In 2010, Angie changed the name of her salon from Angie's Beauty Salon to Angie's Hair Salon. The salon is at the same location and phone number. The text below is retained for historical purposes only — click on the link of the new salon for updated information.

617 G Street #A4
across from the Co-op
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 9am-5pm

Angie's Beauty Salon is a full-service beauty salon and is one of several Hair Salons and Barber Shops in Davis. Hair cuts are $15 for men and $17 and up for women. They do highlights, deep conditions, full color and waxing. Walk-ins are welcome.

In February of 2006 Angie's underwent a significant remodel. The business now occupies the front of the building, in addition to the side it had before. Furthermore, they appear to have more windows, new floors, new paint— it looks drastically better. Dare I say, like a "real" salon.

In 2010, Silvia, Anamaria, and Mela, who had been stylists at Angie's Beauty Salon, opened up their own salon Expressions Hair Design.

To learn about other businesses in Davis that provide professional aesthetic services, visit our Beauty Salons and Barber Shops page.

How was your experience at Angie's?

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2005-11-03 00:22:56   I highly recommend this place the people are really great the prices are remarcable. They are highly skilled profesionals. I came to them with a horrible hair cut that i was give to by roxies which i payed to much for and they fixed it even better than i expected. They do exactly what you want. The salon is very home like so you feel comfortable. I recomend Anamaria she is wonders with color. —SarahMiller

2006-01-01 00:02:02   Haircuts are great they always do what you ask for. they specialized on highlights, I started going since they open,I have never had any problems. Every where I go make make great comments on my highlights. I really recommend you to try it. angellica torres —AngelicaTorres

2006-03-02 17:07:54   I loved the haircut I got here! Do not be fooled by its ooutward appearence these people are REALLY REALLY great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —JenniferDhaliwal

2006-03-05 13:36:08   I had a great experience here. It's a very casual atmosphere, but they do a great job. I'd suggest bringing photos or pictures of what you'd like to have done, and you can't beat the prices. They also take walk-ins regularly. —KatieBauer

2006-04-17 21:31:34   I love Angies all of the girls are wonderful and the remodel looks great. —JackieCaro

2006-06-27 15:08:05   After having my haircut ruined at another salon in another state, I decided to go for a cheap haircut in case they couldn't fix it I wouldn't be out too much. Angie's did a great job, I don't know her name but the owner did my hair and it looked great, she worked with the messed up layers and it ended up looking exactly how I had explained it. She was kind of hard to understand with her hispanic accent, but she knows what she doing and she definitely could get away with charging more for how talented she is. —HillaryLaFever

2006-08-05 22:23:53   I got a fabulous haircut here. I decided to go for a new look and it went here based on the great reviews and the stylist did what I wanted and she told me how to maintain my style. I highly recommend this place. —PattyLouieJunior

2006-08-10 13:29:08   I just got a haircut there and it was the WORST haircut experience I have ever had! They didn't wash my hair, which was surprising, but not a big deal if the haircut had turned out good. Then the woman cutting my hair kept talking to her coworker the entire time - I felt like I had to remind her that I was there so she wouldn't forget what she was doing! All I wanted was for the layers in my hair to be evened out a little, but she made them so much worse, now I have one extremely short layer and one extremely long layer. I definitely will not go back. —DieterZamboni

2006-08-18 14:58:08   After moving to Davis I consulted daviswiki for a salon when my hair started to look a little bushy. I usually pay $55 a cut and it takes my stylist like 2 hours to cut my freakin' hair. I went down to Angie's (30 minutes notice for an appointment) and got a wonderful cut for $13! Sweet! —JackeryRoehrig

2006-09-14 15:56:55   I like this place! They charge very little for good hair cuts. Everyone was very friendly and they didn't require a hair-washing. —RathyMarie

2006-09-20 14:01:27   I was looking for a decent priced hair salon and gave Angies a try. I only paid 90$ got three different hair colors put in and a cut. This is the best price I have ever had for the quality of work she did. Angie was fast and efficient, I was very pleased. It was also fun to listen to all the Espanol. —SonjaSchaff

2007-01-15 21:20:40   I went in today to cut off 10" of hair for Locks of Love. The woman (Angie, I believe), was amazing. She knew exactly what I wanted and the cut was PERFECT. She knew exactly how to make my hair do exactly what I wanted it to! You might want to make an appointment, though. Also, haircuts are now $14 and up. Mine cost $16 for a shoulder-length cut with some layering. —MeganCleary

2007-03-08 15:35:58   I went in today to layer my hair and it turned out perfect! The lady didn't talk much but I like that she was just concentrating on my hair. For just the layers it cost me $16. —NicoleBush

2007-04-02 22:53:37   Angie’s was recently joined by another great profesional stylist, Mela. She has been cutting my hair for the last seven years. I know her since she used to work at We Care Hair, and let me tell you every time I think I can trust my hair to someone else I always go back to her so she can fix it. —CarlosAlvarado

2007-04-18 18:26:45   Cut/Color. The staff was exceptional the best experience out of many salon I have been to. Everyone was extremely friendly and I absolutely love my hair! —MeagnOwens

2007-05-04 15:53:59   I went to Angie's today just to have the dead ends trimmed off (there were a lot in many layers) and she did a fantastic job! I am trying to grow out my layers, all of which had dead ends and she got rid of them all. And the price: $16! Well, it's hard to beat the service for the price! —AmberMacdonald

2007-05-04 15:54:18   Oh, and Angie was my stylist. —AmberMacdonald

2007-06-01 22:28:25   I really enjoy the atmosphere I got my hair cut they dry and style it too Anamarie I think she is the owner was my stylist I really like my cut the price great I recomend Anamarie. —teresa

2007-06-09 12:12:25   I went a couple of years ago and had a good experience. I went again today, and it was great. I didn't even have an appointment, but I didn't have to wait at all, and my hair looks cute. —KateBaker

2007-08-03 15:13:08   I read all the rave reviews, so I popped over to try out Angie's for myself. I don't know who my stylist was, but I didn't like my experience. My stylist kept dropping the combs and spilled something all over at one point and had to stop to clean it up. Also, she did the one thing that annoys me the most: she parted my hair in the middle to cut it. Now it looks odd when I return it to its natural part on the side. Yes, it was inexpensive at $16, but I was not impressed with the service, nor am I happy with my cut. —LauraKaroly

2007-09-07 01:30:18   EXCELLENT HAIR CUTS!!!!i HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.Everyone do a great job and is only $14.00 dollars for mens all the girls are very nice . —thomasdimer


2007-10-04 22:40:14   Very happy with all the hair dresses everyone there is really nice. Great hair cuts and fantastic sense of humor. A guys is only $14.00 dollars for hair cuts. —davidchang

2007-11-18 17:10:04   I had a wonderful expeience at Angies salon . If you're a guy came to this salon.Walk-ins are welcome and I've never waited long time —Franktovar

2007-12-19 01:56:43   I went on a Monday around 1pm and it was busy. I had to wait an hour. Majority of the clientele (at least at the time I went) were older women getting their hair dyed or whatever. Although the person who worked on me was friendly, I did not like my hair cut. At first, my hair was cut unevenly, and after I had told her what to do to fix it, results were still bad. I would have been better off cutting it myself. Do what another person had suggested above, and bring in a picture for them to see. Otherwise, don't expect them to create something that would look "good" on you. —at86

2008-01-31 11:30:20   Atmosphere was very relaxed. The haircut was decent, a little choppy. After reading all the great comments, I was expecting more. It felt like I had to guide my stylist and tell her exactly what to do. Decent experience, nothing worth raving about. Probably won't go back. —JennaChen

2008-04-30 10:51:46   Great haircut for only 16 bucks! :) I had Sylvia do mine and it came out really, really well. I've never been there for hair dye jobs but a friend of mine has aka SonjaSchaff and her hairs always cute. —simplyg00d

2008-07-16 23:51:47   I had a great hair cut this is my 2th time Anamaria cut my hair and I loved .I really recommend you .If you don't like to wait you can make and appointment too. —marissacampos

2008-10-10 17:14:00   I had my hair cut by Sylvia my first time. She isn't really good at layering my hair and she doesn't know how to cut side bangs. It was presentable but nothing great. My roommate got her haircut by Angie and it looked really good on her. So I went to Angie the second time. Angie asked me who cut my hair before because the layers were uneven but I didn't tell her it was Sylvia. Go to Angie if you're looking for a better haircut... but I won't come back here again. I think Connie from Kosmos is significantly better at cutting modern hair. —PSL

2008-10-23 21:21:43   I just got a great cut like always. Everybody is fantastic I like this place they are very professionals.I highly recommend this place. —trinni

2008-10-24 21:28:11   **AMAZING**

I moved to Davis from SF to attend UCD about 3years ago. For the first few months I was here, I traveled back to SF just to get my hair done. (If you're looking for someone in SF, email me... I know JUST the right girl!). But that got expensive. So I decided to go to Angie's because of the good reviews it got, and was recommended by a friend.

I have been going to Angies for over 3 years now, and I never want to go anywhere else. I found the perfect place for me that can handle my college budget!

I have to tell all of you that it truly is a GREAT place! It is a very friendly and relaxing environment. They make you feel at home the second you walk in the door, and the quality of the service is tremendous. whether it's a hair cut or coloring, you always come out looking fabulous. that's true with all of the stylists. i have had my hair cut by at least 3 of the stylists, and i have never disliked how it was cut. they are very good about talking with you first and discussing what you want. even as they are cutting, they check to make sure it is to your liking and are willing to make any changes. and when you're done, everyone compliments you on how great you look. granted, i'm sure that's part of promoting the biz, but they are always very genuine about it. the pricing is **VERY** reasonable. overall, this place is a very fun and comfortable environment. Trust me if you go you will always be in good hands.



2009-02-02 19:37:38   just went today. got my hair cut by Mela. She's very nice and very gentle with my hair. She concentrated on the style I wanted and discussed lengths of shortness with me. I recommend this place for affordable and comfort. I had long hair and chopped into something short and simple with bangs. all for $17. plus, I'm glad they take walk in. I just walked in and got my haircut :) —ChiYang

2009-02-14 16:20:35   My friend and I were looking for inexpensive haircuts in Davis. We were able to walk right in and be seen immediately, which is not what I'm used to (I usually make appointments). The place is kinda small and looks like a house, which was offsetting until we peeked into the window and saw that all the stylists had cute hair (which is how I judge the quality of salons). Usually I have trouble finding a decent stylist because I am a woman who prefers very short spiky hair, which is hard to do correctly (you need a razor, etc) and I'm used to paying $30+ for good cuts. The woman who cut my hair here did just as good a job as any expensive place, and for $15 (she gave me a $2 discount for having short hair). I was very impressed. I picked out a picture and she helped me customize it to what I wanted my hair to look like, and it was exactly what I wanted. I will definitely go back. Don't be turned off by it looking small, by people looking like they aren't busy, or by the fact that everyone in there speaks Spanish constantly (though I speak a little bit of Spanish, so for me it felt homey). I'm very pleased to have found a good stylist on a college student budget. Oh, and my friend loves her haircut too. —philoinferno

2009-02-17 22:27:24   update******* I actually won't be back to this location, my haircut grew out very quickly last time due to the poor cutting and their prices keep rising. —simplyg00d

2009-02-27 22:54:11   I love my hair cut just what I want!and only $17 dollars. —tomasa

2009-04-27 15:39:31   Just went two days ago. I got somebody to cut my hair right when I walked in.. The lady did a nice job. Not too talkative (so not distracting herself), yet very careful to follow directions and always ask before doing something drastic. I'm Korean and used to go to Korean hair salons in LA, but there were non in Davis.. I went to New Fashion Salon a few months ago and the cut was okay (not too bad) but they really gave me TOO MUCH layers, my hair was messy! But now, I got rid of all my layers at Angie's. I love it! At New Fashion, I specifically asked for little layers but she gave me so much, so Angie's was heaven for me! I highly recommend here. They follow directions well and it's so cheap! Only $17 for a haircut! —YuJinChoi

2009-04-30 22:09:10   What I can said I love my hair cut and I pay only $17 dollars new style new look soooo great. —anny

2009-05-26 02:18:18   AMAZING the best haircut I have ever had. The ladies are super nice and not only is it a great cut but it feels like you are only in there for a few minutes. —ddavis

2009-06-08 02:28:28   A friend recommended this place, and I went due to the cheap pricing. The salon looks nice and homely inside, the stylists spoke spanish the entire time. They weren't the friendliest, but whatever. The haircut was EXTREMELY quick - I asked for layers, and I barely saw any. I won't be going back here, ever again. —shopaholic

2009-06-12 11:15:28   I have gone to Angie's several times in that past and was satisfied with my hair cut for the price I paid. Recently I went in without an appointment and Slyvia cut my hair. I had a picture of what I wanted (which was a long bob with side swept bangs) and when she finished, I ended up looking like Kate from Jon & Kate + 8. Not what I wanted. Short of that, it didn't look good or even. I had to fix it myself with scissors at home. I should have asked for my money back. Angie is much better. I highly recommend her. Avoid Sylvia. She seems unhappy like she doesn't like her job and maybe needs to move on to another career. —JenniferGreen

2009-08-24 21:21:42   The place got remodeled a couple of years ago and it looks great. They always make you feel welcomed even without an appointment and try to fit you in their tight schedule. They are really nice and ususally talk among each other wich makes you think they enjoy being there. I can not believe how low are the prices. I have long curly hair and use three tones of color which takes close to three hours to do. It always takes me a week ahead appointment and close to $300 at other salons and they did it here for $100 the moment I walked in. The results were identical to other expensive salons. I highly recommend this place. I also witnessed a very annoying and moody girl doing her hair there for her brother's wedding and Sylvia was extremely nice, and accomodating, making all the changes she requested. The girl brought a picture and decided during the service that she wanted to do several changes from the original picture. The girl looked really happy at the end, and I could not believe how much time, effort, and patience Sylvia put into making her happy for the very low price they charged her. —Maga

2009-09-26 16:32:32   Angie is a professional. My hair are thick and curly and many hair salons don't know how to cut this type of hair. Angie cut them so fast(25 minutes I was out)and she did exactly what I wanted + she straighten them and its only for 17$. She is the best hair stylist I have experienced in US so far. Thank you Angie! —Adelina

2009-10-28 20:50:38   My husband was a customer there and was very dissatisfied, He answered his cell phone when I called him for a medical emergency and was charged $5. The owner was rude and obnoxious. Not a great cut either. Buyer beware. —kbowen100

"2010-01-09 15:12:12"   I saw this place across the street when I was at the Co-Op and decided to try it out, especially seeing that they only charge $15 for a haircut! I made an appointment for the next day and was very satisfied with the service. They were ready for me when I got there and the haircut took only 15 minutes. I've got long curly hair and they styled it really well, especially given the price and amount of time it took. I guess for women's cuts it must be $17, because that's what my final price was but hey, that's pretty great! I'll definitely be going back from here on out. —mlesblues

2010-03-14 16:55:30   I went there a while back and took in a picture that came from one of those hair magazine (that even had instructions attach to it with what to ask for). I showed the pic to Anamaria b/c she was the one doing my hair and restated the specifics from the magazine cutout. She glanced at it for a second then set it down, never looking at it again, and gave me a completely different cut that was choppy and uneven. Sure their prices are cheap, but you get what you pay and crappy service. I'm better off getting my hair cut for free at those beauty school, at lease they do an accurate job in following instructions and requests. Not surprise they're closing, we'll see how their new business do if the service stays the same. —kikao

2010-03-15 21:59:01   I highly recommend this place i like all the girls everyone thats my hair for years and i always happy and all the times i changes my style . —Estelamantoya

2010-03-26 11:20:58   The worst haircut I've ever had!! I have thick, long straight hair and I asked my stylist - Angie - to put some layers in so that it didn't look too flat and straight. I even brought a photo of what I wanted my hair to look like. Should have been a simple, pretty generic layered cut. She proceeded to razor cut layers that started up by my ears and left the bottom of my hair super thin and straggly. I literally cried when I got home and looked at my hair. It took months to grow out and look semi-normal. Also, during the cut she talked to her coworker/friend the whole time and pretty much ignored me until the end. —AmyLeigh

2010-04-20 08:30:31   I just got my hair cut yesterday************* Fabulous*************** I got exactly what I asked for and my hair looks great! I had got to anthor place last week and they did a horrible job, but Anamaria I belive was her name fixed it! I was soooo relieved! The place was kid of small but I guess who cares when your hair comes out looking GREAT!

I will be returning! —JessicaMorgan

2010-04-27 16:33:56   I have long hair and I got my hair cut here recently. Angie is nice, shop is great, prices are great, but unfortunately, one of the stylists cut my hair too short. This is the second time this has happened in Davis, I'm just posting this so people see that no shop is perfect. —Darkfallin

2010-05-05 17:14:44   I've been here 3 times. The first 2 times I brought in a picture and explained how I wanted my hair done. I don't remember who did my hair, but she only got the basic shape of the hairstyle from the picture, and not much else. I went again today without a picture, and explicitly said several times that I wanted side-swept bangs. She didn't seem to know what those were and didn't quite cut my bangs the way I wanted. Thankfully, they still turned out okay when I went back home to adjust and style them myself.

In short, go here because they're friendly and cheap, but not if you're looking for a new style. —AlishaTran

2010-05-16 04:36:34   I've been here about 5 times total, maybe 4, but out of those times I had 3 bad haircuts and with 3 different ladies. They're great and friendly, but don't really talk to you and instead to each other. In Spanish. I've brought in pictures and one picture had a bunch of layers. The woman removed all of my layers and I ended up with a straight, boring haircut. I looked like Donna from That 70's Show. Not fun. I ended up going elsewhere to get it fixed. —HannahFolkes

2010-08-08 14:17:56   Angie is amazing! I have had my hair cut multiple times here. I bring in a picture and she does it really quick and straightens my hair after for only $17. I used to pay over $60 for the same cut at pure beauty. Angie is wonderful and I will keep going to this place after I leave Davis. —serafina

2011-02-16 My husband and I have been going to this salon for 10 years. Angie is a very good hair dresser and her prices are fair. The salon in not stuffy but very welcoming. —LuzCamacho