726 Adams Street
Office Hours
2 bedroom, 1 bath
$945/month, $500 deposit

Adams Street Complex is located immediately west of Highway 113, off of Russell Blvd. The apartments feature stoves, refrigerators, central heating and air, new carpets, and access to a pool, coin operated laundry, and off-street parking. The complex is close to bus lines and parks, and is managed by Acadian Properties.

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2009-08-14 13:31:18   Went to see the complex yesterday and it looks a little shady on the outside, but the inside is nice and cozy. The management is really good. They answer questions really well and are very helpful. Overall they seem really clean, and that includes the pool too. —ElaineP

2009-08-15 16:18:35   This complex is a nice one, albeit a little older! I find the slight freeway noise to be relaxing, and I know the owners (long time Davis residents) care about maintaining the property! —StevenDaubert