Every day, various media sources publish information that could be used to update the wiki — far more than any one person could take on and still have time for a life. But what if we split the tasks up? We could steadily add content to the wiki and really make it grow in a productive way. Of course, there are many ways that one can contribute to the wiki; this is a proposal for another one.


One day a week, commit to reading a media source of your choice (online and/or printed), Davis-centric, UCD-centric, or Sacramento Valley-centric, and find something to add to the wiki. Your edit could be anything from a small correction to a full-blown brand-new page and everything in between. You can cover politics, local things to do, businesses, controversies — anything! Pick a topic that seems interesting and go for it.

An example. Another great example, which led to this. (One good edit often leads to another).

Who's in?

Let's try to get at least one person for each day of the week, but it would be great to get several; each day there are many updates that could be made. I'm going to sit back at first and perhaps fill in with a missing day if necessary, but hopefully we'll get enough volunteers that I can just pick a day of my choice.

SundayCovertProfessor MondayTomGarberson TuesdayWednesdayEvan 'JabberWokky' Edwards ThursdayFridaySaturday

Useful Resources

are you kidding? Every day is add content to the wiki day. In fact I regularly yell at people who participate in Drama instead of meaningful edit. I add new content to the wiki whenever I can think of it, or information in the town changes (business etc) Daubert

Don't get me wrong I appreciate the sentiment, but get real

I think the idea is that a lot of information shows up in local media which doesn't get carried over to here, so having someone actively looking around for things to add would almost certainly bring in more content. —tg

TG is right, and I agree that every day is add content to the wiki day. This page was inspired by my seeing all sorts of stuff go by in the Enterprise and elsewhere that really should be documented on the wiki, but I can't get to it all. This would help us miss less of the good stuff, and also, hopefully inspire more meaningful edits and fewer drama edits. We're on the same page, Daubert. —CovertProfessor

I would concur wholeheartedly with the previous statement Daubert

I'd call it a good inspiration so far. —tg

BOOM even though TG signed up for Monday I took some initiative and added content.

how you like them apples? Daubert

Those are awesome apples and a great type of wiki contribution... I'll be honest, though, and say that it wasn't the particular sort of contribution I was trying to promote with this project. Not that one type of contribution is any better than another — they're all important. But as I said, I'm particularly trying to promote adding content that appears (and too often disappears) in our local media. If that's not your cup of tea, but if calling places like Eastlake is, more power to you! We each contribute in the ways that we think are important. —cp

I should probably mention that the chance of me actually starting tomorrow is totally up to how good the airport wifi is. I only mention so nobody is disappointed if I miss the first Wednesday right after I signed up. Incidentally, it might be easier to pick a source to cover and just check it daily. Just a thought that occurred to consider once we get this rolling. -jw

Hey, don't let me stop anyone who is inspired! I suggested once a week because I thought it would be easier. I read various media sources every day, but I can't always find the time to edit. But once a day is seven times better than once a week. :-) —cp