Alternate Learning, also known as ALRN, was formed in Sacramento in 1977 by frontman and songwriter Scott Miller (guitar, lead vocals), Jozef Becker (later of Thin White Rope) on drums, and Scott Gallawa (guitar, bass). The original members recorded the ALRN EP, released in 1979.

The group moved to Davis in 1978. With the addition of Lynn Ross on keyboards and Carolyn O'Rourke on bass, they played numerous shows at U.C. Davis, the Sacramento area, and San Francisco.

In 1981, drummer Eric Landers and keyboard player Byl Miller replaced Becker, Ross, and Gallawa, and the new lineup recorded a full-length LP, Painted Windows. Members of Alternate Learning also recorded with Steve Wynn (later of Dream Syndicate) under the name "15 Minutes."

Miller disbanded Alternate Learning in 1982, and formed his new band Game Theory, which recorded six studio albums through the 1980s. Several tracks by Alternate Learning appear as bonus tracks on the 2015 reissue of Game Theory's Blaze of Glory.

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