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617 G Street #A4
across from the Co-op
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 9am-5pm
method of payment
cash, check, or any major credit card

Angie's Hair Salon, formerly known as Angie's Beauty Salon, is a full-service beauty salon. It is one of several Hair Salons and Barber Shops in Davis. Hair cuts are $15 for men and $17 and up for women. They do color and/or highlights, perms, deep conditions and waxing. Walk-ins are welcome.

Same owner (Angie), same location, same phone number with a slight different name for her Salon.

To learn about other businesses in Davis that provide professional aesthetic services, visit our Beauty Salons and Barber Shops page.

How was your experience at Angie's?

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2010-08-08 14:17:56   Angie is amazing! I have had my hair cut multiple times here. I bring in a picture and she does it really quick and straightens my hair after for only $17. I used to pay over $60 for the same cut at pure beauty. Angie is wonderful and I will keep going to this place after I leave Davis. —serafina

2010-08-12 01:36:56   I don't know about the new management, But I went in January/Feburary of 2010 and it was the worst haircut I have ever received. A straight forward bob. I even let her choose the length. Not only did she not wash my hair, she bluntly cut my hair and left me with chunky layers and uneven bangs. I didn't ask her to fix it. I paid her and went straight to another salon. —HonestJane

2010-08-24 22:39:00   Serafina is totally right... when she states that Angie is amazing! I'm one of these people that likes changing their look all the time, from coloring to highlights; longer hair to shorter, sometimes different color extensions and different style cuts. And everytime Angie just understands what I want. and like every good stylist Angie gives me feed back on what products best suits my hair to have healthy hair. —ElizabethL

2010-08-24 22:40:52   Also wanted to add, that if you haven't been there since May; the place looks totally different from the inside! —ElizabethL

2010-09-10 11:29:40   I have been going to Angie for 3 years now and absolutely love her! She is very fast, inexpensive, and does great highlights and cuts. My boyfriend also goes to her and says she is the best! I worked in a salon in san diego for 5 years so I am very picky when it comes to hairstylists....I highly recommend angie! —dpvballr

2010-10-16 17:42:35   It was not that great......My hair was cut way too short, much more than what I asked for and she didn't even try to talk to me. But the worst part is that it only took her 5mins to do it too. It was cheap for a reason, I think I'm going back to the other hair salons in Davis. —JoJoBells

2010-11-07 22:24:55   Not worth it (at least for girls). 'Nuff said. DON'T GO THERE. —EunahOh

2011-07-16 01:54:15   There are a lot of 'elitist' salons in Davis. Maybe some of these women went to other salons where they were soothed with wine and pricey lists of services, and they left feeling a bit numb and very flattered, and I think that can be fun too! I like Angie because her salon is clean, she always looks impeccable, she always treats me with respect (never talks about the other salons in davis, never asks questions), gives me a great haircut, and only charges me 17 dollars. Worthy of a 20 percent tip! I forgot to mention, she is always smiling, and her salon is ALWAYS busy! Also, if you want a good haircut, do a little homework about what style is best for you before you head for the stylist; then you always will be (mostly!) in control of your haircut's destiny! It's not like you're bound and gagged, sister!:) —MT

2011-12-09 08:45:15   I'm getting loads of compliments on my latest hair cut at Angie's. For $17 plus tip, I've gotten a really fantastic cut. It's hard for a lot of people to give up their expensive hair cuts and try something cheaper, but Angie is miles above Supercuts. She talked with me about how my last (very expensive) hair cut wasn't working for me and did a great job of fixing it and still giving it some edge. Loved the straightening at the end, too! That's actually something I can replicate at home, rather than the admittedly awesome but impossible to duplicate blowout and style I receive after a more expensive cut and shampoo. Angie and her family are also incredibly sweet people and make you feel right at home. I'm so glad I took the plunge! I'll definitely be back. —LilyS

  • 2012-04-11 Just took the plunge and got highlights here, too. Best money I ever spent on my hair! For $80 Angie did partial (but really closer to full) highlights, toner, and a trim. Great product, and the color turned out amazing because she really took the time to make sure she knew exactly what I wanted. I'm hooked! —LilyS

2012-07-30 17:43:16   I showed her a picture that was about a year old of myself and asked to get bangs just like the picture and a trim for the rest. She barely glanced at the photo before cutting my hair. She finished in 5 minutes but it wasn't what I asked for. She keeps saying its just like the picture but it was completely different, in length and type of bangs. While she was cutting and drying my hair, she was very rough when she brushed it and could feel the hairs being pulled out of my scalp. She burned my ear while straightening, and still cutting even after she said she was done and had put me in the styling station. The end results were nice, but not what I asked for. If you don't know exactly what you want, then she would be an adequate hair stylist to see. —Angelaarpaia

2015-02-10 23:28:27   I was sitting in the chair for approximately 8 minutes. Total. I made an appointment but she apparently overbooked and tried to squeeze me in between many other people. She didn't ask me any questions, and only changed things when I made specific requests. This is a great place if you want to get overcharged, be finished in ten minutes, and don't actually care what your hair looks like. Definitely don't go here if you have any introvert in you. —nutrigrad