The building is now owned by Cooks Collision.

This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


1665 Research Park Drive
Next to Applebee's
Monday-Friday 7:30AM-5:30PM
Saturday 9:30AM-3:30PM
(530) 753-4801
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Milind Joshi
Since 1982, New Owners Since Spring 2008
Payment Method(s)
All Major Credit Cards, Checks, and Cash!

Asian Auto Care was an independent auto repair shop specializing in Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus and Subaru. They claimed to do all work except for factory warranty and recalls, which they sent people to the dealership for. They claimed they could do all necessary work while completely maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty. They used only genuine factory parts, and factory recommended repair procedures. They had all necessary tools and expertise to service your vehicle. They offered friendly, high-quality service and repairs since 1982 with new owner Milind Joshi stepping in in Spring 2008.

Mission Statement: To raise the standard of automotive services based on honesty, integrity, and exceptional customer care.

The 5 Star Promise

  1. To correctly diagnose your problem when you bring in your car then proceed to correct it, paying attention to the fine details and advising you of any potential problems we might notice while servicing your vehicle.

  2. To explain our findings of your car care needs in an easy to understand way so you have proper knowledge. Whenever possible, also offering you multiple choices of brands for parts or alternative ways of solving your problems.

  3. We strive to maintain a clean and comfortable environment to discuss your vehicle while visiting our shop. Should your repair take just a short time, you'll find multiple choices of reading material, including the daily newspaper, multiple choices of magazines for various lifestyles and a complimentary cup of coffee.

  4. We realize your vehicle is an investment and treat it with the same care we do our own. We always use drop cloths specifically designed to protect the paint while working on your car. We use paper mats to insure no grease gets into your carpet. We use uniform services with daily changes for our technicians to dress accordingly. Our mechanics regularly wash their hands, using biodegradable soaps and towels. Our goal is to give your car back to you in BETTER condition, not only mechanically, but cosmetically, as well!

  5. We understand that people rate going to the mechanics right down there with the dentist as your least favorite place to go. We go the extra mile to make your experience a pleasurable one. We maintain complete computerized records for every car we service. We attempt to always have your car completed on time. We'll take you to and from work or school while your car is in our possession. Our satisfaction comes from seeing your smile each and every time you visit Asian Automotive. We truly want to see you smile!

Asian Advantage

  • 2 year/24,000 miles warranty parts and labor
  • All factory recommended maintenance
  • Honest consultation
  • Free local shuttle
  • Free loaner car with any major service
  • Car fixed properly the first time
  • Best value for your money
  • Also see the Comment Archive that contains comments relating to prior owner.


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2008-08-07 08:59:48   The website has coupons for $15 off smog check, $5 off brake service and some other deals. —TinaBorjas

2008-08-18 11:47:56   i had a full brake job done and major servicing on my mazda RX8, i got great service and the car was ready the next day. the owner and front desk were really friendly and knowledgeable, they even shuttled me to and from school. i felt that thier pricing was fair and i really liked the 2 year warrenty they included. —achilipepper

2008-08-27 14:44:02   I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, not even my worst enemy. They forgot to put over 9 screws back into the bottom cowlings that attatches to the bumper and the frame of my car after I went there for an oil change. The cowling proceeded to fall off my car and drag on the road (I was lucky it didn't hit my wheels and cause an accident). When I went back and told them what happened they blamed me for it. They said I must have driven over something and caused the screws to fall out myself (There were scratches on the bottom of my car, probably from when I went up to Tahoe the year before) and that even if it was their fault they wouldn't have bought me a new cowling because it's an old car. They said that I couldn't prove they did it. I'd never recommend their place to anyone. —SamanthaM

2008-11-10 23:04:14   Overall experience is VERY NEGATIVE!!!! DON"T GO HERE!!! DON"T GO HERE!!! So this is what happened... It was my first time into Asian Autos, and I was greet with polite services and complementary full brake service (as stated on their web site) on top of the services I requested, which is a Starter Diagnose. I also asked for the price for a oil change before I left the shop after handing them the key to my car. Next day I went back, they said they estimated my service on replacement of a Starter to be at $450+ and a brake replacement service at $350+, plus a whole lot of other charges; when I can get those services else where for half the price, and I consulted another mechanic, and he quoted me at $280 plus other charges that Asian Auto mentioned are unnecessary fixings or overpriced. That was Friday, and I couldn't get back to them before they were close, so I had to wait until Monday (since they are closed during weekend). I went back in the morning of Monday to request to take away my car that was currently on the hangar and agree to pay for the diagnose of $105. Milind, who is the owner (i believe), told me the total is $140, which includes the oil change. I immediately told him that I did not request for an oil change, I simply asked for the price of the service. He responded, "Well, the service is done, so you need to pay for it" (referring to the oil change). I refuse to pay for the oil change service because i never requested such service to be done to my car, and I told him that i will still pay for the diagnostic as that is the only service that i have requested to be done to my car. And he raised his voice and said "FINE! I don't want your business; Don't ever come here again; I don't want to deal with CHEAP customer like YOU", while pointing at me. I got back my car, and they pushed it out to the street saying that it cannot stay in the parking lot of Asian Autos. Later that day, I towed my car to another shop within Davis, and the people in this shop told me that the screws/bolts were not screwed back onto the Starter, and some of the wires connecting to the Starter were jabbed into the battery tray. After hearing that, I am once again ensured that I did NOT get a satisfying services from Asian Autos. I would not recommend this place to anybody who need the car fix or diagnose or anything because they charge you at overprice, services are unsatisfactory, very irresponsible (referring to the screws and bolts above), and as you can see above, the owner is mean and rude. I have never seen a owner that would insult their customer. As an owner, I believe no matter what sort of disagreements that he/she may get into with a customer, there is no need for insulting words to attack the customer. PLEASE, for those who need their car to be diagnose or fixing, they may seems very nice in the initial meeting, but they do get nasty with words and irresponsible with the jobs. DON'T GO HERE!!! There are places that are cheaper in Davis, and promise the same quality services, in a better manor.



2008-11-14 11:51:57   I feel like this place went down hill after tim and alex left... when tim and alex were there... they were the best - never overcharged, and were always done when they said they'd be.... I had a very bad experience when I went back and met the new guys... they tried to overcharge me for things I didn't need, and it took forever for them to just give me car back.. ugh!! —lizsmith

2008-11-15 17:25:15   this page reeks of cheap advertisement.. davis wiki please pull this page!!!!! i second that this company was far better with tim, who always provided great service and the blonde girl whos name i cant remeber. —crash

  • Yes, this page reads more like an advertisement right now. You however are an editor and can make an attempt to improve the quality of the page by hitting the edit button and rearranging, adding, and adjusting content so that it reflects a higher standard. —JasonAller

2009-01-22 19:15:09   DO NOT GO HERE TO GET YOUR CAR REPAIRED!!! All of this is coming from a former employee of the shop. Milind, the manager of the shop for 3 years, is an absolute liar and has been running through numerous techs because no one wants to work for him. he currently has one experienced tech and one smog tech. The smog tech keeps all of the profits from the smogs and, in return, helps the other tech out when the shop is busy. Scott, the smog tech, knows nothing about repairing cars and usually messes the car up worse than before but blames everything on the customer when they bring it back. The experienced tech, Iram, knows his stuff but practices illegal repairs encouraged by Milind because the shop is going down the drain. They prey on young college girls who know nothing about cars. One example i witnessed was a girl who brought in her honda accord (apparently she was a repeat customer because repairs weren't done correctly but she didnt know any better) and the tech found a hole in one of the hoses. Milind called the customer and told her she needed all of her hoses replaced and upsold other repairs costing her around $500. The tech proceeded to do the repairs while telling me he despised it but he gets paid either way to do them. This is the main reason cars stay in the shop for weeks because he takes his time and there is only one true tech working there. He also told me false upselling is the major reason other techs never stay too long. Milind even fired a service writer because he wasn't upselling like he wanted him to. The entire business is fake and dishonest. You'll notice they don't have any prices when you walk in the door because they adjust it accordingly. i'm just letting everyone know because this shop has to be aired out. Don't bring your car there because they are rude to customers like crepelover explained and they will lie to anyone just to steal your money. —MilindIsALiar

2009-02-03 14:49:56   We have had both our cars serviced there for the past 3 years (and I drive 1500 miles per week on a very regular basis) and never had any complains about the service or problems with the staff and /or the owner of the business.

I think it is unfair of a disgruntled ex-employee to lash out like that. If that is how you would like to revenge yourself for probably self inflicted stuffing up of your employment.... you poor baby! How simple minded can you be!

Also because I happen to know that they do give you credit and the benefit of the doubt in case of a mistake (or even two) after all we are all human and we all do make mistakes whether we like it or not, but if you make too many.... what else do you expect them to do..... duh!

Maybe you should get some more training before you get another job in the industry, as you are likely to be a dangerous employee for any employer out there.

Ever heard about liability? And even though that comes with taking a job in this industry, ultimately it lays with the employer, so you are basically playing with the boss's livelyhood every day you show up for work! Ever thought of it that way? Probably not, huh! This is something you will not be able to grasp I guess. You just keep making mistakes and blame others for it, cry baby cry!

Comments like yours should be purged and left unpublished, if you really have a case (as you call him a liar, a cheater and basically unprofessional) take it to court if you have the guts.... (probably not, that's why you use a synonym).

PS. Had you stuck around a little longer with less mistakes I may have had the honor of meeting you, now I am plain happy you never serviced one of our cars, that's for sure! Thank got, I am still alive and therefore I can reply to you rubbishing AAC.

Good luck with your future employment, tell your future boss to call me, Milind has my number! My name is Jan B. —lottumorbust

2009-02-03 20:15:56's funny how all of your posts only correspond to asian auto and you seem to know everything that goes on behind the scenes. Is milind your relative or something? it's also kinda funny how you've had your cars serviced there for the past 3 years SINCE MILIND TOOK OVER right? it does sound a little suspicious to me. I could be lying but it's not like any of the other comments are praising the wonderful work they do there. You can also check the comment archive and find out that the service has always been crappy under their previous aliases.

P.S. Changing the name of the shop and painting it over isnt gonna fool customers into believing its really changing owners and the shady practices that go on there.

P.S.S. How is milind gonna run a shop if he has never been a technician? He thinks the solution to every problem is a new distributor, spark plugs and wires. If he tries to sell you this...BEWARE!!! —MilindIsALiar

2009-02-05 15:06:38   Just so that you know, and this is my last response to you, (I have better things to do than responding to your nonsense) I am employed in Davis since about 4 years. At first we had our cars serviced with Hoffman, but I didn't like their service, so now since about 3 years I am taking our cars to AAC.

FYI: No I am not related to Milind, but yes, I ask questions because I want to know who I am dealing with and because my car is an important part of my job I want it serviced not only by friendly but more importantly knowledgable people.

You obviously (from what I read here) lack both those important traits...

Thank got he fired you .... huh!!

Jan B.

Also FYI: Good and qualified people (including mechanics) stick to their employer, the bad ones run from one place to the next! And they lay all there is to blame with others, all the time!

Buy a mirror and glasses maybe, it might be your eyesight! Even though I doubt that to be the only problem!


2009-02-09 13:23:05   wow lottumorbust you seem to be very defensive for someone who doesn't have internal connections to the shop. It's alright to be defensive, but I feel like you're getting butthurt. Let's be real...if you REALLY are a repeat customer that likes to ask questions, then you should know that the business is really struggling to stay afloat. Why? Because lame, rude, unprofessional dudes like you directly reflect the business and management of Asian Auto. And the fact that they can't seem to repair vehicles properly the first time around isn't helping either.

Also FYI: I think the techs need to work on their social skills. Scott, this especially applies to you. Grunting at the customers and not making eye contact is kinda rude since they are paying you for your service.

BTW i'm not expecting a response back jan b :) —MilindIsALiar

2009-02-09 20:51:33   This is so hilarious. The bone head just does not get it. —khangdefoo

2009-03-25 11:54:32   "Good and qualified people (including mechanics) stick to their employer, the bad ones run from one place to the next!" - This is only true if the good and qualified people are getting paid a good and qualified rate. Not $10 an hour to R&I transmissions and perform complex driveability diagnostics.

Milind has no clue what he's doing and it shows in the quality of his business and the fact that he can't keep a decent mechanic for more than a few weeks. I don't think he knows how much his one good mechanic is totally saving his ass. —Ericmoose

2009-06-29 13:36:24   I have not come back since Tim left. Tim was always really nice and helped me to get what I needed done. He never overcharged me and was very honest. I'm not surprised he left though as he told me as much one time. I am now looking for a new place to go to. —FlowerCindy

2009-08-28 13:49:04   I loved that they had drive in oil changes—so I decided to do a major service there. Big mistake. They quoted me a price and said they would call me once they got an exact figure.. They later called me for quote that was $300 higher. I declined the job (since I could get it done for far less with the dealer) but they HAD ALREADY STARTED ON THE WORK. They lowered the price since that shouldn't have happened, but truthfully I didn't like the way it went down. There are three people who you should never piss off when they're workin: your mechanic, your dentist, and your OB/GYN. I paid the bill and left. (Incidentally I was told I needed another six hundred dollars of work which it ends up I DIDN'T need.) I wouldn't have posted this except that I just saw another customer with the same story! Yikes! —toriac

2009-10-09 09:23:29   Do not use Asian Auto. They did not do the work they said the would, yet charged for it. They also cost more than double the dealership on some services and triple the cost of other auto shops. I am a real consumer who did not know where to get car fixed, and am chalking this up to lesson learned never use Asian Auto on Research park drive. People need to know not to go here, if you decide to go here I would recommend taking out a second mortgage on your house or else choose somewhere else. from an honest hardworking citizen of davis do not use Asian Auto in Davis,ca. —kate201

2009-10-16 14:16:13   I took my car to Asian Auto for minor repairs between 2005-2008, I think right around the time they changed owners...I'm not sure. Anyway, I went in for what I thought would be a minor repair that turned out to be a major issue (that part was ligitimate, I definitely had a problem with my car). They fixed it, all was well, until a week later the problem was back. I took my car back in and talked to a different person - don't remember the name, but he didn't seem to care too much about my car, and it soon became clear to me they didn't know a damn thing about volvos (this should be a "duh" moment, since the place was called Asian Auto, but hindsight is always 20/20 right?). They fixed the problem again, and all was well for a couple more weeks, then the damn problem came back AGAIN. I ended up taking my car back 4 TIMES (talking to someone different every time, extremely annoying having to explain everything again and again...) after the original service for the same exact problem, and after the 4th time I decided not to waste the energy talking to them about it and took my car somewhere else. The mechanic at the new place pointed out all the ghetto things the people at Asian Auto did to my car - drilling holes for water drainage instead of installing a part properly, using the bungee cords in my trunk to hold things (so THAT'S where they went), and so on. I was appalled - in retrospect, I shouldn't have just dropped the issue, I should have gone back to them and demanded my money back, but at that point I was so exhausted with my dealings there that I just wanted to pretend they didn't exist. So if you decide to take your car there - good luck, I certainly wouldn't recommend it. —dontworryaboutit

2009-11-17 18:44:34   Wow this place has not been closed down by the Better Business Bureau yet! Amazing! Unfortunately I was employed here for a little bit maybe two years ago. I left because I was told to install parts that were not needed or even recommended by a technician but rather sold by a inexperienced sale person over the phone. I have very high credentials ( ASE certified master tech) so do not think I am a disgruntled ex employee who is upset over losing his job, I currently run my own shop here in the bay area. The one "Good" tech they have, Iram, is really more of a decent tech. He is fairly good at doing nuts and bolts type work but forget about him having any diagnostic skills, besides I question the integrity of anyone who knowingly participates in unnecessary repairs. Lottumorbust is actually Milinds friend, he is the blonde guy with the south African (?) accent. Bottom line if you are looking for a good repair shop ask around, and please stay away from this place. —sawgunner

2009-11-18 15:26:42   I'm a master tech here at Asian Auto and i do not see any wrong doing as you stated. Here at Asian Auto we only fixed what's needed. Sawgunner you're dead wrong my friend. The reason that you got fired because you're a non-performer, you claimed that you're master tech but you're not. You're such a coward not using your true name. You would rather stay home to collect unemployment than to go to work! Enjoys yourself in the rat hole. —TheBoss

2010-01-27 17:14:53   I've been taking my two vehicles to Asian Auto for over a year now and have experienced excellent service. The staff is always friendly and helpful and I've been very pleased with the results of the repairs. I'm shocked by the comments I've read because for the first time I feel like I've found a mechanic that I can actually recommend. My experience has definitely been superior to any other auto repair business I've tried. —Nantz

2010-05-05 12:42:41   I tried to call them today to set up an appointment and the phone rang for a while then went to a busy signal. I drove by and the place was closed up tighter than a drum. I wound up taking my car next door to Juffy Lube, and while there asked about Asian Auto—they told me that A.A. had been closed down for a while now, no notice. Oh well, R.I.P. Asian Automotive / North Point Auto / Asian Auto. —DougBarbieri