I did a fairly large rewrite today, following a few back and forth edits this week. Tried to retain all the original information and as much balance as I could. The reasoning behind my edits are as follows:

1) Tried to maintain some chronological order to the text. At one point there was a revision that placed some of her media statements after the pepper spray event more towards the top. I have moved this down, and moved the paragraph that talks about the actual pepper spraying back towards the top. My intention is to make it more readable for future readers who may be less familiar with the incident. Trying to not let anything get buried though. There is significant information about the pepper spray by the end of the second paragraph.

  • In general, I like it. At one point, my concern was that the most notable point got buried. I might have moved it to the first paragraph, but this is a nice writeup in my view. -jw

2) There were a number of repeated statements regarding her placement on administrative leave, and subsequent resignation. Combined this stuff to make less redundant.

3) Toned down some of the more editorial copy in both directions for greater readability, and just because that's how I roll.

Comment or revise as needed.