This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Davis and Sacramento
Davis Regional Manager: Brian Miller
In Davis since 2003

Tutormatcher was started in 2003 in Davis, CA under the name Aggie Tutors by Craig Shacklett, a UC Davis Sophomore. Craig had tutored a variety of students and subjects while attending high school in the bay area and had earned a reputation from local teachers as someone that could dramatically improve students’ grades and train them to become exceptional students. Aggie Tutors still operates in the Davis region with support from Tutormatcher.

Parents loved having a young tutor/mentor that their children could look to as a role model. Referrals were pouring in and soon Craig had to start turning away potential clients. That’s when he had the idea, “if I hire friendly, likable people and train them to tutor in the same techniques that I used, there would be no limit to how many students we could help.”

Using a stringent selection process, Craig put together a staff of incredibly talented college students and trained them to be exceptional tutors. Using only word-of-mouth advertising, Craig’s new tutoring service expanded to one of the most well-known and respected in the area. We feel that we have perfected the formula for helping our clients become the successful and ambitious students that their parents know they can be. That is why we are bringing this opportunity to your area. Take advantage of your local resources and help your child today!

Other Information:

Hire UC Davis students with cumulative GPAs of no less than 3.5 Match Tutors to Staff via Free initial interview with client Tutor Clients of all ages, Kindergarten to College


25$-30$/Hour for one-on-one in home Group Rate varies from 25-10$/hour per person Discounts Available during Summer College Student Discount Available for those who qualify Referral Discounts


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