The term Antiques designates a class of consumer good that is generally old. "Antiquing" is the shopping hobby of scouting around flea markets and garage sales in hopes of finding a serendipitous bargain. "Antiquing" is also the woodworking technique of distressing an item so as to give the appearance of being well worn from age and use. "Antique" items differ from "vintage" by wording custom; clothes are vintage, furniture is antique. An antique store is also not a consignment store; consignment is a middleman between seller and buyer, whereas antiques vendors are the direct seller. Antique stores contain a variety of wares. This typically includes a lot of wooden items—furniture like dining tables with chairs, end tables, coffee tables, dressers, sideboard hutches, plant stands, Hoosier cabinets, bookshelves. There are often lamps, bowls on crocheted doilies, paintings in frames, silverplate decorative bowls, sterling silver spoons, pressed glass items, and sets of dinnerware, teacups, and wineglasses. Sometimes there are old books, musical instruments, or costume jewelry—it depends on the preferences of the proprietor as to what goods are stocked. It is fairly likely that there will be artificial fruit somewhere in the store.

As a timeline rule of thumb: if it belonged to your great-grandparents, it's probably antique. Your grandparents' things may or may not be antiques. Things from the 1940s onwards are vintage at best, and are probably more likely to be found at a consignment shop.

Some antique stores have more modern collectible items, such as tin plate signs, model cars, model airplanes, ceramic figurines, and gift goods, like towels, stationery, soaps, and lotion.

There are several places you can purchase antiques in/around Davis. You can also view them at Museums.

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