Located in University Mall next to The Grad

825 Russell Blvd #18
Mon-Fri 11:00AM-7:00PM
Sat by appt. only
Sun by appt. only
(530) 638-3243
Payment Methods
Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover

Established as an independent retailer and service center in December 2012, Aggie Tech aims to provide affordable services and products to UC Davis students and the local community.

Services include shipping, tech repair, textbook buyback and notary public (by appointment). Retail products available include cell phone cases and accessories, bicycle accessories, computer parts and dorm room gadgets.

They offer tech services and repairs on computers (PC and Mac) and video game consoles. Tech services are also available for cell phone repairs. Brands serviced included Apple (iPhone Repair), Windows, XBOX and Playstation.

Shipping is available through USPS.

Free WiFi is also available from Aggie Tech with service running throughout the University Mall.


$0.04 black and white printing FREE Internet Browsing


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2012-12-13 21:41:40   The guys here are awesome! I had a problem with my laptop, and when I brought it in the guy clearly knew what he was talking about, and gave me a free "diagnostic." I sat at the coffee shop next door while I waited for it to be done, and he had completely disassembled my computer, fixed the problem, and reassembled it in about 2 hours. I was charged a fraction of what other places probably would have cost me, and was really pleased to have it back so soon as it was finals week and I needed it to study. He also offered me a $25 "cleaning" of my computer, which i declined. But he cleaned out all the dust anyways free of charge, which was really great. Anyways to tl:dr they were speedy, inexpensive, competent, and got the job done. Thanks guys! —CourtneyRunyan

2013-01-08 23:34:19   Brought in a Sprint white iPhone 4 with a cracked screen from an incident last summer. Kyle, the owner, fixed it in an hour for $60 plus tax. Cheaper than iFix and any other places I've been. Awesome work, love my phone more than ever before. Kyle was nice and not overly friendly. Woohoo! —MeeYang

2013-01-24 22:19:43   I was so upset about cracking my iPhone screen after having it for a year. I immediately started searching up places in Davis that could fix it. I decided to go with Aggie Tech. Even though it had a small amount of reviews, I decided to go with it as people seemed to be very satisfied and the website was very professional. I walked in a bit skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised with the affordable price and knowledge of the guy working on it. He's not in it to rip you off, and still does a great job. When picking a store for your iPhone repair needs, pick Aggie Tech. —sabinagude

2013-01-27 16:43:35   got my laptop fixed here when the fan died. was fixed in 3 days for 89 dollars including the diagnosis. that was half the cost and 2 weeks faster than the other place i checked out. i was kept up to date on the progress of the repair the whole time too. amazing service and it was quick and inexpensive. without a doubt it's the best place for repairs i've ever been to. —michaeloneall

2013-02-04 19:20:27   This business is excellent. I took my Iphone in today to replace a broken screen and they had it done in less than four hours for a flat $60. Despite the quick turn around time, that was actually longer than expected due to an unforeseen issue involving frame damage. This turned out to be a nonissue, other than the additional repair time. I will definitely be returning in the future. —GarrettL

2013-03-14 19:11:18   These guys were super helpful! I spilled coffee on my computer and thought that I needed to get a new motherboard, which would have cost a lot of money! Luckily they were able to clean it out for a pretty good price. Very nice guys who work there. I'll definitely come back if I have any more problems. —IrisAllen

2013-05-13 01:43:59   I am posting this for someone else as they weren't able to access their Wiki account. I also suggest checking out the other reviews on Yelp...they are polar opposite to the reviews I have read on here.

Alright. This place is pretty shady. I brought my iPhone 4s to Aggie Tech to get my screen replaced because it was cracked. The "technician", Kyle, replaced the screen twice and both times there were issues. Like another reviewer experienced, there were problems with the ear speaker. I could hardly hear anything when talking on the phone and had to turn on the loud speaker to have a conversation. l also noticed the pixels were a blurry in some areas.

The second time there was not a speaker problem, but if I looked closely at the screen, everything flickered. The pixel problem had gotten much worse.The pixels were completely messed up...It looked like the technology of my iPhone 4s had downgraded to something from the 90's.

More importantly, I discovered when examining my phone more carefully the second time Kyle replaced my screen that the speaker was dirty. I have seen that the speaker is attached to the screen. They are one piece. This means that he had given me a used screen and claimed it was new.

The last time I went there he told me to try restoring my phone to see if that would alleviate the pixel issues I was having....after I did this when I turned on the phone the screen was completely black and stayed that way.

I ended up having more problems after taking my phone to Aggie Tech than before I came. I had to buy a new phone and ultimately spent way more money.


2013-06-19 11:05:16   Seems like they're closed down? Their location has closed with a note saying they're moving and to call 530-638-3243. No one picked up. —Raffiz