Albert June Plant (1859-1911) was an early Davis resident who helped establish the town; he served as secretary for the first Davisville Chamber of Commerce as well as for the State Farm Promotion Committee. He was very concerned with local affairs, and along with George Pierce, shared an adamant passion to see the University Farm placed in Davisville. As the son of early settler Louis Jefferson Plant, Albert, though born in Bangor, Butte County, lived in Davis for most of his life, although he left briefly for schooling in Sacramento and San Francisco. By 1886 he had come back to Davisville, where he worked as a bookkeeper for Liggett and Drummond's General Store. He formed the Plant Grain and Warehouse business around 1905; it was located at 4th and G Streets. From 1907 to 1908, he was also a Justice of the Peace. He was married to Mary Ellen Borchers in 1888 and had four children with her, one of whom was Forrest A. Plant. In adulthood Forrest Plant would, like his father, have an important role in Davis city government.

A.J. Plant's former home, located at 221 1st Street, is a City Merit Resource that currently serves as a private residence.