Photo by Ellen Zagory The sign at the entrance

Corner of 1st Street and E Street. In Davis Commons to the left of Borders.
7 days a week 8AM-8PM

The Arboretum Terrace Garden and Lois Crowe Patio is a Mediterranean-style garden for California's Central Valley, featuring vine-covered pergolas, decorative paving, and cooling fountains. Visitors can learn about Valley-wise gardening: how to create a beautiful garden, reduce their use of water, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and provide a refuge for birds and butterflies, using Arboretum All-Stars plants and garden techniques adapted to local growing conditions. The patio is named for Lois Crowe, an Arboretum docent with a special interest in Mediterranean garden style.

There are plenty of chairs and tables to study at. It is sandwiched between E Street and the train tracks. The Arboretum Terrace is especially busy during weekends and on days with nice weather. Kids especially like to play around the fountains.


Photo by Ellen Zagory The composting demonstration Information Display


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2011-07-24 16:10:38   Previously enjoyed this spot very much, but on Saturday was grossed out by multiple condom wrappers littering the back area and a used condom stuck to one table. —VincentFox

2012-01-01 23:42:40   This place seems to be frequently closed-off since Borders disappeared, which is a shame; I used to frequent the terrace and do sketches here, 'twas one of the rather peaceful and relaxing spots in-town. —MikeFolf