Adam Thongsavat is a history student at UC Davis who is served as ASUCD President for the 2011-2012 term. He ran for ASUCD President on the BOLD slate on an exec ticket with Bree Rombi. He was an ASUCD Senator, who won as an independent in the Winter 2010 Election. He previously served as Chair of the ASUCD Elections Committee, was a Picnic Day Assistant Director, and a driver for Unitrans

Campaign Statement

Hey Aggies! We are Adam Thongsavat and Bree Rombi and we are running to be your ASUCD President and Vice President. Adam is a 4th year History major from Merced, CA. He is a current Senator, former Elections Committee Chair, Picnic Day Assistant Director, and Unitrans driver. Bree is a 3rd year Communications and Spanish double major from Huntington Beach, CA. She was a former Senator, former President of Cuarto Leadership, member of Outreach Assembly, Senator Pro Tempore, and a member of the UC Davis Varsity Bowling Team.

The message of BOLD is really simple: do things that will make a difference and have a lasting impact. UC Davis has been some of the most fun and positive years of our lives, despite the difficulties and imperfections, there is so much potential in our campus. Even though the challenges we face are great from fee hikes to budget cuts, our goal this year is to relentlessly pursue the betterment of student life and we have worked tirelessly since the day we started to make sure we live up to that purpose.

Together we have worked on things such as: Noise Ordinance Reform, funding for Campus Center for the Environment, funding for Aggie Pack, established a Renter's Rights Committee, Picnic Day expansion, establishing composting in the MU, and help establish a new unit-The Pantry. We have had the best office hours record, collectively only missed one meeting, and ran the budget hearings.

We would like to dedicate our term to accomplish the following:

AN ACTION PLAN TO REACH THE UC-WIDE 2020 SUSTAINABILITY MANDATE We will collaborate with environmental leaders to create a master plan for Davis to meet this mandate and follow with an educational campaign about its significance.

PATHWAY TO CREATE STUDENT JOBS We will work with our units to expand services and reform outdated units.

RESTORE AGGIE PRIDE AND SAVE PICNIC DAY We will work with downtown Davis businesses to get students pumped up about game days and create a unified campus. We will also ensure Picnic Day continues to be a annual UC Davis tradition.


LOBBY THE STATE AND UNIVERSTIY AGAINST FEE INCREASES This will include a lobby day at the capital. We will also collaborate with fellow students to educate individuals about the current budget crisis and possible solutions.

CREATE A SAFE CAMPUS ENVIRONMENT We understand student health and wellness is one of the most important things in college and we plan to support initiatives to increase the well being of students, physical and mental.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Vote ADAM THONGSAVAT and BREE ROMBI for President and Vice President and Vote BOLD #1-6 for ASUCD Senate!

Senate Campaign Statement

Dear Friends,

My name is Adam Thongsavat and I am a third-year history major from Merced, California. I served as Elections Committee Chair and an Assistant Director for Picnic Day for the past 3 years. I am currently a driver for Unitrans.

I am running for senate simply for one reason: I want to see results. I am tired of repeated and failed platform proposals; I am tired of candidates who go to senate to preside instead of providing real leadership. And I am tired of seeing a great campus which I love not realize its full potential. It is time we do things that matter and will have lasting impacts long after we graduate.

The Smart Party Initiative- I want to promote awareness and influence city and university policy that is more favorable towards students who chose to involve alcohol in their outings. By working with our Student Police Relations Committee, UCDPD, DPD, and the city of Davis, I want to create a one stop-shop of information including everything from individual rights in regards to hosting a party, DUI, BUI, Minor in possession, and drunk in public. I will also strongly advocate for a more favorable and reasonable noise ordinance policy directed at student renters.

Picnic Day Expansion- We should work with our programming unit Picnic Day to provide more fundraising opportunities at Picnic Day, which includes food booths and commercial tents. I would like to see more funds injected into pre-week activities which would include a community concert the night before Picnic Day.

Downtown Davis Business Partnership with Cafés and Restaurants- I want to work vigorously towards a strong partnership with select downtown eateries to stay open late during high capacity days such as finals week and Picnic Day to provide late night student patrons with a place to grab a bite to eat and expand study space alternatives. My goal is to launch a pilot program by spring quarter.

Establishment of a Renter’s Rights Committee- I want to co-initiate a bipartisan effort with Raj Kumar to establish an ASUCD committee devoted to research and advocacy on rights of renters on and off campus. Raj and I think it is imperative to have an effective body to represent nearly a third of City of Davis residents who are students. Immediate issues would include branding the Davis Model Lease as well as establishing a framework for constant updates and revisions so it can actually be used.

I have had some great experiences at Davis- the friendships I have made here are invaluable and I am so grateful for them. That is why I am so inclined that now more than ever is the time for me to contribute to the betterment of student life- it is the least I can do for a place and people which have fostered some of the most fun years of my life.

Be Bold. Join our campaign- because UC Davis can do better. Thank you for your time and I love you UC Davis!

Please vote Adam Thongsavat #1 and Raj Kumar #2

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