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Aikido Institute Davis says their "mission is to promote peaceful and harmonious human relations by disseminating Aikido and similar arts such as Tai Chi and Yoga that foster personal growth and help individuals tune in to the universal spirit".

Aikido Institute Davis is a member of the Takemusu Aikido Association, which is recognized by the Aikido World Headquarters in Japan. Our training curriculum leads to dan (black belt) ranks issued by Headquarters. The Association consist of about 25 schools that promote the teachings of the Founder as passed on to us by his closest disciple, Saito Morihiro Sensei, 9th dan. The association is part of a vast international network of hundreds of dojos that promote Saito Sensei's teaching. Our School is also closely associated with the established Aikido Institute Oakland. For more information, see http://www.takemusu.org/ and http://www.aikidoinstitute.org/.

Kid's classes are Monday and Wednesday nights for ages 8-14 years. The non-competitive atmosphere focuses on awareness, respect, fitness, and fun. You can come by and watch or try a class for free.

We are dedicated to carrying on the teachings of Saito Sensei but also welcome sincere Aikido students of all styles.


Howard Hoa Newens Sensei, chief instructor, has trained and taught Aikido since 1967 and is ranked black belt 7th degree by World Headquarters. He was appointed Shihan (master instructor) in January 2020 by Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba, Throughout the years, Newens Shihan studied with Sensei Dang Thong Phong, 6th dan, Seiichi Sugano, 8th dan, and Morihiro Saito, 9th dan (deceased). Newens Sensei is the former head of Aikido Institute Oakland. In addition to directing Aikido Institute Davis, he currently serves on the Rank Committee of Takemusu Aikido Association, a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting Aikido and peace. He has also trained in Wu Tai Chi and Chi Kung since 1987.

Newens Sensei invites experts of similar arts who share his vision to teach programs and courses at the Institute that supplement the Aikido curriculum.


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