Andrew Bianchi

Andrew was an ASUCD Senator elected in the Winter 2008 ASUCD election with LEAD. In 2009-2010 he was named Greek Man of the Year.

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ASUCD Senate Race 2006

Although he was declared by the F.U.C.K. slate as an unofficial candidate in Winter '05, he never chose to affiliate himself with the organization. After the Winter quarter elections of 2005, he went on to intern for Senator Avi Singh, Independent. During his internship, he learned more about the structure of ASUCD and slate politics and found the drive to run for Senate. Having attended several L.E.A.D. meetings in the Fall of 2005, he decided to join the organization and run on L.E.A.D in the Winter '06 election.

Winter '06 Candidate Statement

I’m Andrew Bianchi, a second year History major from Benicia, California.

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are."

-J. Piermont Morgan

As leaders on campus, we seek to empower the student body to become active and determined to better our community. I want to reestablish legitimacy and integrity to the ASUCD Senate, and encourage anyone interested in those same values to get involved as well. While discourse is beneficial to advancement, action must be taken to improve things, and that is certainly what I intend to do as your ASUCD Senator.

I am currently an ASUCD Gender and Sexuality Commissioner. I have also served as an ASUCD intern for Senator Avi Singh, and started attending Senate meetings Winter quarter my Freshman year. On campus I am active member of Men Acting Against Rape, Davis College Democrats, and volunteer at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Resource Center. I also volunteer for two youth groups, Youth & Government and the YMCA’s middle school Model United Nations program. I have worked at the ARC and currently am employed by the city at the Davis Veteran’s Memorial Center. I intend to use my diverse campus background and knowledge of the Association to improve the campus community by creating a Campus Safety Coalition that will consist of many existing active groups on campus concerned with the issue. I want to establish a KDVS record label, which will benefit everyone in the association, nurture our school’s performers, and provide legitimate business experience. Don’t forget to vote Andrew Bianchi and the rest of the LEAD Candidates into the ASUCD Senate this quarter.

  • I support Andrew Bianchi! Andy B. #1 for senate! -EmilyTung

Official Statement

Hello everybody! My name is Andrew Bianchi and I'm a fourth-year History & International Relations major. I’ve been very involved in ASUCD over the past couple years, and feel more ready than ever to represent you on ASUCD Senate. I am the out-going President of the Interfraternity Council. I serve as Student Rep. on the Campus Media Board, the administrative advisory committee for the California Aggie and KDVS 90.3. I am a member of Order of Omega honor society, and active in my fraternity's national organization. I am a Supervisor at the Coffee House, and I just started working with the Speaker's Bureau for the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on LGBTI Issues. My ASUCD experience is extensive; I have served on the Gender and Sexuality Commission and chaired the Business and Finance Commission. If elected, I will use my experience to represent ALL students to the best of my ability.

I will work to increase transparency in Academic Senate to get students informed and engaged with what is going on regarding campus educational and administrative policy. Academic Senate makes crucial decisions regarding academic requirements, and it is important that students are aware of the changes made to their degree requirements and how fees are allocated by the University.

I will engage downtown businesses and the city by reviving the Campus/City Entertainment Partnership to bring more entertainment and events downtown. This is a partnership that needs to be codified, and I will push for more collaboration between the Entertainment Council and the respective city departments.

I have the experience. I have the ideas. I have the passion and the dedication. All I need is your help and your vote. Please vote me, Andrew Bianchi, #1 for ASUCD Senate! Thank you!


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2008-02-29 23:37:06   did you really used to work at the Veterans Memorial Center? because I work there currently, though not for much longer... —ChrisDietrich

2008-03-03 14:48:49   Yes, I worked there sophomore year. —AndrewBianchi