Action Blue College Democrats,also know as ABCD, is a rebel faction of California College Democrats. Formed during the California Democratic Convention of 2007 the organization has members at various college campuses. Little is known of their purpose or ideology other than their enthusiasm to cause political coups on California College Democrat chapters in their pursuit of power.

The Davis chapter of the Action Blue College Democrats prides itself on its humble beginnings as they successfully launched a coup on the Davis College Democrats in a Volkswagon somewhere in Southern California after nine hours of executive discussion. ABCD Officer Steve Ostrowski was not at the convention but was granted an officer position due to his enthusiasm to the cause. Greg Webb also joined ABCD upon learning of its endorsement of Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich. ABCD members Steve Ostrowski, Greg Webb, and Joseph Bleckman hope to advance true democratic views through radio.

Several members were involved in the May 1st March Protesting DCR's activities.

Madame President:Angela Pourtabib Philosopher King:Russell Manning Executive Communications Queen: Meredith Jackson Prime Minister: Joseph Bleckman Chief Parliamentarian: Steve Ostrowski Secretary General: Greg Webb

ABCD endorses Kalen Gallagher for LSA President.


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2007-05-30 19:16:36   So we might actually have a chance to get t-shirts. Is there enough of an interest? —AngelaPourtabib

  • 2007-05-30 21:31:01   Considering the amount of disenfranchment ABCD members just suffered, I would concur that shirts are nessecary. —JoseBleckman
    • 2007-05-30 22:20:38   Woot! So go to Ink Monkey and see what they say? —AngelaPourtabib

2007-05-30 22:20:33   After my losing bid for DCD office, I hereby accept the invitation to ABCDE. —GregWebb

2007-05-31 01:12:29   Action Blue Democrats Extreme Fighting Group of Honorary Initiates a.k.a. ABCDEFGHI. —AndrewBianchi

  • 2007-05-31 09:53:43   Dag yo. I've said it before and I'll say it again, but these acronyms are getting out of hand! :) —AngelaPourtabib

2007-09-10 17:44:16   Someone, please give me a reason to not start a vote to delete this page? —StevenDaubert

So we have vfd's on dwiki now? oy vey. -wl

2007-09-10 21:27:33   Action Blue College Democrats ... are a bad idea. —BrentLaabs