12:02   I have had a rather bad experience with hair cuts, as my hair is fine and I tend to keep it short. Usually I'd go to Super Cuts or some such and come out with something like a mullet - not ok, especially because I am female. But when I went to Soon, I was really impressed with her attention to detail. It is a very friendly atmosphere and for once I walked away with a haircut that I love! She will soon be taking over the area next door to her as well, and therefore will have a larger place. It is a very social atmosphere - which I mention because my boyfriend wasn't for it. But I had great results and intend to return for every hair cut I get in Davis, and possibly some color in the future! —ReeseLayton