Alisa Palma is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2013 ASUCD Election running on the NOW slate.

Candidate Statement

Hey Aggies!

My name is Alisa Palma. I am running for ASUCD Senate with the NOW Slate. I am a 2nd year Economics major with a minor in management. I am from San Ramon, California, and currently a member of the Economics and Business Student Association, as well as the Swim Club at UC Davis. I am also on the Club Finance Council board and the CSI Student Advisory Council where I help allocate a portion of ASUCD’s funds to student organizations.

I want to serve as your next ASUCD Senator so students will better understand where their fees paid to ASUCD are being spent. I will ensure that our student government is responsible with all of its financial expenses.

ADD ACCREDITED PROGRAMS TO EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE I wish to add accredited programs to the ASUCD Experimental College, such as nursing and kinesiology. UC Davis offers many elaborate graduate programs, and yet there are no undergraduate courses for students to gain an interest in pursuing a higher degree in those fields. More importantly, Sac State offers these courses, and I believe implementing them into the Experimental College will help make up for the difference between schools, especially when credits are non-transferable. It is vital that our campus is actively involved with helping students get more engaged with their future.

EXPANDING ON AND OFF CAMPUS COMPOSTING AVAILABILITY I would like to expand composting availability within the Davis community by placing compost bins around the quad, off campus housing such as West Village, and participating Greek houses. Our school’s compost goes straight back into the campus for the agriculture department, as well as other uses. Many people waste food without even realizing it, and by providing more compost bins, students can help the campus go green by giving back to the environment and the campus. Smog has been a prevalent issue arising in California, and compost is a low-cost solution to reducing landfill emissions. Inserting more compost bins will make the campus more sustainable and therefore students would be utilizing their leftovers in helping reduce harmful pollutants.

I am excited to represent you by making changes to this campus in order for every student to gain a better outlook of their future. Please VOTE ALISA PALMA #1 FOR ASUCD SENATE AND NOW#2-6!


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